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Who has the talent to make it in the world of country music? Find out as the nation selects the next Nashville Star!

Is your favorite still in the running? Check out our Nashville Star Stage!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Host: Leann Rimes
Judges: Anastasia Brown, Bret Michaels, Phil Vassar
Creator/EP: Ben Silverman
Packager: Hoosick Falls Productions, PictureVision, Reveille Productions for USA Network
Airs: Tuesdays at 10pm ET on USA

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"Round of 3" - April 19

I'd like to wish Leann Rimes a speedy recovery - because I'm stuck with Sara Evans and Cledus T. Judd again. We get a different start this week though, because we start with the medley! The singer is Bret Michaels, and we get the other 4 finalist singers doing a rendition of 'Nothing But a Good Time'. Let's just say that I'm happy that Bret is a judge instead of a competitor this season, as he really needed to do some more vocal warm-ups. We get sparks from the Nashville Star sign - maybe as a relief that the song is over.

That was also a warm-up for the singers - and the judges, as we are ready to turn 4 singers into 3 singers. We get the introduction of everyone on a now smoky stage.

Since we need space this week, we find out that Tim McGraw has issued the final 4 a challenge, and we see a State Farm plug to give blood. After the plug, the challenge is for each of them to host a local benefit in their hometowns to raise money for the Red Cross. That's not TOO much of having someone do the dirty work for them, is there?

The good news, is that since all 4 of them did a benefit, they will all perform. It will be at the end of the show that we get the announcement of who's being eliminated. We will also get another song by Bret Michael, as he sings his new single 'Open Road!' Can't you wait?

Jason Meadows can't wait, because he's on first. He says that he plans on singing tonight like it's his last performance. We see the video clip of his benefit concert (and that he has raised $12,673 for the Red Cross (nice!) and over $26,000 total, he sings 'That's My Name'. It was good, but I thought he was better last week. For his final 'Why you should vote for me' speech, he blesses everyone. Anastasia says that he may have it in the bag, but be careful for Jody and Jayron. Bret and Phil liked it, but let's get back to Anastasia. She talked about everyone...except Jayron. Did she just give away the person eliminated?

Next up is Erika Jo, who is also blessed to be here. She is going to miss everything, but she is very happy to be doing this. We don't find out how much she is donating, but it was probably a large amount. She sings 'Broken Wing' and she continues to broaden her range and impress me. The judges still love her, and so do I.

The third person up is Jody Evans, as he says how awesome it was to be back home. We get his video before we hear him Rockabilly out with 'Sitting Pretty'. He is asked to campaign for himself - but he won't do it, adding that it's up to the audience to decide. The judges keep saying the same thing to him - find a group and kee plugging away.

Jayron Weaver comes out next, and as we see his video, we see panties thrown at him. Yikes! Jayron comes out with a ballad which the audience which sounds more Gospel than country. I agree with Anastasia, 'John Tesh rocks out more than you do', but Phil thinks iut would be a sin if he left the show. Bret thinks that this week's decision will be very tough.

Speaking of Bret, we get to hear his song, which is pretty good. He sings 'Open Road' and is much better than last week. I would actually buy that CD.

Speaking of buying stuff, don't forget the Nashville Star 3 Tour! Coming in June! Get your tickets NOW!!!!!!

After the plug, we get the announcement we've all been waiting for. The first person into the finals is...Jason Meadows! The second person into the finals is...Erika Jo! The third person who has gotten enough votes to be in the finals is...Jody Evans??!?! Wha?

That means, of course, that Jayron Weaver is out. Jayron says that it will sink in more, and he says that he brought everything he had. He thanks the judges and America for keeping him in this long.

That brings us down to the remaining Nashville Star 3 Finalists. We get Big and Rich next week (yes, they promise it will be next week) as we get a NINETY MINUTE SPECIAL FINALE!!!! And with that, we're out.

So who wins? Let's see the pattern of the last 2 Nashville Stars.

3rd place - The wacky Singer
2nd place - the Cowboy
1st Place - the Talented one who's left

So taking this formula, the finalists should be...

3rd - Jody
2nd - Jason
1st - Erika

Does this mean that we will see our first female finalist? Join us in 7 days
to find out as we get to the finale.

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