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Who has the talent to make it in the world of country music? Find out as the nation selects the next Nashville Star!

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Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Host: Leann Rimes
Judges: Anastasia Brown, Bret Michaels, Phil Vassar
Creator/EP: Ben Silverman
Packager: Hoosick Falls Productions, PictureVision, Reveille Productions for USA Network
Airs: Tuesdays at 10pm ET on USA

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"Round of 6" - March 29

We start the show with Big and...Phil Vasaar? Well, it was supposed to be Big and Rich, but Phil Vassar is singing tonight to open the show. It's good that his singing is better than his judging.

We go to original song night here on Nashville Star, and after we see the contestants we see.... a commercial. After that commercial, we get the judges intro, and then Leann explains that she got the same throat bug that got everyone else last week. She talks to Erica Jo, who says that she is having fun.

Also having fun (because he is the first person who gets to sing) is...Jason Meadows! The first original song is called 'Big Shot', and he dedicates it to his wife, who makes him feel like a big shot. AwwwBarf. It's a traditional rockabilly song, which is nice fluff - and very commercial to boot. The audience eats it up and so does Phil. Bret says that he owned it and tells everyone that they better bring it. Anastasia says that he brought it - but she wants to see him distinguish himself and show us why they should plunk $12.95 for it.

Next up is...Justin David! He says that he still has to apologize and make hay while the sun shines. He decides to sing a ballad for the show called 'Finding My Way Back to You'. It's also very nice, and although safe, it's diverse and it will help him. Justin thanks his support group again as we hear the judges. Anastasia wants him to jump into the payoff a little quicker, but she liked it. Phil wants it less middle of the road (what - Phil is offering a good critique? Wha?) and Bret likes it.

We see Cledus talk to Tamika and ask her for the hardest part. Tamika says that the prayer meeting that she held has been misconstrued by people as her leading up the older charge against the younger people, and she says that it's been a very stressful thing to have to deal with a gaffe the producers did. I didn't see it as her leading the charge against Erica Jo, but her fans obviously did and if a lot of people also did, then that spells a lot of trouble for her.

Cledus's next victi...I mean star is Justin, who says that he in only 4 weeks away. He says that it's overwhelming, but he has to keep his eyes on the prize. so to speak.

Before we get to the next singer, Jody is asked what makes him stand out, and he says that he has no idea. No one has any idea who the next singer is...until now. It's Jenny Farrell! She sings 'Hard to Take', as she references her own break-up into the music. She may have wanted to pick a different song. I didn't like it, as it goes into her lower registers, which is a weak spot for her. This isn't the Jenny Farrell I am used to hearing, and she may have taken a step backwards on this one. Leann asks her if she'd prefer to be a songwriter or a singer, she says that it's not fair, but she says that she loves to entertain people. Anastasia says that she is surprised that she is still here and calls her performance yawn-inducing (and gets boos). Phil says that she seemed pitchy and nervous and suggests that Jack Daniels from last week and Bret thinks that she can write hit songs. That's good - but it's not a ringing endorsement of her singing, is it?

We have 4 people left to go as Leann asks Jayron if he will be shocked if he doesn't sing. He says he would be disappointed and he doesn't answer it. (Hey, Jenny didn't have that choice). Jayron won's have to be shocked, because he's next to perform! He sings 'She's Not The Kind' as a tribute to a woman he saw in college - though nothing happened. He's hoping that she doesn't think he's a stalker. Heh. I'm hoping he can continue to bring that to the table, as I like what he did. The audience screams their approval as Jayron hoped the person who he wrote it for liked it. Phil thought it was the best song so far and calls him the best singer, but wants more emotion. Bret also wants more and Anastasia thinks that he has great Christian roots - but thinks he is more suited to that than country.

Next to be called in the Green Room...Jody Evans! He sings 'Chances', and he is taking chances as he is singing a ballad. The chance...didn't pay off. Ouch. Here's the problem - his affected voice sounds decent when it's quick and can bounce off notes. When his voice is spotlighted and has to stay on notes for a given time, well, it sounds more like shouting in a bouncing muffler than singing. Leann wants more tricks and Jody says that he doesn't know if he has more rabbits in his hat. Anastasia says that it was pitchy and worries that he may have problems, Phil calls himself an idiot and wants the old Jody back, and Bret just calls him great. I think that last rabbit bounded off to pasture.

Cledus asks Tamika if the reason why she is still there is because of the comments. Tamika says yes and Erika Jo says that the comments were taken out of proportion. If you add Justin to this, that's now three contestants who are less than thrilled about the editing that happened over the past 2 weeks.

And the person who is eliminated is....Bret Michaels! No wait a sec, he's not eliminated, but it's his turn to sing next, as he croons out 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn'. I have to admit that he's not as strong as his usual performances, but it's passable and the audience probably doesn't care.

That brings us down to Erika Jo and Tamika. Erika says that she is nervous while Tamika says that she wouldn't have called a prayer meeting. heh. The person eliminated is...Tamika Tyler. Tamika says that she's had fun, and she thanks her supporters, but her eyes look like she's shooting daggers at the producers.

With that, Erika Jo sings 'He Don't Care'. She hasn't gotten that bulging veins out of her neck yet, but she still rocks the house and the audience still goes nuts. In my opinion, this was the best song of the night and it's certainly the most commercial. She says that a woman can win Nashville Star and she hopes that the audience thinks that she's it. Bret says that she rocked it and is shocked that Tamika left. Anastasia calls the song average but called her gr eat and Phil called it her best performance.

The judges are still stunned that Tamika is out, and frankly, so am I. We get the recap of the performances, and then we get the tag to call in - or else. With that, we are out.

Here's who I think did what -

Erika Jo

Ok, I'll forgive Justin, but I still don't want him to win the whole thing. I think he'll be safe next week, as Jenny and Jody should be competing for the path to leave the competition.

In terms of the Tamika scandal, Tamika just HAD to go - she has no J's in her name =O. Seriously, I've always thought that if it's a talent show, it should be based on TALENT, and you are skating on very thin ice if you are determining who is leaving based on events that happened outside the competition. If Tamika can prove that the prayer circle she led had nothing to do with her leading the old singers against the young singers, then Tamika may have a point - and a possible lawsuit - on her hands.

Next week - We have Nashville Star singers singing. How? Buddy Jewell is the guest. Join us in 7 days to see if Jody's decision to change himself to appease the judges costs him the competition.

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