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12 attorneys have come before super attorney Roy Black to prove that they have the salt to be a legal eagle and take home a cool quarter million dollars. The verdict is in. Are you?

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Roy Black
Creator: David E. Kelley
David E. Kelley, David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, Jonathan Pontell, Robert Breech
Packager: Renegade 83, David E. Kelley Productions, 20th Century Fox TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on Bravo

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"Lie Detector" - September 13

This time teams are selected by drawing gavels, Pink on one side, purple on the other. Here are your teams:

Olivier, Keith, and Christopher vs. Michael, Deep and Aileen

Reactions were not too severe, except for the fact that Deep and Michael both loathe the fact that they have to work together again. Michael, however, sees that he has Aileen on his side and feels that she will be all he needs to keep his undefeated streak in tact.

Since the move to Bravo, these episodes have gotten to the meat much more quickly. Had they done this on NBC, they might still be there. Speaking of meat, here is the case:

Edward Thompson v. Kizzy Randle

Thompson the plaintiff and Randle the defendant hold joint custody of their 6 year old child Elijah. Randle claims that while picking up her child from the plaintiff, Thompson strangled her and threatened to kill her. Randle called 9-1-1 and Thompson was arrested. Thompson is suing for false arrest and denies all claims.

Now that we have a hot case, let’s heat it up a little more. This week it’s a jury trial. That means strategies might change and Black warns the attorneys to plan accordingly.

With only one elimination this week, performance will be crucial. By random draw, Michael, Deep and Aileen select the defendant, Randle’s side leaving Chris, Olivier and Keith the plaintiff, Thompson’s side.

In the kitchen, high school hi-jinks ensue as Keith proceeds to make fun of Michael’s controlling tendencies.

Team Thompson examines there case to find many problems. Namely, Thompson has gang affiliations and has been known to keep guns. Further, he is the plaintiff, so rather than disproving the attacks, he maintains the burden of proof regarding false arrest. Olivier, Keith and Chris are collectively worried.

Team Randle is very excited when they see that they have testimony from the child stating that daddy is choking mommy. Needless to say, Aileen, Michael and Deep are ecstatic.

In meeting with the clients, no one seems to be off the wall (unlike last week), so everyone is feeling somewhat comfortable that they will be able to present the best case possible. Thompson even offers to take a lie detector test, but Chris question the admissibility in court.

Lie Detector time! Olivier and Chris accompany Thompson to the lie detector facility where he undergoes examination. During the test Olivier receives a call from Keith telling him that there is a definitive 2004 court precedent saying that lie detector evidence is inadmissible. Now that the test is useless, the lawyers want to know the result just for their consciences and they find out that Thompson apparently was completely truthful. Too bad it can’t be used

However this gets more interesting as Michael listened in on the plaintiff’s discussion and was concerned that if they used a lie detector that he Aileen, Deep and Randle might be at a disadvantage. Thus, Michael puts Deep on research detail and Deep finds a case that under certain circumstances Lie detector evidence is admissible. We have conflict. Michaela and Aileen attempt to schedule a lie detector for Kizzy Randle.

But first, Michael has a visitor. Lawrence, Kizzy Randle’s brother comes in to talk with the team and Deep questions Lawrence to get the facts. Lawrence says that he was at the scene of the incident and that he challenged Thompson to a fight to which Thompson responded that he would be right back, he just needed to get his gun. Deep, satisfied with this excuses Lawrence, but Michael questions the authenticity of Lawrence’s comments and points out that they are different from his written statement and that Kizzy never mentioned hearing Lawrence or Thompson saying such things.

Michael may have caught the error and fixed it, but that doesn’t mean he can’t raise heel with Deep. Verbal outbursts explode and Deep separates himself from the rest of his team.

Lawrence then met with the other side and said that he really couldn’t remember anything. That allows Keith and team to scratch anything he might say to hurt their case.

It’s late, but there is still time for Kizzy to take a polygraph. She is nervous and reluctant to take the test but does so anyway. Michael, Deep and Aileen nervously await the results only to find that Kizzy failed miserably and worse yet she admitted to the man administering the test that she knew she would fail.

The team sits down with Kizzy and she admits that there was no threat nor any choking. The team is hurt and now has 8 hours to reformat their case.

Court time!

Olivier examines Thompson and gets out the basic facts that Thompson did not choke nor threaten Kizzy Randle. Olivier did mention the date of the incident incorrectly, which Michael snidely pointed out in cross. Michael’s cross consisted of shaming Thompson for suing the mother of his child. No factual basis whatsoever nor did he try to suggest that Thompson was lying, but Keith saw the action as brilliant given that they are trying to emotionally impact a jury.

After Thompson, the Plaintiff rests and subsequently the Defense rests without calling a single witness in an attempt to keep Kizzy Randle off of the stand. Olivier, Chris and Keith remain shocked, but move on to close.

Keith closes cleanly pointing out that the defendant did not say anything and that the deafening silence proves that his client is telling the truth. Unfortunately he brings in facts from Kizzy statement that we’re not presented in trial leaving them open for Aileen to use in her close.

Aileen proceeds to read Kizzy Randle’s full statement including the (false) threats made. Her emotional plea is strong, but Keith still gets to rebut. Keith adds to the statement by telling the jury that it was voluntarily removed by Randle herself and that they still have not refuted the claims of their client. With that Keith sat down and we await a verdict.

Boom! The jury finds for the defendant. Thompson asks where the justice is and honestly, not even I know right now.

Back with black, the arguing is fierce as nearly everyone is blame for doing their job inadequately whether they did it well or not. In the end it comes down to the fact that one associate failed to exploit effectively the weaknesses of the opposition and as a result, the verdict is in and Keith, you are out. The other associates are visibly hurt by this and Roy Black says goodbye to Keith with a heavy heart. With that, 5 lawyers remain. Tune in next week to see how much more horribly justice can go awry.

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