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12 attorneys have come before super attorney Roy Black to prove that they have the salt to be a legal eagle and take home a cool quarter million dollars. The verdict is in. Are you?

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Roy Black
Creator: David E. Kelley
David E. Kelley, David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, Jonathan Pontell, Robert Breech
Packager: Renegade 83, David E. Kelley Productions, 20th Century Fox TV
Airs: Thursdays at 9pm ET on NBC

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"Domestic Threats" - August 4

Roy Black starts off this episode giving some compliments to the young associates. He tells them that some of them stood out and that they will be picking the teams for the upcoming week. Without any hesitation he requests that Barrett and Michael join him in the front of the office and basically everyone else is put on notice of who their competition is.



Terrorism Case:

Brad Graves v. Ronald Hicks

Hicks, the owner of a small grocery store created a small poster accusing Brad Graves of being a terrorist. While Hicks claims to have done this as a joke, Graves was not amused and is suing for damages

Dominatrix Arbitration:

Sabrina Belladonna v. Jason Rosilli

Sabrina Belladonna, a dominatrix, asked Jason to create a website for her. Jason Rosilli did so, however after a business dispute, Rosilli took down the website and Belladonna lost customers. Belladonna is suing for damages

As the teams divide their resources Barrett’s team decides that Deep, Anika and Elizabeth will handle the Terrorist Case while Barrett and Olivier will handle the Dominatrix arbitration.

Michael’s Team has assigned Keith, Aileen and Michael to the Terrorist case leaving Chris and Regina to handle the Dominatrix arbitration.

Michael is confident knowing that he is paired against Deep who he calls inexperienced. Olivier is ecstatic that he gets to face-off with Regina telling Barrett that she really is “that bad.”

Terrorist Case:

Deep, Anika and Elizabeth who are representing store owner Ronald Hicks in this case. In meeting with Ronald Hicks they are confident that he will be a great witness as he seems to be a kind man who is honestly and genuinely sympathetic to the situation. In meeting with Hicks, they were shown the sign which is the focal point for this case. The sign refers to Graves as “Mohammed Abdul Graves” and suggests that he is dangerous except when near his usual hangout of coffee machines. As a kicker the sign features an acronym E.A.T.M.E. (Extreme Activist Terrorist Militia of Etna) in red letters and a picture of Brad Graves out in a corn field holding a can of beer. He obtained the picture from a co-worker. Supposedly, Hicks was just piggybacking on a joke from another co-worker who said that Graves looked like a redneck terrorist.

Hicks says that the he and Graves were friends and that he had loaned Graves money on numerous occasions. Further he believes that the only reason this case is coming to trial is because of greed.

Keith, Aileen and Michael are worried feeling that the opposition has the easier side of this case. After meeting with Brad Graves, this team is worried because Graves does not come across as someone who is thin-skinned enough to have been offended and hurt by this poster. Graves claims that when he saw the poster hanging in the window of the grocery store that Hicks own, he freaked out. He couldn’t believe that his name was on a wanted poster with his picture attached calling him a terrorist. He did not feel that he and Hicks had ever been friends and could not come up with a reason why Hicks would do such a thing.

To throw a wrench into things, Graves’ aunt is placed on the defense’s witness list as she feels that her nephew is being ridiculous. Fortunately, after an early meeting her, Keith is more than prepared to deal with her at trial

In trial, opening statements are routine, but while Hicks is on the stand, Aileen performs an excellent cross getting Hicks to refer to the joke as a wanted poster, and also getting Hicks to admit that the poster is not funny.

Anika, in crossing Graves, aims to paint him as a threat to society by suggesting that he is known for constantly carrying around a bowie knife. Deep and Elizabeth are appalled at the as Anika is deviating from their plan of focusing on the poster as being a joke rather than a legitimate notice.

When Graves’ Aunt is on the stand Deep is unable to formulate adequate questions. As a result, Keith successfully objects 7-8 times forcing Deep to retract his examination. Keith and his co-counsel sit amazed that no effort is being made to focus on the fact that the poster says Eat-Me.

Michael in closing points out that this poster can not be considered a joke in the 9/11 landscape that we currently live in. He creates an airport metaphor and points out that everyone’s safety in a world threatened by terrorists is not a laughing matter and hopes that the judge will rule in his favor.

