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Hundreds of determined athletes have come to Los Angeles for their chance at total victory atop Mt. Midoriyama.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Blair Herter & Alison Haislip
Creator Monster9 (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Craig Piligian
Andrea Richter
Packager Pilgrim Films & TV for G4 Media
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 6p Sat, G4
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Stage 2 Heat 1

Last time on Ninja Warrior, hundreds of determined athletes tested themselves against the relocated, reimagined obstacles of Midoriyama. Of those, over 50 made it through, but only the fastest 30 times were given a pass to the next stage. Only 15 will make it through to the Final Stage, and of those 15, only 10 will earn a trip to Japan to take on the Sasuke course at Mt. Midoriyama. The slate has been wiped clear, and survival is ever more important... and difficult.

That's because we've added THREE new obstacles to the end of the course.

- TARZAN SWING: You must swing yourself from rope to rope across 20 feet of nothing.
- JUMPING BARS: Each monkey bar is spaced five feet apart.
- CARGO CLIMB: The only thing separating you and the finish buzzer is 50 foot of nothing but net.

First up, Brian Kretsch, #30. He finished the course in 60 seconds flat, but will he have the endurance to finish it again? We... won't know, because he drops out at the Pipe Slider. Next is Matt Asanuma, #29. He is tearing up the first half of the course. He nails the Warped Wall on his first try, and he gets to see the new obstacles... Everyone will be watching him to see what to do. Next comes the Jumping Bars. He nails the first... bites the second. Ouch. Next is #28, Tra Truong. He too gets to see the new Tarzan Swing. He's losing momentum, but he keeps his strength. Next is the Jumping Bars... He's past Matt's point. He's going to reach the Cargo Climb... He'll be the first to finish with a time of 2:09.6. His advice.. BEAT IT! He'll be joined by Gabriel Cortes (1:59.4), Jacob Smith (1:58.1), and Sam Reynolds (1:55.5).

#27 Joop Katana is not wasting any time in his approach. He hits the Warped Wall on the first try. He REALLY wants that spot in the final stage. Joop is an acrobat, and it shows with the Jumping Bars. He'll finish the Cargo Climb at 1:49.0.

#16 Gabe Nunez is next. He put up a great time at 45 seconds in Stage 1. Gabe has better luck with the Pipe Slider this time out. Gabe has the same problem as everyone else... losing momentum on the Tarzan Swing. Time will be a major player. He finishes at 1:50.9. Elias Worsencroft finishes at 2:34.5. Geoff Iida finishes in 1:48.1. Putting them all to shame at 1:41.3 is Rick Huelga.

#19 Andrew Karsen is next. He was a cheerleader for the Pistons. He's got spirit, but does he have speed? He could beat the record if he can beat the Cargo Climb. He's got 20 seconds to beat the top time... Andrew's keeping it moving.. and he beats it by THAT much. 1:41.2.

Next up, the man they call "Blackie Chan", #21 Ruselis Perry. He's been studying martial arts for 20 years, and it shows, as he blows through the first part of the course. He goes to the Tarzan Swing with :41 seconds on the clock. He's sliding dangerously low on the Tarzan Swing... and he's in! Onto the Jumping Bars. ... but he couldn't commit to a release! That's gonna cost him. Andrew Taber would meet the same fate on the same obstacle.

#23 Shane Daniels is next. He keeps pace with his Stage 1 finish, and actually beats his time at the Warped Wall. Next up, the Tarzan Swing. He skips many ropes... and it works for him. No problem on the Jumping Bars either. Cargo Climb at long last... and he's got the top time with 1:39.2.

And that will do it for this heat. Eleven got to the end... four got wet. Let's look at the board...

LEADERBOARD after Heat 1
Shane Daniels - 1:39.2
Andrew Karsen - 1:41.2
Rick Huelga - 1:41.3
Geoff Iida - 1:48.1
Joop Katana - 1:49.0
Gabe Nunez - 1:50.9
Sam Reynolds - 1:55.5
Jacob Smith - 1:58.1
Gabriel Cortes - 1:59.4
Tra Truong - 2:09.6
Elias Worsencroft - 2:34.5

But the top 15 have yet to take the course. They will next time, so stay tuned for... MORE heart-racing finishes... MORE heart-breaking tumbles... and MORE "American Ninja Warrior!"

For more information on the contestants, including never-before-seen footage, go to