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January 9

Think you know how the average American thinks? The answer could be worth $10 million!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Drew Carey
Michael Davies
Embassy Row; Sony Pictures TV
Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York City
Wednesdays at 8p on CBS


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Episode 2.3
January 16

Back on the Power of 10 with philanthropic travel coordinator Deanna Cowan of San Diego, who has already won $1000. Can she make more bank tonight?

Her next question...

30 point range
What percentage of Americans would prefer to be rich and French, rather than poor and American?

Deanna tries 8-38 first. Audience is right in the middle with 25-55. Deanna decides to split the difference with 18-48. Michelle, her food-scientist friend, decides that's workable. But Deanna locks in that 18-48.

America says... 32%!

20 point range
What percentage of Americans usually say a prayer before dinner?

First prediction... 44-64. Michelle doesn't think that there is more than 50 percent. The audience goes with a 20% peak. Deanna never really ate dinner with the family (they were only four back then). She cites generational differences, as she locks in 19-39%.

America says... 42%. Should've went with your gut, Deanna! But you do leave with $1000 and our thanks for playing.

Next up, two new players, Billy Ray Walton and Nancy Wheeler. Billy Ray (Sacramento) sells leads to salespeople. He's always energetic. Nancy (Franklin, MA) does her chores naked. She admits that she does everything naked.


1) What percentage of Americans would rather sit next to a chatterbox over a fussy baby on a long flight?
Billy Ray: 70%
Nancy:  74%
ACTUAL: 52%. Billy Ray leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans said when electing candidate there should be a ballot for "none of the above"?
Billy Ray:  83%
Nancy: 53%
ACTUAL: 61%. Tied at 1.

3) What percentage of Americans would wrestle a declawed and muzzled bear for two minutes to pay off their mortgage?
Billy Ray: 17%
Nancy: 29%
ACTUAL: 32%. Nancy leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of Americans drive a car with over 200,000 miles on it?
Billy Ray: 35%
Nancy: 24%
ACTUAL: 16%. Nancy wins, 3-1.

Nancy used to be a nurse. She's here with her husband of 40 years Bob, who surprisingly doesn't mind that she does chores naked.

40 point range
What percentage of Americans said if they had to choose, they would rather have been raised by two moms than two dads?

Nancy thinks that women are more nurturing, going with an original guess of 39-79. Drew would say two moms. Audience says... 45 and up. That's what Bob says. Nancy locks in 44-84%.

America says... 73%! We're off and running with $1000.

30 point range
What percentage of Americans feel the death penalty is archaic?

How many Americans know what archaic means? Heh. Initial inkling is 20-50. Bob says that she'd do better to go lower. Audience goes with 25-55. Bob still thinks that it's a good spot, so she locks in 13-43%.

America says... 26%! Way to just disregard everyone, Nancy!

20 point range
What percentage of Americans said if they won an award, they would thank Jesus in their acceptance speech?

Nancy's first guess... 17-37. Audience... dimorphic, but it peaks at 40%. Bob thinks that a lot of people would thank Jesus. Bob tells her to put 30 at the low. Nancy says that she's having a hot flash on national television. Bob wouldn't be mad if they just went home with $1000. She locks in 35-55.

America says.... 62%. Well, Bob's not mad, but Nancy is going home with $1000.

Next up, Megan McDowell and Cari Almo. Megan (West Chicago, IL) is a critical care nurse and army wife & mom. Cari (Cambridge, MA) is a Harvard law student in her last year.


1) What percentage of American women have claimed they had a headache in order to get out of having sex?
Megan: 67%
Cari: 42%
ACTUAL: 25%. Cari leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans think the name parents give their child affects their future success?
Megan: 54%
Cari: 45%
ACTUAL: 42%. Cari leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of Americans said an episode of the TV show "60 Minutes" is half an hour long?
Megan: 32%
Cari: 39%
ACTUAL: 9%. Cari leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of Americans think people who drive SUVs do not care about the environment?
Megan: 49%
Cari: 21%
ACTUAL: 44%! Tie ball game!

5) What percentage of American men said if a woman asked them out on a date, the would expect her to pay?
Megan: 15%
Cari: 33%
ACTUAL: .... 22%! Megan's the comeback kid to win, 3-2.

Steven, Megan's husband, is here to help her win $10,000,000. But first...

40 point range
What percentage of Americans think people living in this country who are not citizens should not be considered "Americans"?

Megan dials in a first guess of 28-68. Steven likes 44-84. Audience likes 60-100. Megan goes with 45-85%.

America says... 80%! Megan wins $1000. Come back next week to see if she wins any more.

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