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January 2

Think you know how the average American thinks? The answer could be worth $10 million!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Drew Carey
Michael Davies
Embassy Row; Sony Pictures TV
Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York City
Wednesdays at 8p on CBS


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Episode 2.2
January 9

Last time, one person won $100, one person won $100,000, and one person won nothing. Now the quest for $10 million begins again...

... with Brian Mason (San Diego) or Ginly Lau (Alexandria, VA). Brian moved out west to get away from the ice. Ginly is waiting to find out whether or not she's been accepted to dental school. And she's a mean rapper about Drew.


1) What percentage of Americans are friends with someone they consider to be a loser?
Brian: 47%
Ginly: 51%
ACTUAL: 30%. Brian leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans said they've been spanked as an adult?
Brian: 25%
Ginly: 16%
ACTUAL: 13%. Tied at 1-1.

3) What percentage of Americans feel they are past their prime?
Brian: 31%
Ginly: 35%
ACTUAL: 29%. Brian leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of Americans would let a company put giant advertisements on their car for $500 a month?
Brian: 21%
Ginly: 59%
ACTUAL: 20%. Brian is going for the money.

Helping Brian out is Nasim. She hopes Brian wins some money so he can propose.

40 point range
What percentage of Americans said that in the heat of passion, they've called out the name of someone other than their lover?

His first guess: 9-49. The audience... agrees. Nasim agrees. Brian plays the low card and locks in 4-44.

America said.... 10%! That's $1000!

Brian was a mortgage executive. Now he's hoping to get to $100,000 so he can propose... maybe.

30 point range
What percentage of Americans think that the United States government should negotiate with terrorists?

First guess: 15-45, on Nasim's suggestion. The audience doesn't think so. They go way lower. Nasim thinks that 9-39 "is good". Drew plays devil's advocate, saying that "negotiate" isn't a bad word. Brian locks in 8-38.

America said.... 17%. That's $10,000!

Now to the money question that Nasim's been waiting for...

20 point range
What percentage of Americans think parents who install "nanny cams" to monitor their babysitter are smart, not control freaks?

Brian starts out with 56-76. Nasim would think that to be a smart move (to install nanny cams). The audience peaks at 70. So that would be on part with Brian's answer. Nasim says a little bit higher. Brian's going to go for it with 58-78. That answer is locked in. If it's right, then Brian will pop the question... maybe.

America says... 77%! And there goes Brian! He's got $100,000, slapping everyone and hyping the crowd up.

But is he ready for the million dollar question?

10 point range
What percentage of Americans think they work harder than President Bush?

We've only seen one person win the money before. Brian tries out 54-64. Audience peaks at 80. Nasim wants to split the difference with 60-70. Drew thinks President Bush works harder than he does. So Brian can take the $100,000 or lock in an answer. He decides... to keep the money. Brian Mason has $100,000. But would he have been right?

America said... 48%. He did the right thing. And sure enough, there he goes on one knee. Nasim locks in her answer... YES.

New game begins with Rob DaGasta (Burbank, CA) and Jenna Edwards (Miami). Rob is a Power Seller on eBay. Jenna was Miss Florida 2007. She started a non-profit when she was 19 years old.


1) What percentage of Americans have spent a night in jail?
Rob: 16%
Jenna: 15%
ACTUAL: 17%. Rob leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans have received a standing ovation?
Rob: 12%
Jenna: 8%
ACTUAL: 54%. Rob leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of Americans have had a mullet haircut?
Rob: 12%
Jenna: 45%

Rob has had over 150 jobs, including Hollywood agent assistant. He gets bored easily. His girlfriend Jen is assisting.

This is the Power of 10...

40 point range
What percentage of Americans said Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus?

First prediction: 4-44 percent. The audience... keep it low. Not a lot of people are willing to accept such dogma, but is that guess good enough? Jen says to lock in at 2-42... He goes with it.

America says... 29%! We're on our way with $1000.

Rob once had a rubber band, a promotional rubber band for a bad movie. Price: $1.

30 point range
What percentage of Americans would rather buy a US flag made in China than pay twice as much for one made in America?

He starts out with 38-68. The audience... is all over the place. Jen said that first reactions count in this question, saying that they'd rather buy American. Rob locks in 33-63%.

America said... 22%. Down to $100 he goes.

New game with Matt Hoffman (Elgin, IL) and Deanna Cowan (San Diego). Matt is in a punk band. Deanna is a travel coordinator... for wealthy philanthropists.


1) What percentage of Americans would forbid their child from dating someone of a difference race?
Matt: 31%
Deanna: 62%
ACTUAL: 19%. Matt leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans think they look good naked?
Matt: 42%
Deanna: 37%
ACTUAL: 53%. Matt leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of Americans have told someone they had a bad connection on their cell phone just to get rid of them?
Matt: 45%
Deanna: 27%
ACTUAL: 27% exactly! Matt leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of American men feel they understand women?
Matt: 10%
Deanna: 11%
ACTUAL: 71%. Tie ball game!

5) What percentage of Americans think government leaders are inherently corrupt?
Matt: 15%
Deanna: 30%
ACTUAL: 61%. Deanna comes back from two down to win the shot at 10 million!

Deanna's also a field sports reporter. She's here with her friend Michelle, a food scientist.

40 point range
What percentage of Americans said there are books in circulation that should be burned?

Audience goes with 0-40. Deanna will definitely bring it down to 6-46%. That's a lock in...

America said... 28%! She's got $1000! She'll play for more next time.

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