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Think you know how the average American thinks? The answer could be worth $10 million!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Drew Carey
Michael Davies
Embassy Row; Sony Pictures TV
Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York City
Wednesdays at 8p on CBS


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Episode 2.1
January 2

The power is back on for a new year of questions and answers. At the center of it all, new "Price Is Right" host Drew Carey. On both sides, two people who could win $1000... $10,000... $100,000... $1,000,000.... or maybe... $10,000,000!

First up in the new season are Tony Mendes (Vernal, UT), a pro bull rider who's just here to support his family. On the other side, Grindl Reynolds (Atlanta) has never met a person she didn't like. She loves to listen to people.

But only one of them will get a shot at the money. Here's a refresher. Drew will read a question put to the national polling sample, and both players will have 10 seconds to lock in a choice. The closest to the actual result, over/under, will win the question. First to three will play for $10 million.

With that, let's play "Power of 10!"


1) What percentage of Americans have seen their mother naked?

Tony: 72%
Grindl: 18%
ACTUAL: 44%. Grindl leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans have illegally parked in a space reserved for handicapped parking?

Tony: 34%
Grindl: 28%
ACTUAL: 14%. Grindl leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of American women said they prefer a man in boxer rather than briefs?

Tony: 64%
Grindl: 45%
ACTUAL: 59%. Grindl leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of Americans have ever had to sneak out of someone's window?

Tony: 28%
Grindl: 44%

5) What percentage of Americans said if they stood up and looked straight down, they could not see their feet?

Tony: 45%
Grindl: 17%
ACTUAL: 7%. Grindl is playing for the money. 

Here to help Grindl is her friend and former business partner Mike, who's now a corrections officer.

Okay, more refreshing. Here's how you get to $10 million. Every question she answers correctly within range will increase her winnings by the power of 10, from $1000 to $10,000 to $100,000 to $1 million to $10 million. She can walk away at any time, but if she goes for it and misses, she'll lose by the power of 10 and walk out with that much. But she will have some help. She's got a 40 point range on the first question, 30 on the second, 20 on the third, 10 on the fourth, and one more game for $10 mill. Also, the audience will be playing along with Grindl so we get to hear what they think. ALSO Mike will be available to give his insight.

But the moment Grindl "locks it in", the answer is final and binding.

Let's play!

40 point range
What percentage of Americans think kids today have it easier than they did when they were young?

Grindl starts with a guess of 49-89. Mike thinks that kids would have it easier due to technology.

Audience peaks at 64%.

Grindl feels good about this. She's going to LOCK IT IN.

America said... 60%! We're off and running with $1,000!

Grindl's family and friends call her "Runway" because of her walk.

30 point range
What percentage of Americans said they know the names of everyone they've had sex with?

Grindl tries out 46-76 first. She thinks most people do know the names of their partners. Mike wants her to go lower. Audience... peaks at about 35. Mike tells her to lower it.

She does to 33-63... and ultimately, it's locked at that.

America said..... 76%. She's going home with $100.

Next two players coming. Alisha Booth (Washington, DC) just wants to give Drew a hug. Tracy Meyer (Chicago) works for a comedy club. She takes classes at various theatres.


1) What percentage of American women have given a guy at the bar a fake phone number?

Alisha: 49%
Tracy: 69%
ACTUAL: 20%. Alisha leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans think they're funny? (C-Note: *raises hand*)

Alisha: 58%
Tracy: 47%
ACTUAL: 62%. Alisha leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of Americans think it's true that bad things happen in threes?

Alisha: 56%
Tracy: 28%
ACTUAL: 33%. Alisha leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of Americans said they have a third nipple?

Alisha: 17%
Tracy: 8%
ACTUAL: 8%.On the nose for the tie.

5) What percentage of Americans think they have a guardian angel looking out for them?

Alisha: 78%
Tracy: 58%
ACTUAL: 63%. Tracy is playing for the money. 

What a comeback. Helping Tracy is her boyfriend and improv partner Paul. While we have three improvvers on stage, let's play a game...

40 point range
What percentage of Americans said if a person was paying with food stamps and was $2 short, they'd pay the difference?

Tracy starts with 35-75.

The audience... is of no help. It peaks at 70, but they were all over the place. Paul is quick to say that this actually happened.

Tracy locked in at her guess. Because that's how they do it in the Chi.

America said... 70%! She's up to $1000, and we're up to this...

30 point range
What percentage of Americans said they've read the Bible cover to cover?

Tracy tries 10-40. Paul agrees. Audience... also agrees.

Paul tells Tracy to hedge, dropping the barrels to 6-36. That's a lock.

America said... 31%! She's got $10,000!

20 point range
What percentage of Americans said if they were face to face with Osama bin Laden and had a gun, they would kill him?

Tracy would personally shoot out his kneecaps. Paul's giving the thumbs down. She guesses 32-52.

New York says... Hell, yeah. They'd shoot.

Personally, Tracy thinks it's higher. Paul says don't do it. She locks in a guess of 56-76%.

America said... 57%! Paul was right, but Tracy's got $100,000! "Tracy! Tracy! Tracy!" Last time this happened, Jamie Sadler walked away a millionaire.

10 point range
What percentage of Americans think that the Japanese are better at making cars than Americans?

Tracy goes with an initial guess of 64-54.

Audience... dimorphic. 45-80.

Paul says that the upside is huge. The audience says "Take the money!" And that's just what she does. Tracy wins $100,000. Was it the best decision?

America said... 46%! Good job!

Two new players coming. Micah Hue Penny (Antioch, TN) has his own record label, where he records under the name "Young Dread". Kathy Officer (The Villages, FL) is a grandmother.


1) What percentage of Americans think a trained monkey can do their job?

Micah: 13%
Kathy: 33%
ACTUAL: 8%. Micah leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans said that Darth Vader is more evil than Lord Voldemort?

Micah: 26%
Kathy: 21%
ACTUAL: 54%. Micah leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of Americans think that in general brunettes are smarter than blondes?

Micah: 21%
Kathy: 27%
ACTUAL: 23%. Three and out, and Micah's playing for the money. Do that dance, do that dance, do it.

Helping Young Dread out is John, an artist friend.

Name of the game is the Power of 10...

40 point range
What percentage of Americans said a presidential candidate's children children should be off-limits to media scrutiny?

Micah starts with 22-62. John says a little bit lower. Audience says ... dimorphic. John stops Micah at 18-58%. That's a lock in.

America says... 59%... WHOA. Out by a point on the first question. Unbelievable.

Two new players next time.

For more information on the polls or to become a contestant, go to