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You have the dream. They have the money. But do you have what it takes to swim with five of the business world's elite sharks?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Phil Crowley
Sharks Barbara Corcoran
Kevin Harrington
Robert Herjavec
Daymond John
Kevin O'Leary
Creator Nippon TV (based upon "Manē no Tora/Money Tigers")
EP Mark Burnett
Clay Newbill
Phil Gurin
Packager Mark Burnett Productions for Sony Pictures TV
Origins Los Angeles, CA
Airs 9p Sun, ABC
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Episode 7
September 29

Five well-stacked sharks are the only thing separating four budding entrepreneurs from their dreams.

The first...

OWNER: Leslie Haywood; Charleston, SC
PRODUCT: Grill Charms
OFFER: $50K for a 25% stake

She's created a product that loves grilling, and she says that it's the solution to every grillmaster's problem. She's actually tried out for "Shark Tank" before, but got a call from her mother about the sudden passing of her father. The last thing he said was that he didn't want to be the reason she missed out on this. But now that she's been given a second chance, she's going to take full advantage of it.

The product itself is a stainless steel "charm" that you put on your food before you grill it. That's really it. She sells them in 103 retail stores in the US, Canada, and Sweden. So far, she's done $60,000 a year. Six charms retail for $19.95. She's going to use the $50,000 to amp up her pub at trade shows or direct to TV marketing, and Kevin H's ears perk up.  Kevin O would give $50,000 for 50% of the product with a 7% royalty. Kevin H, saying that the product IS a business and bringing his expertise in the mix, would give the money for 50%. Robert wants in on that deal. Daymond sides with Kevin H... Barbara's the only one out. Robert says that he'll give what Leslie's asking after withdrawing from the Sharks. Leslie doesn't like royalties. So which of three deals will Leslie take? After she steps outside for a bit... she tries to counter. No dice. Kevin O decides to give the money for 20% with a 7% royalty.

ACCEPTED: Robert's offer of $50,000 for 25%

And she was gunning for Kevin H, too. What a shame.

REVISIT: A Perfect Pear

After going into the Shark Tank, sales skyrocketed. The Sharks even managed to get her on HSN. Sales are ten times what they were before her episode.


OWNER: David Adamovich & Todd Robbins, New York City
PRODUCT: Funhouse
OFFER: $300K for a 20% stake

They're magicians and sideshow performers. David specializes in knife throwing. And he goes to work on Daymond.

They want to start up a live entertainment complex in Times Square called "The Funhouse" that has vaudeville, side shows, the like. It'll cost $15 to get in, and it may gross $9.4 million in the first year. With an annual expense of $7.4 million, they HOPE for a $2 million profit. Will this really happen? Not with the Kevins. They're out. Robert and Barbara are also out, having done the math and calculated the huge risk involved.

Will the victim bail the guys out? "There's an old saying... The higher a monkey climbs a tree, the more you see his ass. I'm out."

The good news is that O'Leary knows how to throw knives now.

OWNER: Kathy Lamm & Dede Barbanti-Parra; Ladera Ranch, CA
PRODUCT: Boogie Box Fitness
OFFER: $700K for a 70% stake

Dede weighed 200 pounds and separated from her husband. At that time, she used her martial arts and dance training to form Boogie Box. Kathy was introduced as a mutual acquaintance, and she wants to get it out to the rest of the world.

They start with a little demonstration. They want to launch a home DVD line. There is another part of the business that certifies instructors. They grew that business, but they're only selling the DVD line. Year to date, the entire business is $15,000.

One of the demonstrators, Brenda, lost 100 pounds on the program.

Sales have been estimated to sell 1 million units over three years. That's a little less conservative than Daymond would like, so he's out. Robert has no way of knowing if this will work, so he's out. Kevin O feels the same way, so he's out. Kevin H doesn't see a brand. Barbara likes the brand name and that they're 100% genuine.... But they asked for too much money, which proved to be fatal. All of the Sharks are out. But they will be successful if they start small.

OWNER: Sawyer Sparks; Bloomfield, IN
PRODUCT: Soy-Yer-Dough
OFFER: $125K for a 25% stake

One of his favorite college professors mentioned that her child had celiac disease, which means that they're allergic to wheat. That means taht they can't play with Play-Doh, because they use wheat ingredients. Enter... Soy-yer-Dough, a soy-based gluten-free modeling compound. He wants to use this product to help his community and create jobs there. He's sold 11,000 containers since he began in February, and there is a patent for it. There's also interest in it... the largest player in the space wanted in on this. The highest offer he got for it.. $500,000.

Kevin O sees this as a great licensing opportunity. He wants 51% of the patent to take Sawyer out of the equation. AND he doesn't have to close until the deal is done. Daymond considers this a "YOLO" moment: "You only live once." The other Sharks step out of the way so Kevin O can clear this deal. Sawyer counters with the money for 40%. Kevin O says he needs the ability to close. Robert: "It's a great speech, and you know what? I almost believed it for a second." Robert wants in for 40%, leaving the decision in Robert's hands to try and negotiate with Play-Doh.

Daymond... comes back in with Robert, all three joining for $300,000 for 51%. "We're gonna make a lot of dough with this dough."

ACCEPTED: Daymond, Kevin O & Robert's offer of $300,000 for 51%

And this will do it for the tank this week.

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