Deep in closing for the Hicks team tries to make it clear that Hicks considered Graves to be a friend and had no intention of harming Graves. He points out that the poster makes ridiculous statements that could not be considered by any reasonable person to be realistic and for that reason the judge should espouse Hicks of blame.

With everything said, the decision awaits.

Dominatrix Arbitration:

Olivier and Barrett visit Sabrina Belladonna at her dungeon and find that she is not a scary character at all. Rather, she is a composed business woman who knows what her intentions are and what she wants. She claims that the website created by Jason Rosilli was registered in her name and is of her possession. She suggests that the website was commissioned on a work for hire relationship. Without any additional complications, Barrett notices that there are many toys around her that she has never seen before and Olivier and Barrett leave before there meeting begins to head south.

Chris and Regina meet with Jason Rosilli in his apartment which he calls his design studio. He shows them the original website that Belladonna had and calls it juvenile suggesting that he remake of her site was a vast improvement. In a bit of an unstable manner, Rosilli barks out that the website is of his possession and that he had every right to take it down. Further he claims that it was his right to exploit her image as necessary and that he was to be paid 50% of all proceeds. Chris and Regina are concerned that Rosilli could be a loose cannon in arbitration but proceed regardless.

Prior to the actual arbitration, a video deposition is held with a friend of Miss Belladonna who is also a dominatrix. This friend also had a website created for her by Rosilli and claims that Rosilli was never a partner in the venture. Upon mentioning this, Regina brings out emails that were found impeaching her testimony that showed that this dominatrix considered Rosilli to be a partner. Olivier became inflamed that he was not shown these emails in advance, but under rules of engagement, impeachment evidence need not be shared. As a result the video deposition became nearly null.

At arbitration, Sabrina is questioned and she easily sticks to her story. The fireworks occur when Rosilli is questioned. As an establishing question, Olivier asks if Rosilli and Belladonna were friends before the lawsuit. While Rosilli at first answers yes, he then retracts that answer saying that he does not know the “character” Sabrina Belladonna. He knows a real person that is not a fantasy and is not a creation, but not Belladonna. Olivier then asks if Rosilli is on medication, a questions which is objected to and withdrawn. At this point all is lost as Rosilli refuses to acknowledge Belladonna presence as if she were not sitting right in front of him. Finally, Chris is able to pull some teeth in opposing questioning. He brings out a single important fact that there was never an agreement in writing and quickly rests.

With that, only time will tell.

Case Verdicts:

Terrorist case:

The judge is incensed at the total lack of disregard for humanity represented by Hicks’ creation of such a poster as a result he finds for Graves in the amount of $5,000 and imposes an additional $2,000 penalty in punitive damages that can be waived if Hicks apologizes immediately to Graves. Hicks apologizes immediately and Keith, Michael and Aileen are shocked that they won.

Dominatrix case:

The lack of a written licensing agreement presented a dilemma for the judge who felt that the terms of the agreement were too vague to enforce. As a result, the website was the possession of the creator, Jason Rosilli who won this case. Olivier is pissed. He can not believe that the judge made what he calls an amazing error and proceeds to tell the judge that this is bull doody in meaner words.

Final Verdicts:

With the decisions handed in there is only one verdict left to deliver. Roy Black chides Anika for not sticking to the team strategy. He tells them that her questions presented a contradictory argument. Further he was disappointed in the fact that he heard the term “9/11” more than he heard “Eat Me.” He suggested channeling Robin Williams in an opening argument and trying to get the judge to laugh at the ridiculous nature of the case. He also attacks Olivier for the manner in which he treated the judge post trial saying that as a representative of the firm he slandered all of their reputations. Black then asked Regina how she felt and she replied that she would fire him.

Black then says that the first person leaving made egregious errors at trial that could not be overlooked as they most likely were the reason that the case was lost. The verdict is in and Anika you are out.

Second, this person committed a cardinal violation in not showing care for the client and not putting forth as much of an effort as possible. While he had high hopes for this individual, their actions were inexcusable, so the verdict is in and Elizabeth you are out.

Shockingly, Olivier survives to argue another day but, Black warns him that his survival is not a vindication of his actions that that he is hanging on by a thread. Now only 8 attorneys remain, check in next week to see if Roy black can dig up another round of dominatrices.

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