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How would you like to drop your 9 to 5 job to chase your dream? For eight guys, it's not just a dream anymore. It's reality... television.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Reverend Al Sharpton, Stephanie Raye
EP: Joe Houlihan, Gayle Gilman, Rick de Oliveira
Packager: RDF Media, Spike TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on Spike TV

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"Who Gets the Shaft?" - November 30

We started at the bottom with our career thrill seekers, but now we're moving into the big leagues at a breakneck speed, and if the teasers are to be believed, one will not cut the mustard.

That comes later, but for now, the four reap the rewards of their first challenge. Art is on a ridealong with Jerry. Josh is heading to the Maxim party. Frank gets a personal trainer, and Jim gets to take his sister to a comedy club.

Now comes the next challenges:

Jim: attend a class on improv comedy and develop three original characters into real life situations.
Josh: plan, promote, and throw a party for a client.
Frank: use talents to help out a business at the Universal City Walk.
Art: create an artistic design using materials provided.

But before the challenges, some news. It seems that Jim, en route via cab to a Wal-Mart run, was involved in a car accident. His face is messed up a bit and he had to be sent to the hospital, but he should be fine. But how will this affect his game?

Jim: As soon as he arrives in class, he meets Karen Maruyama, the instructor and a "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" vet. Karen instructs him to create a character based on someone he knows. That someone... Josh Bernstein. Karen... not impressed. Second character: Midwestern salesman with wife and 2.3 kids. And the third.. a hotshot attorney. Cakewalk.

He meets with Barry, who instructs him to sell the fact that he's funny. His first improv character: "Charles", a conservative attorney, who ribs a barber for being gay, which he really doesn't want to do.

Second character: "a painfully shy guy named John Smith." Again, he feels very guilty about being the shy guy.

Third character: "Gary Sandusky, Milwaukee Plastics." "He was looking at me saying 'You jackass!'"

Josh: His client: a kid by the name of Flynn Leslie. He wants a chimp traimer, Hummer Limo, go-carts, party bags, American catering, remote control car, ESPN NBA 2K5 Xbox game... and all he has is $1000. Hardest part so far.. the monkey.

Josh R. meets up with Josh B., as he gets all the info. He should get on the computer, which should speed things along.

Josh heads to Flynn's house, where he discusses logistics with the mother. Monkeys... can't do. But he can do reptiles. Initial analysis from Diana: not very thorough.

Next, limo to go-carts, and then to the park for a water-balloon. Josh is pleased with his progress.

Art: He needs to make a "throne of speed" out of used auto parts. He has 4 hours. Finds a Special Deluxe... with a g-string on the throne. He takes the seat, but leaves the g-string. A few parts later, he's done scavenging with 3:15 left to go. Now to fabrication.

Jerry has the clock ticking. What he doesn't have is a working sawhorse or a pair of safety goggles.

One hour to go... and three drill bits dead. But the "Throne of Speed" is done. "You have completed your task... and you have earned a fine Chop Shop Ale."

Frank: His client is Ryan Carrillo, the manager of Saddle Ranch. Frank is going to ride a mechanical bull for them.. but his uniform is that of a cowboy and the earring is a no-go. He emerges as Buckwild Bill. Tomiko gives "Bill" two hours to fill the place. He starts out by being himself... That doesn't work. Tomiko tells him that he needs to stay in character. And he does... and he gets one person to ride a bull. Count at 30 minutes into the show.. 12.

Jim stops by to check up on Frank. He ends up the 23rd buckwiler... And still counting. Frank is a sales monster. And now he's on the bull giving it all he's got. And at the end of the day, it's time to give up the uniform.

Now for judgment. Stephanie calls Jim flawless. Barry said he was "awesome." Josh R. said he did quite well, but it's still a business. "How much money did you make?" Josh B. said he was $50. Josh B. said that his challenge was a party, not a profit. Stephanie says he has passion, but needs direction. Tomiko says that Frank helped the group to make money, but Stephanie wants Frank to let go more. Compton should "define, not confine." Jerry says that Art has mechanical intution.

Now let's hear Al.

Jim gets his characters down, so he gets a prize, working with an improv group in an audience. Frank was professional, so he will go to a spa for a day and a wardrobe makeover. Josh needs to be more mindful of his challenges and everything that comes with it. To that end, he is assessed a penalty -- at 3am, he will clean the Dragonfly club. Art showed creativity, and that is deserved of a prize, a $500 shopping spree at Snap-on Tools.

To recap:

Art: :) :)
Frank: :) :)
Jim: :) :)
Josh: :) X

Remember, two penalties, and you're going home. But tomorrow's another day. Can Josh regain his focus, or is he on the first ride home?

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