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Seven families hit the road for $100,000... and the road hits back.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Reno Collier
Creator/EP Lisa Hennessy
John Hesling
Packager BBC Worldwide Americas for NBC
Origins Historic Route 66
Airs 8p Mon, NBC
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Are We There Yet?: Winslow to Williams
August 3

Last time, the families crossed the midpoint into Arizona, where three of them had to identify unidentified flying objects. The Favereys ended up going about it the longest, so they've reached the end of the road, while the Cootes keep finding ways to win. Now the journey down Route 66 continues for four...

Meteor Crater Natural Landmark

"On the road again. Today's journey will take you to picturesque Sedona, Arizona."

Slide Rock State Park

Sedona will provide a chance to have our families literally get their feet wet. The diSalvatores can use the break.

Meanwhile, the Cootes return from their night in Phoenix to catch up with the rest of the families. They're coming off of three KOR wins.

The Pollards were hoping to get to the Grand Canyon today. Maybe tomorrow.

The Montgomerys are treading very carefully. They've been working well together so far due to a "strong faith in God."

Sedona is known for rocks that have been suggested to supply energy to revitalized body, mind, and soul through... a field of swirling energy called the Vortex. Silvio is a little more than skeptical.

The families arrive and get a chance to stretch... and splash... and swim. There's a reason why they call this Slide Rock State Park... because the rocks have a lot of algae on them and coupled with the rush of the river... you can slide really easily.

The diSalvatores stop for gas, meaning that Silvio stops to pump his own gas... for the first time. Amy gives him a "Queen of the Road" tiara.


The families will have to spin one of their own silly on a merry-go-round for eight minutes. The family that has the most revolutions before calling time will advance to the final three. The other families will compete in the End of the Road Challenge.

Whenever the families have had enough, they can always stop themselves by hitting a gong and sub out.

And the winner will get a private helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. So you really want to win this one...

The first family in the bottom three... are the diSalvatores with 210. Joining them with 259... the Montgomerys. That leaves the Cootes and the Pollards. By a score of 331-307, the winners of this challenge... and the Kings of the Road for this leg....

... are the COOTES! This is their fourth KoR win in five tries! Unfortunately, the Pollards will have to play for the right to stay. It's their first time at the End of the Road, while the other teams have gone to the bottom four times.

But that's tomorrow. Right now, the families are headed to the Best Western Sedona to spend the night.

Grand Canyon

Today, the families are headed to one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. And from the views, it's surely worthy of the name "Grand Canyon". It's very picturesque. It's very large. Apparently not as large as Silvio's ego, who ventures close to the edge. Hope he doesn't fall taking that video. Of course, the pride of the family might fall if Silvio doesn't stop doing things with his hands.

As for Amie P... she finds a prairie dog... on her leg. "Redneck children. Can't take them anywhere." This is the Grand Canyon... and the kids are going ape-(^_^) crazy over a prairie dog. Other Amy: "You sure that's not a squirrel?"

The Cootes are going to get a view of the Grand Canyon that the other families can only imagine... a view from up close... via helicopter. Three words from little Cassidy: "Ho. Lee. Crap."

Grand Canyon Railway

END OF THE ROAD CHALLENGE: The Great American Train Robbery

It's an old-fashioned game of telephone as the families have to open three safes each in two railcars. Two members of each family will have to open the safes with a combination taken by the other two. The longest time will have reached the end of the road.

And because Reno is a nice guy like that, he gives the first combination for free.


The first one kills the diSalvatores, but the dad clocks in at 7:02.

The Pollards try a strategy of breaking it up into two-digit numbers. A couple of crucial errors reduces their time to 8:55, so the diSalvatores are ... safe... for now.

So will the Montgomerys beat that time? They miss the first code... the third... and miss out by two minutes. Their final time of 10:32 means that the Montgomerys, for all the adventures that they shared as a family, have reached the End of the Road. And hearts drop. No one wants to go home... and no one wants to see anyone else go home, but unfortunately, that's the nature of the road.

And it's possibly for the best, because Darius Montgomery's not a betting man, and the road continues through Vegas next time.

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