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Today is

Episode 7 - February 28

In these times where you could have the IQ of a brick and still win millions on TV, it's good to see 6 people still try to wring it out of a Bally's casino and Spike TV as they try to be King of Vegas.

One could argue Steve "Chainsaw" Dempsey had the IQ of a brick, and that arguement could be bolstered by noting that he got knocked out last week. Of course, the counterpoint would be he lost in Sudden Death Hold Em to David Williams, Hold Em expert. Nevertheless, he ain't here no more, leaving us with 6 to go to the line. It's round 1, and that means blackjack. Here's the handicapping:

"Hollywood" Dave Stann 2:1
David Williams 4:1
Evelyn Ng 6:1
Jerry Goldberg 8:1
Katie Porrello 10:1
Alan Borman 12:1

And off we go, and Stann says the noobs (Jerry, Katie, Alan) are going down. We also get our first "Google it" of the series. The Dealer has a Jack. David and Alan have 20's. Katie has 14 which becomes 15, then 23. Evelyn hits on 7 to 16 to 17. Hollywood doubles down on 11 (natch) to a paltry 12. OOPS! Jerry goes from 6 to soft 17, but then hard 13. The dealer flips up a 10 to give her 20. That's about as bad as it gets for this table

Time for totes: Alan and David lead at even money. Ng is third at 9500. Jerry has 9,000, Katie 8500, and poor Hollywood has just $6,000.

New hand with a dealer 7. Evelyn Ng doesn't care; she has blackjack! Stann goes from 2 4's to 17 to 27 (bad move) David doubles down to 13. Alan doubles down to 20. Katie hits on 16 to bust. The dealer flips up a 4 for 11, and then draws a 6 for 17. Alan makes some more money.

It's a new hand and Stann is all-in! Jerry has 19, David soft 19, Alan 9, Katie 14, Ng 17, Stann 11, Dealer Ace! Oh no! Is there blackjack? Time for a break to let the tension build.

To let it build more we check the totes: Alan leads pre-hand with 15 grand. Evelyn's BJ earlier launched her into 2nd with $12,000. Jerry's moved up to 9500. David's tailed off a bit to $9,000, which is an even thou behind Katie and Stann put all his $5800 on the table. Dealer checks the hole card.......and flips Blackjack! Stann is done for the round. (NOTE: They showed the "Players' Hands Graphic before the break, kinda giving a tell that the hand was over.)

New hand: Alan bets $7,000. Katie's all-in. David's to the wall, too. Dealer has 10, but no BJ. Alan surrenders his 12. Katie has 12, 13, 23. She's out. Evelyn has 6, 11, 19. Jerry has 14, 24. David has 11, 14, 24. He's out. Dealer has 19. Another good round for the house.

Final round. Evelyn overtook the lead with 12,000. Alan has 11500, and Jerry's very much alive with $9,000. (Man, this feels like Final Jeopardy!)

Evelyn starts and bets enough to keep her lead. Jerry's all-in. Alan's all-in, too. Evelyn 5, Jerry 17, Alan 13, Dealer 6.

Ng hits to 15, and the others stand. Dealer 16.....23! Alan wins with $23,000 and out comes the porn shirt.

5 players are left and there's only 1 Sitting Pretty Spot. How do we solve this conundrum? Simple: Rounds 2 and 3 will be added together and the player with the most chips gets the couch.

We'll start the aggregation with Caribbean Stud. Stann's giving an earful to Ng for letting Borman get the best of her. David bets in the dark. Jerry has 5's and 6's, Katie: Jacks, Stann: K's. Dealer has....10's. Everybody winner, but what does David have.....Queens!

David may suck at CStud, but he has $18,000 and the lead. Jerry's 2 pair brings him to $12,200. Katie has $11,800 and Stann is an even thou behind. Somehow Evelyn didn't get the memo and is last with $9,700.

New hand. Jerry's dumfounded and orders up some arsenic. Ng has 10's, Katie has 6's, Hollywood has 2's and re-raises All-in. Dealer......pair of 3's. Ouch! He's done for the round.

Williams has a set in the dark (along with three to a diamond straight flush, which is what he saw! Dealer has 2's! 3:1 for David! Jerry's having a conniption.

Final hand: David leads with $24,500. Katie has $13,500 and is in second. Jerry has $12K, Evelyn's at even money and Stann has a big fat goose egg.

