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12 attorneys have come before super attorney Roy Black to prove that they have the salt to be a legal eagle and take home a cool quarter million dollars. The verdict is in. Are you?

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Roy Black
Creator: David E. Kelley
David E. Kelley, David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, Jonathan Pontell, Robert Breech
Packager: Renegade 83, David E. Kelley Productions, 20th Century Fox TV
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"Welcome to the Law Firm" - July 28

Welcome to the Law Firm

Without further ado let’s meet our contestants.

Olivier - Seems cocky, his bark is worse than his bite

Regina - Employment Litigator - potential bulldog

Michael - Criminal Defense - an intimidator and potential threat

Keith - Civil Litigator

Kelly - Civil Litigator - Pleased with the selection of men

Anika -Criminal Litigator - a tough cookie and force to be reckoned with

Elizabeth - Civil Litigator

Barrett - Municipal Defense Attorney

Chris - Public Defender - a real contender with argumentative experience

Deep - Public Defender

Jason - Civil Litigator - Charming and disarming

Aileen - A looker who is likely smarter than she looks

This is all we learn from the Associates first impressions of each other, so I am sure we will learn more with time.

The lawyers are going to be randomly split into teams of 3 with each team taking a side of one of this week’s two cases. Performance on these cases will be evaluated and as a result either one or two associates will be eliminated. Roy Black warns that lawyers that they had better takes these cases seriously as cases will only hold greater gravity in the future. This week’s cases are:

Case 1:
Candy Danzig v. George Leach

Danzig claims that her 3 legged dog, Dingo, was dragged through a fence and mangled by two Mastiffs owned by Leach. Leach, Danzig’s neighbor, however claims that he is not responsible for the injuries sustained by Danzig’s Dog

Case 2:
Karen Allen v. Bill Ryan

Allen, the plaintiff, was pulled over by Ryan whose car was equipped with standard police lights and sirens for a traffic violation. After the incident, Allen learned that Ryan was not an officer but the county Coroner and therefore believes Ryan held no authority for the actions taken. Ryan defends his actions claiming that he was acting as a citizen in good faith.

Let’s get into the meat of the cases. Try to keep the cases straight now, because trying to keep two cases straight while watching one episode is hard enough.

Case 1: Dog Fight

Team Danzig
Keith, Jason, Aileen

First impressions: Confident, but need to know that the incident occurred on Danzig’s property to eliminate the opposition’s potential defenses. They can always just point to Dingo, the 3 legged dog, and win.

Team Leach
Olivier, Regina, Anika

First impressions:
Olivier mocks the melodramatic nature of the situation, masking his true fear of a sympathy plea. The teams seems unsure of how they are going to make this situation look good considering the negative state their defense is in now.

Team Danzig travels to Candy Danzig’s home to view the scene of the attack and speak with Candy. Candy points out the hole where Dingo was pulled through and explains that she tried to pull Dingo back through by his hind legs, but that she was unsuccessful. The teams seem afraid that Candy may be emotionally unstable as a witness.

Meanwhile Team Leach is meeting with their client and as they are introduced to the mastiffs Regina expresses fear of being bitten. George Leach then tells the associates that “a blind monkey could see that they are non-aggressive dogs.” The attorneys have looks of disbelief on their faces as the dogs bark violently at them.

Case 2: Coroner Cop

Team Allen
Michael, Kelly, Deep

First impressions: In reflecting on the case, Team Allen realizes that their first challenge is to prove that damages were caused by a reasonable belief that Allen thought Ryan was an officer of the law. Deep analogizes the flashing lights to basic human comprehension and the link is made.

Team Ryan
Barrett, Elizabeth, Chris

First Impressions: In trying to understand their case, Team Ryan feels that it is important to speak with their client immediately. This is understandable considering that their side of the case is somewhat unusual.

In meeting with Bill Ryan we learn that Allen attempted to pass Ryan in the right lane. When Allen passed Ryan, Bill decided to use the lights to pull over Allen supposedly with the sole intention of telling her that her actions were inappropriate. Allen does admit to passing Ryan on the right and committing the infraction. It was not until one week later when while out at dinner, Allen re-encountered Ryan having dinner with his family. Allen exclaimed to her friend Corinne that Ryan was the police officer who pulled her over and Corinne argued that if that was true that there was a problem as she knew Ryan was the county coroner. Ryan maintains his claims that he personally felt that his actions were necessary due to the fact that he sees the other side of accidents every day and wants to prevent unnecessary incidents.

Back on the Dog Fight case, Regina and Olivier are arguing over presentation styles as Regina is uncomfortable that Olivier concept of levity may be closer to borderline mockery. After a few minutes of arguing, it seems that they have both decided to move on even though there is definitely not a sense of compromise or camaraderie on Team Danzig

Over on the Coroner case, Kelly is proving herself to be a weak teammate to Michael and Deep. At least that is what Michael thinks after Kelly argues with his depiction of Ryan as a “vigilante.” Kelly is worried that vigilante may have a positive connotation which riles up Michael who just finished a speech on how Bill Ryan is no different from Robin Hood; if he we alive today he would be arrested.

