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Who has the talent to make it in the world of country music? Find out as the nation selects the next Nashville Star!

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Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Host: Leann Rimes
Judges: Anastasia Brown, Bret Michaels, Phil Vassar
Creator/EP: Ben Silverman
Packager: Hoosick Falls Productions, PictureVision, Reveille Productions for USA Network
Airs: Tuesdays at 10pm ET on USA

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"Round of 4" - April 12

We open show with Cledus T. Judd and... Sara Evans??? Where's Leann? We'll find out later as we get to Jamie O'Neal sing 'Trying To Find Atlantis'. She finds a nice song, as we start the show. Apparently, Leann isn't feeling too good with vocal chord trouble (sure, I know exactly what it is, but why disclose that?), so we get the combination of Sara and Cledus. That's exactly what we need - more of Cledus. Yick. Hurry back soon, Leann!

As Sara delivers as much emotion on the teleprompter as a dead squid, we see Cledus talk to Jody about being here. He wishes Jody good luck as the first of the four singers to perform is...Jason Meadows! He disagrees with Anastasia from last week (stay away from the ditties) and he LOVES the ditties. (I have to be careful on that keyboard, don't I?) We get more ditties with 'This Is My Town'. That was his best performance yet and I don't see how even Anastasia can give him a bad review. Sara loves the cowboy hat, and Bret, also donning a cowboy hat, loved it. Anastasia did like the performance and was glad that he avoided the ditties and Phil loved it as well.

Afterwards, Cledus talks to Jason and says that he said something stupid last week about Britney Spears (well, he says something stupid every week), and says that Jason has a better @$$ than Britney. Too. Much. Information. He then asks Jason to tell the audience something that we don't know - and he says that he lost a bet and had to dress like a school girl to go to classes once - and got hit on. Way. Too. Much. Information - and I'm wondering if Cledus and Jason will be going out together after the show.

Cledus goes to Justin and notices that he turned on his A game - finally. He wonders if it's too late, but he says that his fan base will carry him through. Someone that the fan base did carry through is...Jayron Weaver! He's sounding more like Kenny Loggins each week as he sings 'Life's a Chain'. The judges think that he sings great, but Anastasia thinks that he is more of a singer with Amy Grant than honky tonk, and she's wondering where the passion is. Bret wants to see him do something from John Michael montgomery and I do agree that he's country-lite.

Cledus asks Erika Jo if another woman will be voted off - as she is the last woman. She hopes not, though she does acknowledge that this show has not been kind to females. Jayron says that he feels it and he hopes that he will make the Final 3.

We're at the halfway mark, and since we're only going to get 4 Nashville Star performances, it's time for a group number! We get all 5 singers...and Jamie O'Neal for the group number, 'When I think About Angels'. I'll give them credit - it sounds better than any American Idol medley so far this season.

You say you want more? You get more! We have the 5 singers do a second song for you - and this time, with Phil Vassar! They sing 'Oh, To Be In Love' That song sounds very good and the audience brings the house down.

Back to business. The third performer is...Erika Jo! She laments about her 'sisters' being voted off, and it's hard for her. 'A lot of the voters obviously haven't liked us girls, so far.' says Erika, as she performs 'Black Velvet'. Wow. If you remember last week, that's the song that the judges wanted her to perform - and she does. Massive brownie points for Erika - and even more for nailing the song. Like Jason, this is the best Erika performance that I've seen, and these singers are absolutely bringing it tonight. Erika is thrilled that she is still there and thanks her fans, and tells them to do what they think is right. Bret purrs at her and Phil says that she is reeking of sex appeal. Anastasia says that...she is the best singer, entertainer. and now she looks like a star. I can't disagree.

Cledus asks Jody about his continual experiences on being in the bottom, and Jody says that although his nerves are shot, he's having a great time. Cledus once again hypes the Jody and Justin duet as we go to break.

Someone's heart is going to be broken as we find out who is going home. That person is going to be... Justin David! Hoorah! Justin says that it's disappointing, but he thanks everyone for his amazing ride.

With that, we continue to see Jody's amazing ride, as he gets paraphernalia from fans, including a banner. We get a little 'Juke Joint Jumping' tonight from Jody, and although it's solid, it doesn't match either Jason or Erika. He is asked if he can win the competition, and he says to leave it up to the fans. Anastasia says that we found the real Jody, while Phil still digs him and Bret wants to see either 'T for Tennessee' or some Dwight Yoakum. That should be interesting...

The interest will have to wait until next week, when we get some Bret Michaels in another medley and hear the final four. Who would my votes be going for?


Im sorry, but Jason and Erika are lapping the other two. It's either Jody or Jayron leaving, and I think that the one-dimensional Jody has jumped his last joint. We'll see in 7 days which singer has jumped right out of the competition.

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