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Hundreds of determined athletes have come to Los Angeles for their chance at total victory atop Mt. Midoriyama.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Blair Herter & Alison Haislip
Creator Monster9 (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Craig Piligian
Andrea Richter
Packager Pilgrim Films & TV for G4 Media
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 6p Sat, G4
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Stage 1 Heat 1

Four stages... 12 years... Over 2200 world-class athletes... One word... SASUKE. At the base of the famed Mt. Midoriyama in Japan, the world-famous SASUKE obstacle course rests, waiting for those who are brave enough... or foolhardy enough... to take on its four stages. The only way to win is to complete all four stages, including a half a minute of hell climbing up the metal monolith that overlooks the entire course. So far, in the decade-long history of the competition, only two have achieved total victory.

Now as a new tournament prepares to begin, thousands of American hopefuls have auditioned for a chance to become part of G4's 10-man delegation to the next SASUKE tournament in Japan in January. Only the best will be able to negotiate the heats and end on the team that will take on Mt. Midoriyama and have a chance at total victory.

This is not just a game... this is... AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR.

The road to Mt. Midoriyama is not an easy one. You're going to have to take on the famed obstacles here in America before you have a chance at total victory.

The Qualifying Round will seek to separate the warriors from the wannabes as potential contestants take on six SASUKE-inspired obstacles

- QUINTUPLE STEP: five angled platforms.
- ROPE SWING: Tarzan yourself across 20 feet of water.
- BARREL ROLL: like a balance beam... only it turns.
- SPIDER WALL: use your hands and feet to get across.
- PIPE SLIDER: use your upper body to propel yourself via a pipe to the other end.
- WARPED WALL: ... no explanation needed.

The 30 competitors that finish in the shortest time (read: survive) will move on to the next round, the Expanded Course with three new obstacles added. Top 15 advance to the Final Stage. But that comes later. Right now, it's game time!

PJ Hradilek is first to the course... He's a personal trainer who should have no problem with this course, right? WRONG. Chi-Yoon Chung is next... She has sheer willpower on her side... And little else. Shawn Carper is next. He's dressed like Bruce Lee... but he talks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Can't fault him too much, as he's the first competitor to pass the Quintuple Step. Can't say the same for the Rope Swing. Luvelle Mendoza is on the course, only 4'10"... Not long enough for the Quint-Step. Ginnie Phong is next... and she misses the platform on the Rope Swing. Swinging is only half the battle. Peter Austin is next. He considers himself lazy... and he gets the lazy eye on the Rope Swing. So far as we fast-forward, NO ONE has yet to clear the course.

Next up, the Green Man... also known as David Moss in a body suit. Can he see out of that thing? Apparently... NOT, as he hits the water on the Swing. Trainer Trish Knopp has completed the Navy SEALS course, so this should be a cakewalk. Started later... started further... didn't help. Ryoga Vee, an entertainer... and an OBVIOUS fanboy. He gets to the swing... and to the other side... then back to the start... then back to the other side... then back to the start again... then to the other side again... Dude, you're gonna have to let go already. He does... at the start. He's getting a second chance and..... foot hits the water. Big stick no love. Dylan Wight is next... and the tattooed wonder will have to find a footing and the position. He finds... neither. Jim Ounniyom next on the course... and he's the first to pass the Rope Swing... unfortunately, he's also the first to get squished on the Spider Wall. And he's not the only one.

Jeff Torres is decked out in full shadow gear. But does he have the moves to match? So far, so good... And then comes the Spider Wall.. and the spider fall. But next to take on the course, a two-time Midoriyama veteran, Brett Sims. His runs ended on the Jumping Spider and the Warped Wall respectively. Is third time the charm? Looks to be as he's the first contestant to take on the Pipe Slider. But... he takes a dive when his pipe slides off the obstacle.

Daniel "Bones" Devane is next, and he's got a nice extension... and he's taking his time as well. Time not a factor YET. Off to the Pipe Slider, and so far, he's faring well... He's taking his time... and... PASSED. Finally, the Warped Wall. Competitors will only get five shots at it. Bones only needs two. FINISH!

Next up, Xin Wuku. If you've seen season 2 of American Gladiators in 2007, you know him better as "Zen", but will he have the Zen needed to complete the course? False start.. false start again... And boom, nice. He even has time to show off for the crowd. "Go go Gadget Xin!" WHAT DID HE SAY?! Doesn't matter as Urban Ninja Xin makes it over the Warped Wall and locks in the FINISH!

Will MMA fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller be the third person to finish the course? No, because a few more follow in his footsteps in the Fast Forward. But he takes to the course with a fierce physical AND mental game. He arrives at the Warped Wall all sorts of exhausted. Can he push past the pain? YES! FINISH!

And we've come to the FINISH! of Heat 1. Here's what the board looks like so far.

1) Xin "Urban Ninja" Wuku - 1:24.7
2) Adam Truesdell - 1:25.9
3) Califf Guzman - 1:29.1
4) Jon Barnes - 1:35.1
5) Ivan Kim - 1:36.1
6) Frank Agzarian - 1:42.6
7) Daniel "Bones" Devane - 1:52.0
8) Jason "Mayhem" Miller - 2:55.0

As the competition continues next time, stay tuned for.... MORE crazy competitors... MORE insane obstacles... and MORE... "American Ninja Warrior!"


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