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Today is

Pirates, Guns & Money - June 7

Last time, Joe Don earned his spot as Captain of the Picton Castle after winning $20,000 for himself. Meanwhile, the result of the first Pirates' Court saw John, who found the first treasure, being cut adrift.

It seems like John is not missed at all with the other pirates. Joe Don sees that there is a need for order on the ship. Sean decides that being the cook on the ship is not that bad of a situation. You're not that close with the Captain. Joe Don decides that Jay should be folsom, get the orders from the captain but voicing the concerns of the crew. Cheryl believes that Jay should be controlled. The only thing Jay wants is the loot.

Set sail for the next treasure!

Meanwhile, the crew gets some grub on. Mahi-mahi sticks with tomatoes. The idea. What you're getting... gruel. The captain, on the other hand, will have steak and eggs. Christian says that a happy crew is a hard-working crew.

Now that breakfast is over, time to swab the deck. Among other things. If you're a crew member, life on the Picton Castle is nothing BUT work. Meanwhile, Joe Don is cramming stuff into his mouth, all the while observing all he surveys.

Time to open up the second compartment of the Chest of Zanzibar. From here on out, Captain & officers will lead the black crew.

"Pirates to the wheelhouse!" Time to open the first compartment of the Chest of Zanzibar. We have two maps and two compasses. Time to divide up into two crews.

Red Crew Black Crew
Joe Don


First team to find the treasure gets to keep it (and its monetary worth).

The legend: Felipe Sanchez Greo, Capt. Steel's master gunner. He trusted no one and had a talent for trickery and a love for snakes.

The map tells the pirates to swim through shark-infested waters to the shore, then hike through the jungle. Whoever gets there first will have a chance to sabotage the crew. Then it's a run up the mountain to the snake pit. The snakes guard the tools needed to find the treasure.

Red is the last out of the water. Black continues to hike up the mountain while Red is sabotaged. The Black Crew reaches the snake pit... and sure enough, there are a bunch of snakes in a bog.

"Follow the trail downhill to the swamp at the foot of the trees.
Where buried is the compass plate, in a box with the chest's key."

So who's going in?

Christian, meanwhile, is very slow... albeit very strong.

Nessa decides that she's going into the snake pit... and it looks like the snakes are all 'bout business. So is Azmyth, as he finds the compass plate.

Meanwhile, Joy scratches and/or twists her knee, depending on who you ask.

But about the compass plate...

"Place the plate upon its altar.
Do it correctly, do not falter.
When the stone's in its space,
The spoon ye must place
Where the red point lands is the distance to pace."

The crews must head to a nearby altar where they will place the compass plate. Then they must use the spoon to lead them to the gunner's treasure.

The Black crew... does just that. Meanwhile Joy hobbles to the snake pit, where Christian fends off snakes with a large stick. Yeah, good luck with that. Meanwhile, they find the treasure... an urn of some sort.

Back on ship, the Red Crew nurses to Joy's injury. Black relishes in the win again, while they count doubloons... It totals $45,000. As long as the Black Crew wins, Joe Don remains Captain and remains entitled to half of the fortune. Ben & Cheryl were kept as officers. So far... (counting expedition wins only)

Joe Don Morton; $42,500
Ben Fagan; $10,625
Cheryl Kosewicz; $10,625
Louie Frase; $4250
Jupiter Mendoza; $4250
Azmyth Kaminski; $2250
Nessa Nemir; $2250
Christa DeAngelo;
Kendra Guffey
; $2000
Alexis Shubin; $2000
Jay Hatkow; $0
Joy McElveen; $0
Christian Okoye; $0
Laurel Schmidt; $0
Sean Twomey; $0

John Lakness - ELIMINATED; $2000

In the cabin, Joe Don has enough to pay off his credit cards. Cheryl, meanwhile, just wants to go with the flow. She's comfortable as long as she keeps winning. Joe Don thinks that the black spot will cause some serious anguish.

Joe Don, meanwhile, goes down to the gallows and throws some gold at the rest of the crew... For his services, Jay is paid $2000. He says it wasn't a bribe... it was a bribe. Jay says he's got money that no one else knows about, and that's part of being a good pirate... because no one, not Joe Don, not the crew, no one... knows a thing.

Meanwhile, the three black marks are chosen based on who lost the expedition.

The three marked pirates are... Kendra, Christian, and Joy. Luckily for Joy, her knee is fine. Can Jay sway the vote, keeping Kendra in the game? That's the biggest challenge for him. Not so much a challenge is cutting Christian. Meanwhile, Louie puts a buzz in the ship's collective that says one thing... MUTINY...

"The Nigerian Nightmare does not give up." We'll see, Christian.

All pirates to midships for Pirates' Court.

Captain Joe Don says that Kendra was not as proficient in the water, Christian's size could work against him, and Joy did injure herself.

Kendra asks to weigh the fact that she's slow in the water against being fast on land.

Joy notes that there ain't no bandage on the knee. It's not her time yet.

Christian loves his crew, but the portions are not very fair. If he doesn't make his crew happy, he's not doing his job, calling Joe Don out. "I think you're digging your own hole."

Joe Don says his crew knows how he feels. Louie rebuts that he's got $4400 to Joe Don's $40,000. Meanwhile, Laurel spits on the $200 the losing crew was given.

Time to vote. One by one, each pirate will drive their vote through a dagger. Each person has four cards: one for each of the marked pirates... and one that says "Mutiny".

Joe Don... is safe. There are no votes for mutiny.

Joy... rejoins her crew. That leaves Christian and Kendra.

By a vote of five to four... Christian... "Your voyage is over." Guess Joe Don was right.


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