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How would you like to drop your 9 to 5 job to chase your dream? For eight guys, it's not just a dream anymore. It's reality... television.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Reverend Al Sharpton, Stephanie Raye
EP: Joe Houlihan, Gayle Gilman, Rick de Oliveira
Packager: RDF Media, Spike TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on Spike TV

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"Your Material Sucks" - December 15

Last time, Frank (who rubbed elbows with the "big people" after giving his all for some buyers) and Jim (whose material was ravaged after successfully working five clubs) continued their wild ways, while Art (who had a minichopper that looked great but didn't last) and Josh (who did manage to turn a profit for the day) were delivered with a warning that any move could be their last. Meanwhile, the pursuit for the dream job continues with their latest assignments.

Jim: Do three bring'em shows in two nights, with a minimum of 15 people during each show.
Josh: Promote a night at the world-famous Whisky-a-Go-Go, and get at least 25 people to attend.
Frank: Model in a professional photo session involving 310 Motoring clothing line.
Art: Perform a complete base gasket replacement on Jerry's bike in the allotted time. You'll be judged on the quality of your work and your ability to finish on time.

Jim & Barry discuss working on material, as they talk about working on stage. Frank has some time, so he goes treadmilling. Josh and Art, with nothing to do prep-wise, really (how about some research... ever though about that?) decide to clean the hot tub and have a little foam party with the leftover soap residue.

Jim begins with some calls to his family and friends. Frank, elsewhere, sees himself as the next big model, as he and Tomiko meet today's shoot staff. This is a huge national campaign, so Frank wants to give it his all. Things we learn: it's not bling anymore; it's luxe. Alrighty then.

Josh heads over to the Whisky, where a lot of people have performed. Can he use that as a starting point for some big money sales? He gets paid "per flyer", $3 per head. Josh wants to go above and beyond, as he shoots for 50 or 100. Art's challenge... deceptively simple... make something that doesn't work... work. The Chop Shop's Wes will supervise the five-hour task, just in case Art is close to wrecking it.

Frank is admittedly not good wit heights, so his first task, naturally, involves a ladder and being suspended by a rope... and taking his wedding band off? Yeah, sex sells, and we can't have someone who is tied down taking the plunge with his wedding band on, never mind the fact that computers can easily edit it out. Art cleans his dirty parts, while Josh goes head-hunting on Hollywood Blvd.

Barry never said that Jim's material sucked, but it's implied in the way he takes a positive spin on it. So that's his problem. He needs to take criticism. Jim would like to get comfortable with "the silence." Art manages to get the parts done right until... "Stop. You don't ever use tools like that on an aluminum piston." Those tools... steel. Josh, meanwhile, is having a hard time selling Whisky spots. He gave out 90 fliers, but will they show? Josh doesn't know, and that's giving him some despair.

Jim wishes that he had more time to develop some more material, but time is pretty much out, as he heads to his first gig, Ice Dream coffee bar. Seeing the setup... where there isn't any, he's almost like "I wish I could fail the challenge." But he gets the 15 he needs for this one. Even gets a smile out of the host in the crowd. "He looked amused... slightly."

Art continues with his engine, until... "Stop." Despite following instructions. Josh got all the fliers out, but he doesn't get any firm answers, not even from the Whisky or the mentor Josh. So the next step, by any means necessary. He shows Josh R. his guest list, while he suggests pulling people who don't have tickets and getting them on the list. The sex continues to sell for Frank as he gets relaxation going by thinking about his wife. "It was a little uncomfortable, but then I got a little more loose."

Jim is at Mr. B's for his next gig, which constitutes him hosting well over 15 friends. Seeing Jimmy & Joey Sorice... hard act to follow. This time, he concentrates on his girlfriend who will not shut the (^_^) up. Another knockout. Josh meets Al at the party.... and then continues to pass out tickets. Good. Frank's next assignment after just blowing up the shoot... wearing shoes... on your shoulders. What's next, a snake? Oh.. I guess so...

Jim gets ready for the tough sell at his third gig, a more conservative venue, the Lava Lounge. Yet another per-performance before Jim takes the stage about his suburban white boys. Stephanie on hand to provide some feeder laughs. Another good one, but is it good enough? Stephanie asks him about critiques, while Jim... continues his neverending conquest... and that's just a gussied up word for "un-ending". Tomiko calls Frank Mr. Model. Art's satisfied at his work, and Josh is satisfied with his promotions, while the other Josh wants him to think harder outside the box.

Now comes the judgment room. Expectations are risen yet again. Art and Josh are still on the fine line. Barry thinks Jim did a tremendous job as story teller. Stephanie just up and outs him... "How wise do you think is it that you are relentlessly hitting on the woman who may have a hand in your fate on this television show?" He does like to joke around, but will that end up overriding his successful completion of the challenge? Josh R. thinks that Josh B. was tenacious, striking the deal right away, making the flyer, and did get the job done. Again, Al isn't convinced, as he cites the bubble-bath incident.

Jerry thinks that Art got the job done, and he's happy with that. Again, Al brings up the tub incident. Tomiko thinks that Frank is executing flawlessly, being put through the ringer. Stephanie says that Frank has grown A LOT.

Now to the award/penalty. Jim gets a prize - a meeting with Lee Horvitz. Frank gets a prize - a photo shoot with Matthew Richman. So far, flawless from both players. Now to the danger zone... Art is spared with $750 at the Harley Store. Josh filled the house and gets to be the right-hand man at the Roxy with Josh Richman.... "But before you go... wash out my tub."

So here's were we stand...

Art: :) :) X :)
Frank: :) :) :) :)
Jim: :) :) :) :)
Josh: :) X :) :)

The tasks will only get harder. Can Frank and Jim keep up the good work? Can Art and Josh continue the streak? Next time, a twist, as failure for one constitutes penalty for all...

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