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If you have a sports dream, then they have the sports stunts, as three people will compete in various challenges to try to win a sports fantasy for a loved one.

Recaps by Don Harpwood, GSNN


George Gray
Creator: Transworld International (based on a British series)
Packager: Transworld International, Mass Media, EOE
Airs: Mondays at 10pm ET on ESPN2

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Episode 5 - May 8

Another trio of ladies are stepping in to endure suffering and humiliation for someone else. This time, however, these women are doing this on behalf of other women, and in the end, one will get the chance to skate with a professional figure skater. As host George Gray explains while in front of a car on a platform high above the ground, this week's sports fantasy is to get to take part in a Smucker's Stars on Ice event with Olympic gold medalist Sarah Hughes.

So, who are this week's selfless people, and the women that they're doing this for?

Amy Rasimas
Age: 20
From: Chino, CA
Competing for: Beverly Rasimas (sister)

Jen Clack
Age: ?? (not given)
From: Vienna, VA
Competing for: Marsha Merry (best friend)

Amanda Wagner
Age: 18
From: Dove Canyon, CA
Competing for: Debbie Wagner (mother)

Day 1 (PAIN): At Least There's No Goalie

The ladies arrive at a hockey rink, meeting George on the ice. He explains the rules (win 1 Sacrifice to advance to the Final; win 2 to keep someone out of the Final; win all 3 to get to choose an opponent for the Final), then gets right to explaining the first Sacrifice. Basically, the competitors will each have 5 minutes to score as many goals as possible. They'll have to get a puck from a group gathered in one net, and shoot it into the other net for a goal. Most goals wins. And it seems that these ladies have seen the show before, and are expecting a catch to this. And there is... 5 female hockey players will be trying to knock them down and prevent them from scoring. Each of those hockey players will get to knock the contestant down once before each goal. Because otherwise, I'd be predicting very few (if any) goals right now.

The competitors get into the hockey equipment, as the hockey players warm up. Once they're ready, Amanda is on the ice first. The clock starts, and Amanda gets a puck and skates to her right, but one of the players causes her to lose the puck and run into the boards. Upon getting to the red line, a player slams Amanda against the board, knocking her down. That player taunts her as she gets back up and gets going again, but soon enough, another player checks and sends her back down onto the ice. Eventually, Amanda gets back to the puck and tries to move it closer to the net, but she is sent down yet again. Then, after just over 2 minutes in, Amanda finally scores a goal, and goes back for a second puck. She gets it, and gets going, but is greeted by a brutal check from one of the players. She lost the puck and her stick on that hit, and after getting both back, she goes in for another shot from a distance, and though she was knocked back down just after the shot, it glided right in. With puck #3, and little time left, she got past the red line before taking another big hit, sending her down. And knowing she didn't have enough time to make another attempt, she stayed down as time ran out.

So, with the bar set at 2 goals, Jen skates onto the ice next. The clock starts, and Jen manages to avoid one hit, but she then ends up sandwiched by 2 players! She struggles to get back up, and it takes her just under 2 minutes to get back up and continue. But before Jen can get back to the puck, WHAM! She's back down again. As the players taunt her, Jen has to get up and retrieve her stick before getting back to the puck. And she does so quicker than before, and takes a shot. She shoots, she slips and falls down, and she scores! Jen gets right back up and gets her second puck, but soon after, a player sends her down and sliding across the ice. With 1:20 left, Jen is about to reach the puck again, but not only does she not get close enough, but she gets checked once again. With 15 seconds, she gets knocked down again, but she happens to be right at the puck, and the net is not far away, so she manages to get up and shoot it in just before time expires. So that means that Amanda and Jen are tied at 2 goals each.

