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July 6

Seven families hit the road for $100,000... and the road hits back.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Reno Collier
Creator/EP Lisa Hennessy
John Hesling
Packager BBC Worldwide Americas for NBC
Origins Historic Route 66
Airs 8p Mon, NBC
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Gateway to the West: St. Louis to Carthage
July 13

Last time, seven families hit the road in search of adventure and profit. The journey began in Chicago and took a break in St. Louis, where a zorb, a few mini-Gateway Arches, and 450 feet of rope, giggity, led to the Katzenbergs' exit. Now the road takes us further west.

Gateway Arch

Time to see where we're headed today.

"Good morning! Time to hit the road again and continue your journey down Historic Route 66 and try some tasty frozen custard."

It's a Route 66 tradition, as the families are heading to the famous Ted Drewes outside St. Louis for some tasty frozen custard. In the diSalvatore RV, Amy says that this'll be the last time we see a big city in a while, to which husband Silvio says, "I ain't seen a big city since we left New York." In the Pollard RV, young Anslie is trying to give dad directions... and he's not listening. Very frustrating, and of course, we get lost because of it.

At Ted Drewes, we're introduced to the Concrete, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It's a custard so thick that it sticks to the cup when you turn it upside down, as demonstrated by our custard jockey.

But that doesn't give you license to taunt it... Because eventually gravity will take hold and... we're going to need a new custard here. One of the Montgomerys dropped theirs.

On the way to the next stop, Mason diSalvatore draws on little brother Blake... and Amy takes pictures.

Next stop...

Meramec Caverns

Back in the day, the caverns were a known hideout of the notorious Jesse James Gang. Hey, there's one now! He leads us down to the cave, and once we get out, the Montgomerys decide to go fishing. Darius never took his suns fishing, though he's been fishing many a time. Next thing you know, Tyiler had a bite. On his first try. Nice.

The Pollards decide to roast marshmallows and hit the hat afterwards.

The next day, it's raining, and Reno is a-pickin' an' a-yellin'. Luckily today's King of the Road Challenge doesn't involve playing one of those things, but it does help if you have a hidden talent, to be held... in Branson.... 200 miles down the road.

The families try dancing around everything from 80s rock... to a sketch... to "Old MacDonald"... to rapping. Mason... the only normal one on the diSalvatore RV... is not feeling it. No, SERIOUSLY.

Props and wardrobe, folks. It's SHOWTIME.

"The Vegas of the Ozarks"

KoR CHALLENGE: Road Trip's Got Talent

Come up with a four-minute set to do whatever. You will be judged by three of Branson's best and brightest stars. You may want to win, you may not, but you do NOT want to be in the bottom three.

Did we mention that there's a full audience?

Judging... Andy Williams, Yakov Smirnoff, and the mayor, Raeann Bresley.

The diSalvatore family will be rapping. Amy... completely blows her lines. And the audience... yeah, NOT feeling it. Andy thought it was there in performance. Yakov feels sorry for Mason. Mayor Bresley thought the kids could've done more.

Next are the Ricos. They do their Route 66 skit, and for it, Ricardo dresses in drag. They're actually eating this up, and so are the judges.

Next, the Pollards. They have a south Alabama hoedown. With "Old MacDonald"... and "Roll Tide" at the end. And Aaron ninja-flips at the end. Everyone approves.

The Montgomerys step... and rap. Yeah... doesn't work. Andy thought it was interesting.

The Favereys are next, as they rock out the stage. Dee had stage fright, but she worked through it. Andy's speechless... but she was bored with it.

The Cootes come up, and... more bad rapping... followed by bad cheering. But bad is good.

Now to the results. Your bottom three are... the Montgomerys... the diSalvatores... and the Favereys.

The GOOD news is that NO ONE goes home this week. Instead, the top three families, the Pollards, the Cootes, and the Ricos, are going to compete for a great reward.

But the winner... and this week's King of the Road... the POLLARDS! They're going to have a nice night of relaxation in the Best Western Branson.

The Kings head to the Best Western to enjoy a night in comfy beds... central air... 30-minute showers... Okay, that's nice. Let's hit the sack.

Next day...

66 Drive-In Theatre

Welcome to the biggest and one of the last great drive-ins in America. It's also the site of your...


The family that wins this challenge gets... a vacation to Hollywood and a red carpet movie premiere of "Aliens in the Attic".

The kids are going to take control of their goggled dads like the aliens in the movie, navigating them through a maze of classic refurbished cars to a concession stand. There, they'll get popcorn and sodas to hand back to mom waiting... again, though the classic cars.

The first dad who makes it to the finish line with the snacks intact wins.

The Ricos start out in the lead, but that lead is shortlived as Ricardo just... walks around aimlessly. Keith Coote bumps into Ron Pollard, but both get their snacks. It's a race between the two.

And it's a PHOTO FINISH... to the COOTES! That was a close one. So no matter what happens, the Cootes are going to Hollywood. And you can imagine that the Pollards are not going to live this down an ounce.

And the Ricos are still in the yard.

That night, the families enjoy a nice movie under the stars... Guess which one.

Next stop, an airplane? Find out what that means next time.

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