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Today is

Bribes, Lies & Vengeful Eyes - June 14

Last time, Joe Don continued on his power trip as he appointed Jay as his folsom, telling him the goings-on over the crew. Meanwhile, his black crew took another bounty, as he and his officers decided that Christian should be cut adrift.

Oh, did we also mention that Joe Don, in an effort to gain favor over his pirate brethren, has kicked back a few gil just to shut the rest of the pirates up?

Night falls, and Christian is definitely missed. Louie notes that this is the dumbest thing Joe Don has ever done. Ben & Cheryl, in the captain's quarters, talk about being in the game. People are out for Joe Don. They blame him for Christian's ouster. "We're not here to goof around."

The next morning greets the Picton Castle and her crew. Jay will continue to be Joe Don's #1 fan as long as he feels it is warranted.

Meanwhile, Jupiter makes up all of the pirates. Everyone likes her.

Stand by to set sail! We're hunting for the next treasure!

Jupiter considers herself a modern-day pirate, calling this an experience to be remembered. Laurel, on the other hand, calls herself a van pirate. Alexis, however... just stands there.

Anchors down, pirates to the quarter-deck. The next treasure was hidden by a quartermaster of Capt. Henry Steel, who had a penchant for writing secret codes in blood. "The blood was rarely his own."

Red Crew Black Crew
Joe Don


First team to find the treasure gets to keep it (and its monetary worth). If the Red Crew finds it, Joe Don is unseated as Captain.

The map tells the pirates to paddle to shore, and then follow a bamboo trail. When they see a sword and skull along the way, the leading crew can sabotage the trailing crew.

Red is the first to shore, but Black is the first out of the water thanks to a strong current. Alexis, though, is just taking a joywalk through the river for God knows why. It's neck-and-neck, and Alexis is lagging behind, which means that Joe Don is lagging behind, because it's his job to make sure that she doesn't stray.

Red is the first to the Sabotage. They kindly do while the Black Crew is in the middle of it, burying them. Literally.

The Black Crew struggle to get out of the bamboo jungle, and all of a sudden, we have a race.

At the end of the trail across a raging river, crews must locate a headless skeleton above a blood rock. This marking will lead the crews to the heads, which contain the key to the next treasure.

The Red Crew is the first to reach the river. They begin a frantic search ... GOT IT! Louie's the first one up. They come up with the key, but now they have to locate the waterfall, which contains the hidden treasure.

Black Crew, though, continues to search for the skull. But it's too late. The Red Crew has won the treasure and unseated Joe Don from the Captain's Chair. Louie pledges that Joe Don is going to be black-spotted until he is gone.

Back on the ship, the Black Crew tastes its first defeat... It's bitter. Cameron informs Joe Don, Ben, and Cheryl that effective immediately they are relieved of command. Get your stuff out of the quarters and back at the gallows with the rest of the pirates.

The Red Crew returns to count their booty, while Joe Don returns the Captain's tri-cornered hat and jacket. The haul... $35,000. As for officers... Azmyth is chosen as captain. He gets $17,500. He appoints Jupiter and Jay as officers. So far... (counting expedition wins only)

Joe Don Morton; $42,500
Azmyth Kaminski; $19,750
Ben Fagan; $10,625
Cheryl Kosewicz; $10,625
Jupiter Mendoza; $8650
Louie Frase; $6425
Nessa Nemir; $4425
Christa DeAngelo;
Jay Hatkow; $4400
Kendra Guffey
; $4175
Alexis Shubin; $2000
Joy McElveen; $0
Laurel Schmidt; $0
Sean Twomey; $0

Christian Okoye - ELIMINATED; $0
John Lakness - ELIMINATED; $2000

Azmyth moves into his new digs. He, in some sort of fake English accent that he discovered all of a sudden, suggests that more money be given to the crew. Jay doesn't really understand where all of this is coming from. Jay doesn't get why Azmyth decided to take his treasure and split it amongst his crew, $2400 more for each mate. Spreading the love and the wealth all around.

Christa: "That accent is so on my nerves!"

Louie thinks that there's something laced in the captain's hat. It goes right to his head.

But now it's time to "flush the floaters". Alexis, the easy out, Laurel, and Joe Don are all possibles for the black spot. Jay can't blackspot him, because he's in cahoots with him until his share of the treasure runs out. Maybe Cheryl? We'll see, as we distribute the summons to Pirates' Court.

Alexis, Laurel, and Cheryl are blackspotted for elimination tonight.

Cheryl's been looking down her nose at a few of the people, which puts her at risk... That and the whole being part of the Joe Don reign there. Louie makes plans to put Cheryl on the block. Best case scenario in Joe Don's eyes... Alexis goes. Jay notes that Christa, Louie, and Kendra are all in his pocket. Nessa and Sean may be swings, but not necessarily. He knows that Cheryl is strong both physically and mentally. Sean doesn't want to vote for Cheryl, and he is the swing vote. If he doesn't vote for Cheryl, everyone'll know.

All pirates to midships for Pirates' Court.

Seems that there's been more of a mood swing since Azmyth's taken the reigns. Second thing Cameron asks... "Have you got an accent now?" Alexis was marked because of her attitude. She's not as happy as she once was. Laurel is marked as a "floater", with Azmyth saying that she should step up her game. Cheryl seems to be "not part of the crew." Jay agrees with what he says.

Alexis says that she's not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but true to her own character.

Laurel wants to stay, saying she'll do pretty much anything for the rest of the crew.

Cheryl says she hears "teamwork" every day. "When I became an officer, it was a whirlwind." She followed orders from the Capitan and didn't get to bond with the rest of the crew. She calls herself a midrunner and asks the crew who the best cheerleader and shoulder is.

Joe Don feels responsible for Cheryl being marked tonight, saying that he didn't leave his officers much room to mingle with the crew. Laurel thinks that it's interesting coming from him, a position that was knocked down a peg.

Azmyth defends that morale is way up since he took the reign.

Time to vote.

No mutiny cards... Azmyth is safe.

Laurel... is safe.

Down to Cheryl and Alexis... and we have a tie. Four votes a piece. In the event of a tie, the Captain will have the deciding vote. Azmyth chooses, by consideration of the crew and the next expedition...

... Alexis. She is immediately cut adrift.


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