But now, it's Amy's turn, and she needs 3 to win, or else there will be a tiebreaker. As the clock starts, she shoots the puck out, as a couple of players dash right at her. She dodges one, but the other nails her, knocking her down. The taunting from the hockey players continued as Amy gets knocked down again while close to the net. She momentarily lost her stick, but managed to recover it and go for her first goal, and Amy gets it in at 1:15 into the period, which should give her enough time for 2 more if she keeps this up. Amy goes back for puck #2, and she almost gets to center ice before getting knocked down again. After getting back up and getting past the blue line nearest the net, BAM! She's hit and back down again, harder this time. And she lost her stick, so she ends up crawling back over to it to retrieve it before getting back up. Amy then takes a shot at the net, and it ricochets off the right goalpost! But she doesn't let it get too far, and puts it in for her second goal. With just over a minute to go, Amy gets the third puck and skates forward, and gets close to the red line before getting checked down again. With 40 seconds left, she takes a shot just before getting knocked down... And it misses, just barely to the right. She recovers and gets the puck back, though, and with 23 seconds left, Amy puts it in! That's 3 goals, and therefore, Amy wins the Sacrifice, bringing her sister Beverly one step closer to doing some skating of her own! Just not with hockey players, though.

Day 2 (PAIN): Canine Tacklers, Anyone?

The ladies now walk onto a football field, ready for their next Sacrifice. This time, George explains that they just have to return a few kickoffs. Like in an arena football Sacrifice from last season, each of them will get 3 kicks, and the most total combined yardage wins. But there seems to be something missing. Football players. Yep, since Los Angeles doesn't have an NFL team these days, they don't have any NFL players to kick or defend. But that's not a problem here. In place of the kicker is a ball launcher at the 40-yard line. But what about defenders? Well, that's where the attack dogs come in. Yep, attack dogs. 2 of them will be stationed at the 30-yard line (both muzzled, for the safety of the competitors). For the first kick, they'll be released once the ball is in the air. For the second, they'll be on their way once the player has possession of the ball. For the third, they'll go after the player 6 seconds after she gains possession of the ball. And these dogs will hit hard.

Amy is up first, and on her first kick, she doesn't catch the ball. She tries to get it, but the dogs get to her and knock her down beforehand. Ouch. She remained crouched down for a moment or two after the dogs moved away from her before getting back up. But as a result of not getting the ball, Amy gets a 0 on the first kick. Amanda is next, and she catches the ball. She runs to her right to get away from the dogs before moving forward, but the dogs catch up. One leaps at her and doesn't make much impact, but the other manages to take her down soon after. Amanda managed to get 29 yards out of it, though. Jen steps onto the field next, and as she gets the ball, one of the dogs hit her a couple of times, but she stays up, hanging onto the ball, and dashes forward. With that dog trying to nudge her from behind, Jen stumbles a bit, but keeps going even as the other dog joins in. But the both become too much for her, as she falls to the ground. It was a very good first run, though, as Jen got 43 yards.

We go now to the second kick, and this time, Amanda goes first. She gets a good catch, and once the dogs are released, she moves straight forward, stopping momentarily when a dog gets to her and hits her. As both dogs try to push her down, Amanda gets moving again, but after a few leaps from behind, they do manage to take her down hard. She managed 35 yards from that one. Jen is next, and the ball slips through her arms at first, but she does get to pick it up before the dogs are set loose. They stop her momentarily once the get to her, but she stays up, and then runs to her right, around the dogs, before moving forward again. After a bit, they do nudge her down, and this time, one of the refs has to pull one of the dogs away from Jen, since it wasn't responding to verbal commands at that time. A good 32-yard gain, though. It's Amy's turn now, and she needs a great run to get back into this one. And once again, she misses the ball, but at least this time, she doesn't have to worry about the dogs yet. She picks it up, and gets moving once the dogs are released. They each go for a tackle, but she stays up and keeps going, as the dogs then go after her from behind. Eventually, one leaps up and takes her down, and once she's down, she fumbles the ball. Amy got 44 yards, which is the best run so far, and definitely better than the 0 from earlier.

