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Comics take on seasoned vets in the pro circuit on the fourth series in GSN's hit poker tournament

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Kenna James

John Ahlers
Lisa Dergan
EP: Jeff Mirkin, Jim Coane, John Faratzis, Gary Garcia
Packager: Coane Productions, Jeff Mirkin Productions, Last Word Productions for GSN Originals
Origin: Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, CA
Airs: Fridays at 9:00pm ET on GSN

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Match 3: Williams/Williamson/Johnson/Curry/Pescatelli/Leifer - July 22

Hello, all. Gordon Pepper here with the third match of Poker Royale. We have 6 people who are ready to get rumbling, so let's meet them.

Carol Leifer - She has 1 third placed finish and 6 points. So far, so good.
Tammy Pescatelli - This is her first trip to the show. Hopefully, she'll do better here than she did in the Last Comic Standing Series.
Mark Curry - This is also his first trip to the show. Hopefully, he'll do better here than he did in Celebrity Mole.

And the pros...

David Williams - 1 Match. 4 points. Not very good so far.
Robert Williamson - Also one match. Also 4 points. Also not very good so far.
Linda Johnson - She has no points, but her excuse is that she hasn't played yet.

Fact - The average comedy writer makes $11,475 an episode. Hopefully, Carol will do better than that on the series.

Hand #1 - Williams starts with a big raise with a 5 ? 2 ?. Leifer starts out with...Black Aces. Be careful, David. Leifer raises and David feels her pulse. Tammy tells Carol to be careful. David waits for a loooong time, but then folds.
Fact - Williams used to work as a construction worker.

Hand #2 - Here comes Leifer again - and this time, she has Big Slick (A ? K ?). Williams goes in what he thinks has the best hand (K ? Q ?) and calls. The flop - 5 ? 7 ? 5 ? the turn is a 7 ?. The River is a 6 ?. Leifer is only going to lose if David bluffs her, and he does indeed try. Leifer has none of that and calls and gets the win. She's now a nice -sized chip leader. Williams is now the not-so-nice short stack.

Fact - 'I don't have any children - at least none that I know about' is the catch phrase of Carol Leifer.

Hand #3 - Leifer (10 ? 8 ?) stays in, as does Williams (10 ? 9 ?), Pescatelli (A ? Q ?), Williamson (4 ? 4 ?) and Johnson (J ? 10 ?). The Flop is A ? 3 ? Q ?), which gives Pescatelli 2 pair. She bets, and everyone folds but Leifer. The turn is a J ? and Leifer bets $11,000 on a straight draw. Pescatelli calls, which is not what Leifer wants, and a 2 ? on the River, which gives Leifer nothing, is also not what she wants. They both check as Tammy grabs her first pot and Carol suffers her first losing hand.

Fact - Mark Curry used to work as a Skyride Operator at the Oakland zoo. Curry has also been in 'Armageddon' and 'Hangin' With Mr. Cooper'. He said that they were so poor that for Halloween they put boxes on and called themselves UPS. Heh. At 6'5", and 230 pounds, he says that he also only eats once a day.

Hand #4 - The aforementioned Curry raises with a...9 ? 7 ?? Apparently, he knows something, because the Flop is a 7 ? 9 ? 2 ?. Williams, who made top pair with a J ? 9 ?, goes all-in, which is not good because Curry has 2 pair. He's concerned because Leifer (who has a miserable K ? 6 ?) is still there, but he calls and Carol gets out of the way. Williams asks what Curry has, and he says only 'Chickens', which is his 2 small pair. The chickens however, are better than William's 9's, and its David who may soon be clucking. The turn is...a Q ?, which means that Williams needs a Jack. A 5 ? on the River isn't that, so Williams is no longer hanging with Mr. Curry as he leaves with no points.

Fact - Williams, for second place, won 3.5 million. That's not a bad day at the office. Also - laughing involves 15 different muscles. David may be using some of them to make himself feel better

Back to Williams, who says that he learned a new term - 'Chickens', from Mr. Curry. He also said that he's being much friendlier, which has also given him a 4th and 6th placed finish in his first 2 matches. Hmmm....perhaps a change of strategy is needed.

Fact - Leifer wrote for SNL from 1985-1986.

Kenna says that the pros have not been playing well because the comedians have been playing weird and the pros have been letting them drive over the cliff. I'd like to point out that the first two matches were won by the pros, so I wouldn't exactly say that the pros have been losing mercilessly to the comedians.

Fact - Tammy got into comedy via a dar for her to be on 'Open Mic' night. Here's some more info on Pescatelli - She was born in Cleveland and in addition to LCS, has been on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno a number of times. She says that she is classy, but not delicate.

Fact - Leifer wrote material for the 74th, 76th and 77th Academy Awards Show.

