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Small town America gets a rightful salute in this hybrid variety-reality-game show.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Johnny Vaughn
Creators/EP: Michael Davies, David Granger, William MacDonald
Packager: Greengrass Productions, Monkey, Embassy Row
Origin: ABC Television Center; New York City
Sundays at 9pm ET on ABC

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"Ellenville, NY" - August 28

Hello, Ellenville! This hour is dedicated to you and your aluminum tubing. There's a possibility that all 200 Ellenvillians may go home with an incredible prize... an HP laptop each, but only if Javier Gonzalez can pull through the Name Your Neighbors game. That comes later, though. Can the resident arbiter of useless information pull through in the clutch? We'll find out...

But first, some tidbits about Ellenville, situated in the unmowable majesty of the Catskill mountains. Ellenville, the hang-gliding capital of the northeast. Ellenville, home of the patrol Gem car. Ellenville, home of a boy who delivers the paper. That would be paperboy Logan Rotolo. He brings news that "Ellenville Man Sleeps With Supermodel." Hardly newsworthy, we know. But he's in the group tonight. Randy Miller is the dude in question. That's his wife Jean there. Still defiant, so we bring up a Swede named Brigitte, a camera, and the strangest thing of all, going to bed... at 9:30. So far, nothing out of the normally. Until, at 1:31a, Jean gets out of bed, and in comes Brigitte. And he's sleeping through the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Brigitte enters via hot tub with a Mediterranean cruise... sans wife. OR he could spend one night with Jean in the Poconos, one door over from the place where they met. Randy says... Poconos. A faithful man, that guy is. Meanwhile, Johnny feels a bit off about this, so he takes Brigitte to the Poconos and gives the cruise over to the Millers! And when they get home, they'll have the hot tub awaiting them. Seriously.

And sitting in with the band today is trumpeter Jack Gillette. Presenting the computer to be won tonight is town manager Elliot Auerbach. The computer itself is an HP Lance Armstrong special edition, signed by the biker and emblazoned with the phrase "Live strong."

Tanya Allen-Lyles was "thinking big" in her application to get on the show. How big? A Hummer. That's big. It just so happens that we have one of those... And it fits in the palm of Johnny's hand. How disappointing. Meanwhile, we bring out the life-size version, a 2006 Hummer H3. And all she has to do is "Identify That Song in Various Speeds". Did we mention that Tanya has an insane amount of CDs? And in the bathroom, no less! The game is, identify the song as its being blared out of the car speakers as the car is going by. Playing flag girl is Kristen Osterhoudt.

First vehicle, driven by Arthur Lee Grant. His song at 20 MPH is "Rhinestone Cowboy". She nails it. Second vehicle, driven by Meredith Dunn, traveling at 30 is "Play That Funky Music White Boy". She nails it. Third and final vehicle, driven by a professional driver... a very fast one... 140 MPH. Slow it down a bit.... Okay, Tanya has to think... "Crazy On You" by Heart. She's right! She's got a gas guzzler!

Singing with the house band is Irish tenor Joe Wolfe. Vicki Cohen, meanwhile, loves infomercials. So she gets to watch an infomercial. The product: herself (going for $19.95, call 1-800-654-2192). With that, it's time for... The Ellenville 2005 Naked Calendar!

January: theatre director Brendan Burke
February: building super Rebecca Wood
March: janitors Myron & Mark Logan
April: hang-glider Greg Black
May: mechanic Keith McGriff
June: runner Taahira Hakim-El
July: Married couple Andrew & Sam Bugna
August: fireman John Wojciechowicz
September: foreman Michael Jeter
October: scary Arnold Rosen
November: paintballer Sean Selear (and friends)
December: balloon artist Annette Steele

Playing sax with the band is Erica Stoeckeler. "Don't Crash, Javier". Meanwhile, Sally & Serge Dealy are in the crowd enjoying the show. Rose & Bernie O'Donohue is enjoying the show. Lonely man Andrew Bugna is sorta enjoying the show. He and Sam (from earlier) own a restaurant, where she is working right now. They spend a lot of time in the restaurant, too much time to spend on home improvement, mail, and their kids. He's even lost track of his favorite baseball jersey. He thought it was in the basement. It's actually... in London. His Father's Day pictures by the phone and restaurant... are in Paris. His Ellenville High football jersey at school... is in Egypt. And his wife... is in the Florida Keys (with kids Mali, Drew & CJ). Andrew's about to join them for five days. Meanwhile at the restaurant... "Sorry, we're closed thanks to ABC (have fun, Bugnas!)".

Time to close up shop, but not before Javier has a chance to "Name Your Neighbors". Simple premise: if you can name six of them, you win laptop0s for 200. First, though, some words from Adam "Batman" West. "Good luck, Ellenville! Those computers are sweeeet!"

Did we mention that he's also on Family Guy? On we go...

  Javier's guess Correct answer
1 Elliot Auerbach Elliot Auerbach
2 Kristen Osterhoudt Kristen Osterhoudt
3 Joe Wolfe Joe Wolfe
4 Sally Dealy Sally Dealy
5 Michael Jeter Micahel Jeter
6 Jean Miller ...

Is window six Jean Miller? YES! Ellenville is land of the laptops... and My Kind of Town! Until next week, "live strong".

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