So, with 1 kick each remaining, the scores are...
Amy: 44
Amanda: 64
Jen: 75

For the final kick, Jen goes first, and upon catching the ball, she dropped it for a brief moment before picking it up again and running as fast as she can go. She just gets past the ball launcher as the dogs are released, and they take her down as soon as they get to her. With that, Jen adds 65 more yards, for a total of 140. Amy is next, and she needs a huge run to take the lead. The ball bounces off the ground in front of her, but she eventually gets it and starts dashing forward. She only gets halfway between the dogs and the launcher once the 6 seconds have elapsed, and once again, as soon as the dogs get to her, they tackle her to the ground. Not as good of a run as she needed, as with that 55-yard run, Amy's total is 99. With Jen still in the lead, Amanda will need a big run of her own to win it. She catches the ball, and moves like the wind, getting past the ball launcher when the dogs start moving. And like the others, she goes down once the dogs get to her for the tackle. But did Amanda get far enough? No, as she only got 67 yards, for a total of 131. So Jen wins the Sacrifice, and her best friend Marsha is one step closer to taking part in that Stars on Ice event! As for Amanda, she is on the bubble, as she needs to win the next one, or else she's gone, and her mother will be a bit disappointed.

Day 3 (SHAME): They're Distracting the Male Bowlers!

The group of women drive up to a bowling alley, wondering what to expect this time, and after entering and lining up, George explains that they would simply be playing 10 frames of bowling this time. No obstacles, no objects coming at them, just a simple game of bowling. Highest score wins. But there's gotta be some sort of catch, right? And this time, that catch comes in the form of what the ladies will be wearing during the game. Apparently, they don't have any nifty bowling shirts for the women to wear, but what they do have... is lingerie. That's right, they'll have to bowl while wearing lingerie, and the lanes are open, so they'll be doing this in public. So if it happens to be a busy day at the alley, then this could attract more attention than the ladies would like.

The ladies head to the back and pick out their lingerie from a rack full of it. While Amy and Jen get into their chosen clothes, Amanda seems reluctant about it. Considering she had recently turned 18, she isn't really comfortable doing this. But she'll have to in order to have a shot at avoiding elimination, so Amanda does eventually choose some of the lingerie and dress up. After all, this is supposed to be SHAME, right?

The competitors are set to bowl. Amy starts things off in the 1st frame, and with a small crowd watching, she gives it a good roll, but the ball ends up in the left gutter. Skipping ahead to the 4th frame, and it's Amanda's turn. She sends the ball down the lane, and it veers left a bit, but it does knock down 3 pins. After Debbie tells her that she's supposed to aim for the head pin (and she says she knows that), she bowls her second ball, but it ends up in the gutter. We skip to the 7th frame, and Jen takes a shot at the pins. It's looking good... And it's a strike!

After Amy rolls another gutterball, we see that after 9 frames, she only has 36. But the other two still have their 9th frames to bowl, and Amanda has 66 while Jen has 76. Amanda is next, and knowing that this is her chance to catch up, she rolls it down the lane... and gets a strike! But then, Jen responds with a strike of her own, staying ahead. Skipping past Amy's turn in the 10th frame (she got 7 more for 43, which won't be enough), Amanda bowls, but only gets 1 pin (the 7 pin, or the far-left pin in the back). But she makes up for it by picking up the spare with her second roll! So, since it's the 10th, she gets one more shot, and she gets 7, which brings her total up to 103. Will it be enough to get to the Final? We'll soon see, as Jen gets the last turn. Her first one veers to the left, but it does take down 4 pins. George tells her that if she can get at least 5 on this throw, she'll win the Sacrifice. And Jen sends it down the lane... and it knocks down 5! That brings her total up to 104, beating Amanda by 1 point! And sadly, this means Amanda and her mother are going home. She is disappointed, but Debbie did appreciate what she did for her.

