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Seven families hit the road for $100,000... and the road hits back.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Reno Collier
Creator/EP Lisa Hennessy
John Hesling
Packager BBC Worldwide Americas for NBC
Origins Historic Route 66
Airs 8p Mon, NBC
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Road Warriors: Amarillo to Winslow
July 27

Last time on the Road Trip, the Cootes kept up their winning ways as their cuisine reigned supreme. As the families arrived in Texas, it proved to be the end of the road for the Ricos. Five families remain on the road to California.

The Big Texas Steak Ranch

"Morning, Road Warriors! Can you believe you've driven almost halfway down Route 66? To celebrate, head on out to the Midpoint Cafe, where we have a special surprise waiting for you!"

The trip gets better as they move on, but as the trip continues, more people are going to go away. One thing that won't go away... Cows.

Midpoint Cafe

On one end... 1139 miles to Los Angeles. On the other end, 1139 miles to Chicago. In the middle, a 60-year-old cafe that still looks like it did in the old days.

And Darius Montgomery sees Reno. That could only mean one thing... The good news is that it's not a challenge. We're having a good old-fashioned pie-eating contest for funsies. Each family will have to eat half a pie... with only their faces. The winner will get a shopping spree at the gift shop.

Ten minutes... starting now!

And ten minutes later, we have one winner, and 20 faces covered in blueberry pie. The winners... the MONTGOMERYS! They get $200 to go crazy at the gift shop.

Back on the road...

"Get your driving gloves on, because you have a long beautiful haul ahead of you. Head to Albuquerque, New Mexico and camp out at the Balloon Fiesta Park."

The Favereys' RV turns into a monster rolling-house, especially when Ashley starts to spaz out. Over in the diSalvatores, Amy hopes to ride in a balloon.

Balloon Fiesta Park

The next day, after a good night's sleep, the families wake up to a roaring sound... a hot air balloon! Amie Pollard is the first one to jump into a balloon, joined by Amy D.

"Head to the Albuquerque Sunport. You will find your next King of the Road Challenge there. Also be sure to pack an overnight bag. You just might need it."

Albuquerque Sunport


The reward for this challenge... a trip to Phoenix for the night! Unfortunately, the plane is empty and in need of passengers. Enter a bunch of dummies. Each family has five minutes to get as many passengers on board as possible, buckled in and seated. The most passengers wins the trip to Phoenix, while the three fewest passengers will head to the End of the Road Challenge.

After five minutes, the bottom three are... the diSalvatores (29), the Favereys (46), and the Montgomerys (46). The winners... with 49 passengers... and this week's Kings of the Road... the COOTES! The Pollards are also safe.

As the Road Trip heads to the air, the rest of the families head to lunch. And then... to Holbrook, Arizona.

In nearby Phoenix, the Cootes are being spoiled rotten on a stretch hummer to a spa. They manage to beat a storm coming, which is more than can be said for the other families who have to brave the storm in a shaky rig.

The good news is that it lets up and the families can continue unabated to...

Wigwam Motel

It's small... but it's a tepee. With two beds. And a bath. And AC.

"Morning travelers! Did you miss the Coote family? It's time to load up and drive an hour to the visitor's center at the Meteor Crater near Winslow, Arizona. To the families competing today, be sure to get your game faces on."

No one wants to go home so close to the west coast.

Meteor Crater

Fifty-thousand years ago, a meteor crashed into this place and the crater resulting has been known as a famous site for UFOs... like that thing that gets shot through the air.


Random objects will get shot through the air. Remember what you saw. We see a phone, a lawn mower, a bowling ball, a football, a set of golf clubs, a computer monitor, a hibachi, a teddy bear in a car seat, a horse, a bicycle, three irons tied together, and to complete the joke... the kitchen sink.

The families will have to order the items as they saw them. Slowest time will have reached the end of the road.

DiSalvatores are first to finish. They're safe. Next to finish... the Montgomerys. And the game's over... as is, regrettably, the Favereys' vacation. So close, yet so far as the crying Favereys have reached the end of the road. The other families gather round to console their fallen friends.

Four families remain on the way to California as things get a little... grander.

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