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Hundreds of determined athletes have come to Los Angeles for their chance at total victory atop Mt. Midoriyama.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Blair Herter & Alison Haislip
Creator Monster9 (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Craig Piligian
Andrea Richter
Packager Pilgrim Films & TV for G4 Media
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 6p Sat, G4
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Stage 1 Heat 3

Last time on American Ninja Warrior, our qualifiers juiced up the board, meaning that now time is a factor. And after today, only the 30 fastest players will move on to Stage 2. The time to beat: 1:52. At the top of the board, SASUKE veteran Brian Orosco with 44 seconds and change.

First up, comic San Thach, aka Supernerd. He's coming in with highwaters... He used to be a Marine. Will that be a factor in his run? He's gone to the maximum of five attempts and... nothing. FAIL. Next up, Joop Katana hopes to slice through the course in his yuppie gear. 1986 called, Joop. They want their Dockers back. Joop says, "You can have them as soon as I finish this Warped Wall." FINISHED at :59.

David Campbell is next on the board. He faced the actual course in Japan, but he timed out. He's hoping for redemption today. He just might get it. He's the top of the board with :35! His nephew Travis Furlanic is next. He looks as if he just might be able to beat it if he finishes the Pipe Slider quick enough. He doesn't beat HIS time, but he does add his name. Seven more would follow. The time to beat now: 1:25.

Next aspiring ninja is Chris Delfin from Virginia. He says that he's been training for a long time. Can he execute execute execute? Chris, a powerlifting champion, is absolutely tearing this course apart... Clocks in with :37.

Ryan Cousins follows. He's a parkour specialist from Chicago. With time now a factor, contestants are refusing to give up on momentum. Ryan's no expectation with 37.8 seconds.

Next to go is SASUKE veteran Luci Romberg, a black belt... free runner... gymnast... and a stuntwoman. And apparently she likes eggs. She has a shaky landing, but she needs to be faster... Unfortunately, she gets cracked by the Pipe Slider. Rich King is next. Can he do what Luci couldn't? He can jump with the pipe and he doesn't even breathe after the Warped Wall. Four more players follow.

We saved the best for last. Next up, Caine Sinclair. He flies through the course and clocks in at :39.0. And all he did was watch this show religiously. TV is good ... Paul Darnell is next, a free runner. He has the moves, but does he have the speed? Yes, at :35.7. Following him, from San Diego, Masashi Oguchi. He's racing through the course in flip flops... That's... gonna cost ya. William Spencer is next... and he's got a famous training partner in Levi Meeuwenberg. We'll see him later. Right now, we see William top the board at 33 flat.

And finally, we have the man who's gotten further than any American in Ninja Warrior history, Levi Meeuwenberg. He's faced this course THREE times. Can he beat the time of 61 seconds? He's absolutely flawless on the course. He could set a record here... and he gives a trademark flip... and 38 seconds is good to make the leaderboard.

And that will do it for Stage 1. Here are your qualifiers...

3) PAUL DARNELL - :35.7
4) RICH KING - :35.8
5) CHRIS DELFIN - :37.1
6) RYAN COUSINS - :37.8
9) DORIAN CEDARS - :39.7
10) JASON KHAZI - :41.2

11) Matt Marshall - :42.5
12) Travis Furlanic - :43.5
13) Brian Orosco - :44.1
14) David Gruner - :44.4
15) Sean Morris - :45.3
16) Gabe Nunez - :45.6
17) Geoff Iida - :46.3
18) Elias Worsencroft - :46.7
19) Andrew Karsen - :47.1
20) Andrew Taber - :47.7
21) Ruselis "Blackie Chan" Perry - :47.9
22) Jacob Smith - :48.0
23) Shane Daniels - :51.5
24) Sam Reynolds - :52.8
25) Gabriel Cortes - :55.8
26) Rick Huelga - :58.1
27) Joop Katana - :59.0
28) Tra Truong - :59.10
29) Matt Asanuma - :59.16
30) Brian Kretsch - 1:00.0

As we set the stage for Stage 2, stay with us for... MORE climbs of greatness... MORE leaps of faith... and MORE... "American Ninja Warrior!"


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