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How would you like to drop your 9 to 5 job to chase your dream? For eight guys, it's not just a dream anymore. It's reality... television.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Reverend Al Sharpton, Stephanie Raye
EP: Joe Houlihan, Gayle Gilman, Rick de Oliveira
Packager: RDF Media, Spike TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on Spike TV

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"Say No to Crack" - December 8

Last time, the players were delivered a shocker, as Josh was delivered a penalty for his poor party planning. Meanwhile, Frank's acting, Jim's acting, and Art's... hacking all yield their rewards, as Frank gets a wardrobe makeover, Jim performs with an improv group, and Art spends his $500 on tools.

But not all is worth tools and kills on stage, as we head to the house for the next assignments:

Jim, after having Barry let him know that his chances of going on stage are "slim to none and slim left town", whatever that means: Arrange to do four different open mics in one night.
Josh, once he and the other Josh argue about changing the rules of the last challenge: act as a doorman for two clubs.
Frank, once he was ambushed by going under the (shaving) knife: model clothes for buyers.
Art: build a mini-chopper in four hours. 

Jim meets up with Barry, who informs him that it's going to be hard to get on stage, but he is resourceful. Jim is a little nervous about this challenge because open mic is so notoriously brutal, as he uses his resources to fail getting a gig on any of the stages that he calls on. Josh & Josh, after the judgment from the last episode, have it out about the initial task (Josh R. tells Josh B. that his usual take on a job is 15 to 20 percent of the budget), while Frank gets ambushed at the B2B Salon, thinking that Tomiko was going to lecture him on the importance of being earnest in manicures and pedicures, but instead walks out with... no moustache.  And where are Art & Jerry?

Oh, they're right there. Art & Jerry get started on the next task. Oh, and one more thing... There're no instructions! Hope you still have those tools handy.

Frank meets up with Mikey Kaufman, who contrary to the name and the dress, is indeed a woman. Having similar backgrounds, surprisingly, we get a rapport, which is a good thing, because next, she tells Frank that this is where the business end of the fashion industry happens. Every six weeks, the buyers for stores are shown product. Frank's success in this challenge will depend on his ability to help move the product. Mikey makes Frank knock knuckles with her before they get down to business and cross the street. Or, as Frank puts it, "Keeping it gangsta", remembering that in the first 20 seconds is where you seal the deal.

Jim finally books himself four clubs. The first one plays him out with an applause.

Now to the clubs, as Josh starts at Club 66. The club's owner Nick tells Josh that the doorman lets in the VIPs and throws out the riff-raff. Nick informs Josh that he normally pays his doormen $15-$20 if things go well. He can use the pay to get some slacks, as a fellow doorman tells Josh that jeans are a no-go. So after the change, Josh checks the IDs and shows a little hubris in doing so. Justified? We'll see, as Josh bestows upon him the virtues of being kind, gentle, firm and fair. It worked for Frank last week.

While that is going on, Mikey gives Frank shirts to model and tells him to layer them. Unfortunately, people are less impressed by his layers, and even LESS so by his walking. Time for the hero button again, as Mikey arranges an emergency lesson for Frank with model Zoska Aleece. Zoska.. works.

Jerry tells Art that he wants to "be riding this puppy tonight cruising up and down Main Street picking up women." After asking Jerry for advice, Art is careful to phrase his question to make it clear he doesn’t want Jerry to solve his particular issue. Jerry advises him that sometimes you have to improvise and tells Art to use what he can to fix problems. Art thanks him and searches for parts.

Stephanie shows up to observe Art's project. Stephanie asks Art what is the closest thing to this kind of project he has ever done. It turns out that the answer is assembling a riding lawnmower. "I'm a guy so I don’t read the instructions anyways."

It's back to the club as Josh on his way to his second bouncer job. He's starting to show a little desperation, telling us that he’s hoping if his dream of being a promoter doesn’t work out, he can get a doorman’s job with a club. Josh B enters the Roxy where Josh R, the owner Nick Adler and the head of Roxy Security Leo "Leeno" Ceron (graphics again included) are waiting. "I just want to ask this right away but like what does it pay?" Josh checks a few bags and ids. He even checks the id of a 52 year old woman who acts a lot more indignant than anyone would have expected.