Hand #5 - Tammy calls with a 10 ? 9 ?. Linda Johnson (A ? 3 ?) and Curry (J ? 3 ?) calls. We'll be seeing more of Tammy as she gets trip 10's from the Flop (4? 10 ? 10 ?). She bets and Curry bites. The turn is a 2 ? and Curry is drawing dead. Tammy bets again and Curry gives Tammy more chips. The River is an 8?, which is no good to either one. Tammy throws a little small bet to Curry, who plays the role of the walking ATM Machine and gives Tammy more money. The ladies of comedy are the 2 top chip leaders while Curry is the new short stack.

Fact - Carol Leifer once opened for Frank Sinatra in Vegas. She has had company - while in Vegas, Soupy Sales has been hit in the face with 19,000 Cream pies.

Hand #6 - The little blind is the Stevie Wonder and the Big Blind is the Ray Charles, according to Carol, with an A ? 8 ?. Curry has a Q ? J ? and raises. That's a bad move, because the Flop, with a 3 ? 6 ? 8 ?, gives Carol top pair. Curry apparently doesn't like money, as he raises the pot. The Turn is a 6 ? and Leifer bets again. Curry calls as we go to the River, which is.. a K ?. Leifer has the winning hand and puts Curry almost all-in. Leifer takes another win. What was Curry doing in that hand with a Queen high and him not being aggressive?

Fact - Johnson was the second woman ever to win a World Series of Poker bracelet and is known as the First Lady of Poker. She tries to win money, but make sure that everyone has fun in the process.

Curry, with 3 chips left, isn't having much fun. He realizes that he hasn't been playing well. Noooooo, you think? He goes all-in with a Q ? 8 ?, and Pescatelli (A ? 10 ?), Williamson (K ? 9 ?) and Johnson (Q ? J ?) all call. The Flop is J ? 7 ? 10 ?. Tammy pairs the 10's, but Johnson pairs the Jacks and has the edge. The turn is...a 2 ?, which helps no one. Johnson goes all-in and Pescatelli calls. She can knock off both people if an Ace or 10 show up. The River...4 ?. Johnson picks up a huge 180,0-00 and knocks out Curry, who finishes in 5th. She also puts Tammy as the new short stack. As for Curry, he says that he needs to learn how to fold. He promises to bring the pain next time. Sure you will, Mark.

Hand #7 - Williamson has suited A/K ? and raises. Leifer calls with A ? J ?, but she is a decided underdog against Williamson. The Flop is 2 ? 2 ? J ?, as Leifer pairs the Jacks and takes a commanding lead but Williamson has a flush draw. Williamson goes all-in and Leifer calls. The turn is...5 ?. That's not a club, so Leifer is safe. The River (6 ?) is also not a club, so Leifer doubles up and Williamson is now the new short stack.

Fact - Williamson lost s 20-1 chip lead at the WSOP finals. Well, that explains a lot, don't it?

Hand #8 - leifer (Q ? 8 ?), Pescatelli (A/J ?) and Williamson (9 ?, 4 ?) all call. The Flop is a 6 ? J ? 9 ?. Williamson has 9's and goes all-in. Unfortunately, Tammy has Jacks and calls. Unfortunately for both of them, Leifer has a gut shot straight and is willing to gamble, so she calls as well. The Turn...A ?, giving Tammy 2 pair and she goes all-in. Leifer...calls??! Leifer needs a 10. The River is...A 10 ?!!!!! Leifer has the straight and knocks out both Williamson (4th place) and Pescatelli (3rd). That also gives Leifer $385,000, which is a lead over Johnson's $215,000.

Fact - Tammy Pescatelli once signed an autograph for a fan and then walked straight into a pole. I bet she feels like she just did that again.

Hand #9 - Leifer calls with A ? 6 ?. Johnson has...Jacks (?, ?) and raises. Leifer calls it, and doesn't get help with a 5 ? K ? 4 ? on the Flop. Johnson goes all-in and Leifer needs help. She gets it on the Turn with an A ?! The 8 ? and Leifer wins the match. Leifer wins her first $5,000 of the series and shakes Johnson's hand.

Fact - Tammy has 2 brothers and 11 male cousins, but says that she is shy around men. Wha?

Leifer is thrilled that she got lucky. She says that she wants to do it again. Well, she'll be able to, but first, let's see those points.

** Carol Leifer - 16 - $5,000
**Robert Wuhl - 8
*Sue Murphy - 6
*Tammy Pescatelli - 6
**Paul Rodriguez - 2
*Mark Curry - 2


**Phil Laak - 20 - $10,000
*Kathy Kolberg - 8
**Robert WIlliamson - 8
**David Williams - 4
*Connie Kim - 2
*Linda Johnson - 0

* = The Number of matches played

Next week - Pescatelli, Curry and Murphy attempt to do better against Johnson, Kim and Kolberg. Join us in 7 days to see which of these people get the points that they desperately need.


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