Jerry has trip A's and goes all-in, David has 9's and 2's, and Katie has 5's. Dealer has Ace high.....with an 8! That's not a qualifying hand! Everyone gets their antes and that's it. At the end of the first half, it's David in a commanding lead with $27,000. Katie follows with $18,000. Jerry has $16,000 and is in third. Evelyn didn't have a good round and is 4th with $9,500. And bringing up the rear, it's Dave Stann with $0. David's got a nice lead, but those of you who have watched Jeopardy! finals know that nothing is guaranteed on the first day. We need one last game to decide things, and that will be Pai Gow Poker. Everyone gets a new $10,000 and we do it like normal.

Evelyn is all-in, and so is David. He's also the banker, so he'll be going against everyone else. Katie has 5's up and Jacks down. Evelyn has crap: Jack and King high. Jerry's the same, but with a 6 on top. David's banker hand....King up, Ace down. Evelyn's done. Jerry's hit, but Katie is paid off.

New round: Stann has 8's up and Aces down. Jerry's hit the big'un: Queens up and a 6-high straight on bottom. David has garbage (J/Q) while Katie has 2's up and Jacks down. Dealer shows....King up and two 7's down. David loses and everyone else wins.

Final hand: Jerry's heavenly hand put him in the lead with an aggregate $46K. David has 40K, Katie 32K, Hollwood 10-9, and Evelyn's waiting for Poker along with Stann.

Katie's all-in and Jerry joins her. David goes all-in, too! Jerry has more chips in this game, so he would sit pretty if everyone wins. Stann has an Ace up and 10's on bottom. Jerry got another big'un: Jacks on the top and a Joker to complete at 9-high straight! Katie has 7's up and 7's with 4's on the bottom. David......not good. (K/A) Dealer has.....2's up, 7's down. Jerry wins!

The O.G. is into next week and so that leaves us with 4 in the Death Match. Katie's with us AGAIN and if past history is any indication, she'll be in Sudden Death, but that's why they play the games.

Katie: 6-Q folds.
David: A-3 raises.
Evelyn: K-8 folds.
Stann: A-4 call.

Flop 5-10-3 David bets $900 with 3's. Stann calls. Turn: K. Stann bets $2,000 and scares off David.

Evelyn: 2-7 of hearts folds
Stann: 2-6 folds
Katie: K-4 raises
David: J-8 of diamonds calls.

Flop K-10-10. Two checks. Turn J, Katie bets $700; David calls. River K. BOAT! She bets $2,000, and gets him to fold.

David A-K diamonds raise
Evelyn Q-5 folds
Hollywood A-3 folds
Katie 7-7 re-rasies. David's All-in. Whoops. Katie folds.

Stann 7-7 calls
Evelyn A-9 raises, gets called
Flop J-7-10, Evelyn's all-in. Stann calls with his set. Turn 4, River King. Evelyn's out. Dave doesn't have 20G, so he's still here.

Stann A-7 hearts raise
Katie 5-8 folds
David 8-9c calls

Flop 7c-5-4c Hollywood's All-in. David calls with the shorter stack. Turn 6, River 5c. David does have 20,000. He's done for the night, but not beofre a chip shower.

Two left before sudden death. Stann has 4-6 diamonds and goes All-in. Katie with A-9 calls. Flop: 10-K-7 Turn: 5 River: 9. Katie lives again. Hollywood's in Sudden Death.

Stann's prophecy didn't come true, and now he's stuck with Evelyn Ng in Sudden Death. David's on the sofa with the Shick Quattro Poker Face of the Night. Nobody cares.

Him 6-5 calls; Her A-A raises and wins the pot.

Him 2-2 raises to 1000; Her A-Q is good to go all-in, He calls.

Flop: 4-3-10 Turn: J River: 10. No Aces or Queens, so Stann doubles up to $16,400.

For her Q-8 and goes all-in
Stann gets 2-2 again and calls

Flop: A-6-7 Turn: 8 River: K Ng gets 8,000 and is back in the game.

He has 9-9 and raises
She has A-6 and is all-in. He calls.

Flop: K-J-4 Turn: 4 River: 5 Hollywood Dave Stann pulls his ass out of the fire and knocks out Evelyn Ng. The Bad Boy of Blackjack will rejoin us next week as we trot out 5 to figure out which one is the King of Vegas. Until then, DON'T GET ELIMINATED!


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