Jim is on to his second stop, the LA Improv. After a little trouble finding it, he does a set that includes a joke about a Beverly Hills housewife heckling a homeless person. Afterwards, he tells us that he did what he needed to do, but it wasn’t his best performance. He seems to be more enduring the night than reveling in the experience. Jim’s third performance is at the Friar's Club. He found it the most relaxing because there were eight comics sitting there and the guy who went before him got no laughs. Well, no laughs for him either. As he explains, the audience looked at him "like I was the biggest dickhead." True to his expectations, you could hear a pin drop during the part of his set we are shown.

A tired Jim then slogs off to his fourth stop, the M Club where he feels like he should switch up his act. He starts out fine when it turns out there are people from Minnesota in the audience. After that, things quickly go down hill. The audience is ignoring Jim and talking to themselves. Jim gets off the stage as quickly as possible. Barry gives Jim a lecture in the parking lot, telling him, "You can't ever bail." Which explains why ANT is still employed.  He finishes by saying that it’s okay to be unlikable; if you go on all night and even one minute works it’s a success.

As for Frank, one of the buyers requests that he model some pants topless. Another one remarks that the pants are a little big. Mikey continues to mother Frank by telling him to make sure to buckle the pants on the side. Then... we see more of Frank than anyone needs to, really. Mikey tells us that he had a little butt crack and front showing. He needs to be conscious not to offend high end buyers. She then ushers him back to his dressing closet and reminds him he has to make sure he’s all put together before coming out to model.

Art's bike comes together before the clock stops ticking. He goes outside with the bike to meet with Jerry’s client, Bill Freiburg. Art tells him that he has a little present for him. Bill notices a little chip in the paint, but is in general pleased with the appearance of the bike. Bill then says he wants to hear it run. Art tries repeatedly to get the motor started but has no luck. Much as I used to do with our crappy lawnmower, he continues to pull the cord with no results. Jerry anxiously looks on. By the end, it’s painful to watch, and Art is clearly upset.

Josh has survived his time at the Roxy door and is given the opportunity to work solo at the door of On the Rox, the VIP room of the Roxy. Nick and Josh R. observe him on a monitor and through a live feed. The band playing is supposed to be done already and Nick and Josh R. are expecting a mob scene once the encore is over. We see Josh let in a guy and girl who tell him they are part of the band without providing any verification. He then lets in some guy who gives a lame line about being part of the show without checking his ID. Josh R... visibly disturbed.

Mikey once again has to remind Frank to make sure that he's totally put together before he comes out to model. She grabs the front of his pants and points out he needs to button up. Frank tells us that he's putting all his pride on the line, his whole family's health care on the line, and his financial responsibility on the line. Unless he remembers to button up, he's putting a lot more on the line. The buyers are done looking at clothes. Mikey asks if they are writing an order, and the buyers say yes rather emphatically. Tomiko and Mikey discuss how Frank did. Mikey thinks he did well, but there are a few things he needs to work on. She reviews the sloppy prep and the butt crack incident and surprise, surprise throws in that there was too much talking. The bottom line though is that Frank managed to move $25,000 worth of product. Nice work, Frank.

No sooner than Josh gets the call to knock his crap off than six of his drunken buddies show up. They hassle him to let them in. Josh stands firm and shows some spine shoving one of his incoherently babbling friends away from the door. He continues to stand his ground and Nick and Josh R. are pleased. At the end, he feels like he did his best and kept the right people out.

Now comes the judgment room. Expectations are risen. Barry thinks that people aren't carrying Jim on their shoulders yet. Stephanie thinks that he's too aggressive for tastes yet. Jim thinks that he only has one sense of humor... and that's angry and aggressive. Josh R gives Josh B props. Has Josh B learned from his penalty? Yep, according to Josh R. Tomiko mentions the crack incident, but then again, there's the $25,000. Art & Jerry go into the chopper not starting. Stephanie just says what we're thinking: this performance was downright negative.

Now the judgment. Jim gets a reward: he's meeting with KP Anderson (a friend of Barry's from LCS2). Josh's good judgment give him another day on the job, as he is rewarded with a VIP night on the town. Frank is rewarded with a night out with the big people in the modeling industry. Unless one of them is Molly Sims, no thanks. Art, as expected, gets a penalty. He is to design 10 logos for Jerry’s shop, one of which will be displayed on the door.

So here's were we stand...

Art: :) :) X
Frank: :) :) :)
Jim: :) :) :)
Josh: :) X :)

Time to punch out until next week.

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