Day 4 (INSANE): A Mid-Air Pit Stop

With 2 competitors remaining, the ladies arrive at a race track and meet George on a platform with a car. He then explains that for the Final, they'll have to be a one-person pit crew. Just not on the ground. They, and the car, will be on the platform, and it'll be 100 feet up in the air. And it's quite windy up there. They'll have to change the front two tires, fill the gas tank, and rip a pair of tear-offs off the windshield in any order, and then get on top of the car, grab the pair of checkered flags up there, and wave them. At that point, the clock will stop, and the car will plummet to the ground! They will also fall, but a safety cable will slow them down and stop them from hitting the track themselves. Fastest time wins. Simple as that.

Since Jen won 2 Sacrifices, she gets the option of going first or second, and without hesitation, she immediately chooses to go second. So Amy is up first, as Beverly mentions that she doesn't have a fear of heights. The clock starts, and Amy immediately rips off the passenger-side tear-off before grabbing the pit gun in front of the car and going right to the passenger-side tire to remove it. She removes the lug nuts quickly, then gets it off and walks over to the front driver-side corner of the platform, where the two spare tires are located. Amy grabs one, carries it back to the passenger side, and starts bolting it in, but she ends up slowing down, struggling to get the nuts on. At about 1:55 in, she has the tire attached, and she walks over to the other side, going to work on the other tire. Amy quickly gets it off, then goes back to the corner for the second spare tire and gets it to the driver side. But she struggles a little more with the lug nuts on the driver side, and it slows her down considerably. At about 3:45, Amy has the other tire done, and she gets moving to the rear driver-side corner, where the gas can is located. She grabs it and quickly dumps the gas into the car as fast as possible, then rips the driver-side tear-off off, and climbs onto the car, grabbing the flags and waving. The car drops down, crashing onto the ground, and Amy's fall is stopped about halfway. Her final time is 5:07.

So Jen will have a tough time to beat, especially since she does have a fear of heights. But she did get to see the task done once, so she has an idea of what she has to do. The time starts, and Jen starts with the passenger-side tear-off as well, but then circles behind the car and goes right to the gas can. She fills up the car with the gas, then rips the other tear-off off, before grabbing the pit gun and getting one of the spare tires right away. At about 0:50, Jen starts removing the nuts from the driver-side tire, and once she has the tire removed, she starts putting on the spare. She takes some time, though, and gets it done at just under 3 minutes. Jen then grabs the second spare from the corner, and walks over to the passenger-side tire to start changing it. As Marsha reiterated Jen's fear of heights, Jen gets the tire off and starts attaching the spare. It doesn't take her as long, though, but time is running short at this point. Once she finishes with the tire, she climbs onto the car and grabs the flags, waving them to stop the clock. The car drops to the ground, and on impact, it splits in two! Good thing Jen's fall was stopped halfway. The time to beat was 5:07, and Jen's time was... 5:00 even! Jen wins the Final! And she and Marsha couldn't be happier!

1 Week Later

Marsha and Jen arrive in Hershey, Pennsylvania for the event, and right away, they get to meet Sarah Hughes. They chat for a bit about what Jen went through, then they enter the arena and are brought to a dressing room, which just happens to have Marsha's name on it! I bet she felt special. Sarah then lets them know that what Marsha will be doing in the show is helping with a magic trick. They warm up for the trick on the ice for a bit, and Marsha meets another Olympic gold medalist. Later, Marsha and Jen watch the first part of the show from the audience, and after enjoying part of the show, they return to Marsha's dressing room to prepare for her moment. After putting on the skates and getting a hug from Jen, it's showtime! 2 guys bring Marsha onto the ice, and her bit of the trick was to pull a shirt out of a supposedly empty bag that Sarah was holding, and some other guy would then grab the shirt. It was a quick moment, but Marsha enjoyed it a lot. And she has Jen to thank for this, who had to endure getting knocked down multiple times by hockey players and attack dogs, bowling in lingerie, and doing a pit stop in the air to make this happen.

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