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On the road to $250,000, every second counts in GSN's new take on a modern-day classic.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Apolo Anton Ohno
Creators Mattias Olsson
Jock Millgårdh
EP Eden Gaha
Paul Franklin
Michael Binkow
Packager Friday TV & Shine America for GSN Originals
Origins Delfino Studios, Los Angeles
Web gsntv.com/shows/minute-to-win-it/
Airs 8p & 9p ET Tues, GSN

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Killer Js/Beach Bums
July 9

Tonight... one team will face 10 games, each 60 seconds in length. Playing with household items could win you $250,000. But first, you have to beat the clock. And EVERY. SECOND. COUNTS. Tonight's team has the dream, but do they have the drive to go all the way?

Siblings Jennifer & Jared (Kansas City, MO) are the "Killer Js", office supply store workers. They know each others' weaknesses, which make them ideal teammates. Today, they're playing for a scholarship for their little brother, who passed away in 2006.

As a reminder of what's at stake...

LEVEL 1: $1000
LEVEL 2: $2000
LEVEL 3: $3000
LEVEL 4: $5000
LEVEL 5: $10,000
LEVEL 6: $15,000
LEVEL 7: $25,000
LEVEL 8: $50,000
LEVEL 9: $100,000
LEVEL 10: $250,000

Once you pass the $1000, $10,000 and the $25,000 levels, you are guaranteed that much money. Otherwise, it's the same game. Ten challenges, each to be accomplished in under a minute. Complete the task, and you move to the next level. You will have three lives to use during the game. At the end of each level, you can take the cash and dash, or you can stay and play, and that's important, because if you run out of lives, your game is over and you leave with the last safeguard.

And of course, as the Computer will tell you, "Failure to complete this task in 60 seconds may result in ELIMINATION."

MILESTONE LEVEL 1: THIS BLOWS: The contestant must inflate a balloon, then use the escaping air to knock down 15 plastic cups.

First attempt (Jennifer)... FAIL (TIME OUT, TWO lives remaining)

Second attempt (Jared).... FAIL (TIME OUT, ONE life remaining)

FINAL attempt (Jennifer)... FAIL (GAME OVER)

Next team to play in the 60 Second Circle is Team Beach Bums; Julia (34; Lawndale, CA) and Ryan (26; Lawndale, CA), a dating couple that met at the restaurant where they worked. She's a yoga expert, while he's a little hyper. They're playing for a black diamond ring on her finger.

MILESTONE LEVEL 1: BUCKET HEAD: Standing five feet from a wall, the team must bounce 2 ping-pong balls each off of a floor onto the wall and into a bucket on their heads one at a time.

Attempt 1... FAIL (TIME OUT, TWO lives remaining)

Attempt 2... COMPLETE! (:06, $1000)

LEVEL 2: GIVE IT A WHIRL: Using an inverted wine glass, the contestant must use centrifugal force to keep a marble spinning while it is being transported to a bowl downstage. This must be done THREE times.

Attempt 1 (Ryan)... COMPLETE! (:24, $2000)

LEVEL 3: FIELD GOAL: The contestants must construct a field goal upright by balancing six plastic cups on a yardstick that is being balanced by another plastic cup. This must be held for a three count.

Attempt 1... COMPLETE! (:17, $3000)

LEVEL 4: TEAR IT UP: One player must shoot rubber bands as if they were a bow and arrow, and the target is toilet paper. There is a soda can at the end of the toilet paper. Once the can drops, they’ve won.

Attempt 1 (Julia)...  COMPLETE! (:43, $5000)

MILESTONE LEVEL 5: TUNA ROLL: A standard tuna tin has a beveled edge on the bottom and a wider rim on top, causing it to circle back when rolled like a boomerang. A contestant must boomerang these tins to knock down four soda bottles.

Attempt 1 (Ryan).... FAIL (TIME OUT, ONE life remaining)

Attempt 2 (Ryan).... COMPLETE! (:00, $10,000). And you know what the kicker is? That last can got off at the LAST second! Now let's play with house money...

LEVEL 6: SPEED ERASER: Using a pencil's rubber eraser, the contestants have to bounce eight pencils into eight glasses each.

ONLY attempt.... FAIL (TIME OUT; GAME OVER). But they do leave with $10,000.

Another team and another game is forthcoming. STAND BY.


For more information on the games, and to see this episode in its entirety, go to gsntv.com