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You have the dream. They have the money. But do you have what it takes to swim with five of the business world's elite sharks?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Phil Crowley
Sharks Barbara Corcoran
Kevin Harrington
Robert Herjavec
Daymond John
Kevin O'Leary
Creator Nippon TV (based upon "Manē no Tora/Money Tigers")
EP Mark Burnett
Clay Newbill
Phil Gurin
Packager Mark Burnett Productions for Sony Pictures TV
Origins Los Angeles, CA
Airs 9p Sun, ABC
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Episode 4

Another day, another five entrepreneurs.... The first...

OWNER: Kwame Kuadey; Ellicott City, MD
PRODUCT: Gift Card Rescue
OFFER: $150K for a 30% stake

Comiung to America from Ghana was a big opportunity for him. Recently, though, his position as a management consultant was discontinued. He was devastated because of his new business. What he's most worried about, though, is supporting his family with this business. To that end, he turns to the Sharks for an investment.

Each year, 10 percent of gift cards in the US went unused, leaving $8 billion wasted. The solution: turn unwanted gift cards into cash via Paypal accounts. They then turn around and sell the gift cards on their website for a discount. They're on track to sell $120,000 this year. So far, the profit margin is 25%, projected.

So who capitalizes? Kevin O determines that there are a few retailers that they will reject. Kwame calculates that the business is worth $500,000 because of sales potential, a partnership with, and just his gut instinct.

Daymond thinks that it's a good idea, but it's not his idea, so he's out. Barbara, same time. Kevin H isn't ready to take the risk either. Kevin O counters $150,000 for half due to it being a start up. Kwame counters with $150,000 for 40%. Kevin O will not change his offer. Robert will sweeten the deal with a partnership with Kevin O... $200,000 for half.

... DONE.

ACCEPTED: Kevin O & Robert's offer of 50% for $200,000.

OWNER: Gina Cotroneo; Dallas
PRODUCT: Soul's Calling
OFFER: $150K for a 25% stake

The company exists to remind people to be happy, which is good, right? Her products promote happiness and positive messages.

In 1997, she survived an attack in her apartment. What this one person did to her affected millions with negativity. She thought that she could do the same with a positive message. She has an umbrella that says "Let your smile be sunshine" and a bracelet that says "We are all connected."  Her sales are $29,000 over the last two years. But she believes that this is part of a personal mission, yet sees the business aspect of this.

Robert says that the numbers are small. Kevin figures the company is worth $600,000... and that money has no soul. One of these is true. Here's a hint. "Here's what your business is worth: zero. That's because it doesn't make any money." He's out. Daymond says that she has a calling, but not as a business so he and Kevin H are both out. Barbara sees her more of a minister of good will. She's out. Robert thinks that it is a serious business. But the business is telling her something. She's not adapting, and therefore, all of the Sharks are out.

OWNER: Dan Claffey
PRODUCT: Coffee Brand Gifts
OFFER: $300K for a 40% stake

He went to a trade show and came back with an idea... coffee-themed gifts. Puzzles, books, patents for teddy-bears that say "Cappuccino". But Dan has no orders. "I give you $300,000. We make a lot of bears, a lot of games, tchotchke stuff. It doesn't sell. Then I kill you." Oh, Kevin. Dan has a $400,000 stake into the business.

But he has no mark, even with all of the research behind him. He didn't want to send for orders and promise delivery until he got the capital. That's called thievery. Rebuttal from the balding Canadian in the middle. "What you just said was un-American."

And one by one, the Sharks don't bite. The issue, no orders and no sales.

OWNER: Paul Watts; Sacramento
PRODUCT: Graffiti Removal Services
OFFER: $350K for a 15% stake

Graffiti is a huge issue. Paul used to work for the city and used to see it. Now he's gone mobile trying to get rid of tags all over his city. Paul wants to franchise his service, of which there's a huge market for, all over the nation.

His products are non-toxic and non-damaging. The business is the system, however. The products cannot be gotten in the retail market without the GRS franchises. The company-owned franchise net $75,000 last year. A startup: $60,000.

Kevin O does the math to the tune of over $2 million... and he hasn't sold one franchise. Barbara is out when she decides that bureaucratic red tape is not worth her time. Kevin H says that his success is based on franchise fees. He doesn't think it's going to work like that. He's out. Daymond says that he has nothing proprietary. He's out. Robert will give him the money... but he wants 75%. Kevin O wants in on that action.

"Thank you, but no." WHAT?! Robert tries to change his mind, while Kevin just says "You're dead to me, you're dead to me, you're dead to me."

The deal's dead.

OWNER: Amy Feldman & Allison Costa
PRODUCT: Coverplay
OFFER: $350K for a 15% stake

Play yards get dirty. A lot. As Amy and Allison demonstrate. The solution: the first and only slip cover for play yards. On one end, there's a retail market. On the other hand, hospitality services can buy them AND use them as retail outlets. The number: $200,000 so far, including orders from Marriott, Carnival, Wyndham, et al.

They have distribution, sales, and a patent, so why do they need the money? "No one knows we exist!" Breaking down the $350K into employees and sales reps. Kevin H says that he can't afford something that's too niche, so he's out. Barbara offers the money only as seed money and only for 40%. Daymond offers the money from manufacturing... for 65%.

Time for a huddle. The Sharks think that it's a good patent and that Daymond knows the business. Amy & Allison decide to negotiate for the patent instead. Robert... decides to team with Daymond for $500,000 for 65%.

Then comes the bombshell... the patent is not a part of the company. All of the Sharks retract their offers.

Wait. It gets better. Sixty percent is owned by Allison, but a small fraction... owned by Allison's ex-husband.

She'll throw the patent into the package. Kevin O then goes in with Daymond & Robert for 51% for $350,000. Barbara's offer of the money for 40% still stands. She relates having a majority partner leaving her high and dry.

In the end, though...

ACCEPTED: Barbara's offer of 40% for $350,000

And with that, we close up shop for another week. Come back next week or you're dead to Kevin O'Leary.

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