As for the prosecution, Team Allen is having difficulties operating as a team too. Except in this case it is because Chris is used to working alone and rather than acclimate to the situation Chris is choosing to eliminate himself from group think. Barrett is concerned that Chris may not be prepared to go for the jugular in the way that it will be necessary for them to do in order to win. For the time being, Chris continues to relegate himself to research.

The Defense (Team Ryan) for the Coroner case is suffering in their attempt to get Kelly up to speed. Michael and Deep are trying to coach Kelly through a simple opening argument to no avail. Kelly seems ill equipped to ad lib her way through an open and as a result Michael says that he would feel more confident if it were just he and Deep going into court tomorrow.

Olivier and Regina are still bickering on Team Leach, now over the possibility/impossibility of a dog being pulled through a chain link fence. Anika is going crazy as very little work is getting done and all that she has done is endure the bickering of two children.

However, it is now time for all of the whining and infighting to end because the trials are ready to begin.

Beginning with the dog fight case, the first argument comes before the first witness is called. That is, unless you consider Dingo to be a witness. The Defense was not notified that the dog would appear in court and the defense chose to make and objection. The prosecution argued that the dog was necessary to give understanding of the situation, but the judge argued that the tactic was aggressive lawyering and with a jury in the room would have been grounds for a mistrial. Aileen in an aside says that under normal circumstances she never would have brought the dog into the courtroom unannounced.

With Candy Danzig on the stand, emotional pleas were made and Miss Danzig descriptively told of how her dog was mauled without a hitch.

This left the defense with the challenge of getting the best out of their witness George Leach. Honestly, I don’t know if this could have been done. Leach needed a leash in the worst way possible as he yelled “big dogs running” amongst other things throughout the courtroom. George Leach came across like a lunatic, and seeing as he was uncontrollable, Regina might have made a mistake in even attempting to control him on the stand. Arguably, she could be blamed for not having sufficiently prepared her witness.

In the cross of Leach, Jason was addressed as “son” by Mr. Leach and Jason, who seemed a little cocky, tried to over-control the situation by cutting off the witness’ answers. After being reprimanded by the judge Jason began to pull it together until during later questioning George Leach stated that Dingo was a menace to society and would still be a menace even if you cut all of its legs off. Jason then moved to have this statement stricken from the record. To clarify, Jason, an attorney for Miss Candy Danzig attempted to have an inflammatory comment that hurt his opposition stricken from the record. I think we know where this is going.

In closing, Olivier gave a dramatic and trite but effective closing however, this case had already been decided. Keith completed his close ripping into the unprofessional style in which Olivier delivered his close and veritably mocked him in court. Fortunately for Keith, the mocking was substantiated as the judge ruled in favor of Miss Danzig for the full medical costs.

In the Coroner case, Kelly’s lack of understanding of an opening argument came to fruition. Her mistakes were attacked by the judge in the arbitration and her case was potentially hurt. Deep and Michael wanted to cry over Kelly’s ineptitude, but maintained their demeanors. This was important as Chris launched an attack of objections while Michael was trying to question Allen. Mind you, many of these objections could have been avoided if Michael would stop leading Allen, but nonetheless, the objections improved the entertainment factor and showed us that silent Chris has some fight in him.

His fight only grew stronger as he crossed Miss Allen, sustaining that Ryan never “demanded” her license and that her emotion distress was not substantiated with medical/therapy bills.

In the prosecution’s cross of Mr. Ryan, Deep established that Mr. Ryan had to speed and break the law himself in order to perform his so called Good Samaritan act. This additional act of incrimination alerted Chris that Deep was significantly talented. This cross led into Michael’s close on which Chris also commented pointing out that Chris thinks that he knows everything, but that even with this confidence he still was very good. It almost sounds as if Chris is conceding this case for his side, but only the verdict will tell.

The verdict comes and it’s $5,000 for Miss Allen straight from the pocket of everyone’s favorite coroner cop. No one seems surprised at the decision, but Barrett and Elizabeth feel that the decision was unfair.

Kelly is overjoyed with the victory and believes that it will keep her around for one more week, but Deep is not so sure. Let’s move on to Roy Black to find out.

Roy argues with all of the associates over their aforementioned blunders and chides Team Leach for not thinking in advance that Team Danzig would bring in the dog. Also, he expresses disappointment in Jason trying to have an advantageous comment stricken from the record and in Kelly’s inability to handle the questioning of the judge. With those weaknesses spelled out, Roy Black dismisses Kelly and Jason using the new catchphrase that will be sweeping the nation, “The Verdict is in, and you are out.” Yeah, I don’t even believe that one will work. Regardless, Roy Black cut two winners this week, so winning a case definitely doesn’t make you safe.

Now there are only 10 associates left and they will continue to compete until they are whittled down to a single winner. Check back next week as the recaps will only become less confusing as more lawyers are eliminated. (Seems like everything is less complicated when lawyers are taken out of the picture). See you next week.

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