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Today is

The Final Two - August 6

Last time, the 3 chefs had their best dinner service ever, but that didn't stop Jen from being sent packing.  Now, it's just down to Rock and Bonnie, and only one obstacle remains between them and the position of Head Chef at the Green Valley Ranch resort in Vegas...


When we last left off, Rock and Bonnie had just reunited with some family members, then Ramsay signaled for a drape to drop down, dividing the dining room in half.  At this point, Ramsay tells them that they are now each running half of the restaurant, with Rock on the blue side, and Bonnie on the red side.  But for now, Ramsay wants them to spend some time with their families.  With that, in comes Rock's kids!  Awww...  In an aside, Rock says that everything he is doing is for his family, and it shows, as he pulls out a couple of photos with his kids on them.  Apparently, those were his good luck charms.  As for Bonnie, she is happy to see her parents, and she still can't believe that she's still there!

Soon enough, it's time to say good night, and after the families have left, Ramsay tells the finalists to start imagining their restaurant once they return to the dorm.  Every element of it.  Once there, Rock and Bonnie decide to put the competition aside for a bit to celebrate.  Rock says that he originally thought it would be him and Melissa in the finals.  Bonnie says that people don't take her seriously until it's too late.  Rock is taking her seriously now, but only time will tell if it's too late...

Bringing the visions to life

The next day, Rock and Bonnie are each looking around at their halves of the dining room, thinking about what they want to see when it comes time for the final dinner service.  Bonnie compares this to being given a life-size dollhouse and a charge card.  Rock feels like he's on top of the world.  Of course, to make their visions happen, they have to meet with some people first.  They start by meeting John Janavs, the architect and designer of Hell's Kitchen, about the look of the dining room itself.  Bonnie wants a European-style restaurant, with a slightly romantic feel.  She wants hardwood floors, and she wants to get rid of the booths.  On the other hand, Rock wants to keep the booths, and he wants a contemporary, warm, American look.

Now, for the uniforms for the wait staff.  For this, the finalists talk to JP.  Bonnie wants her servers to be all in black, and the women's pants to be more fitting.  Rock doesn't seem sure about what he wants at first, then suggests jeans.  JP tells him that he doesn't see jeans working in any restaurant, "besides a saloon".  Heh.  So, no jeans.  Then, as construction in the dining room starts, it's time for the menus.  For this, Bonnie meets with Mary Ann, and Rock meets with Scott.  Bonnie has a clear vision of what she wants, because she is going with stuff that she likes, including a mini grilled cheese with a little tomato soup as an appetizer.  As for Rock, he didn't seem to be prepared for this, what with the way he seems to be hesitating.  Oh, boy.

Afterwards, the finalists are checking out the construction, complete with hardwood flooring on Bonnie's side.  Then, in comes Ramsay, jokingly asking them what they're doing to his restaurant.  He then tells them that they have some other important business to take care of; they're off to Vegas!  And they don't have much time to prepare for the trip, so they run off to the dorm to get changed!  Afterwards, they arrive at a private jet, and they're off!  Along the way, they talk with Ramsay about a few things; Rock snapping after losing the lobster challenge, Bonnie having trouble cooking eggs back in the first dinner service, Rock having frozen gnocchi in his dish at the very start of the season, Bonnie getting her chance to yell at Ramsay as practice for last week's dinner service, and Rock speaking up when Brad was nominated.  Yeah, it has been quite the season, but it's not done yet!

Surprises in Vegas

Moments after arriving in Las Vegas, Rock and Bonnie notice a sign at the Green Valley Ranch resort, which says "CONGRATULATIONS HELL'S KITCHEN FINALISTS" in nice, big letters.  It just made this whole thing seem more real to them!  Then, they get to see their room for the day, and to their surprise, not only is it a nice room, but they see themselves on TV in an advertisement showing throughout the resort!  I'd say they're very excited!  Fast forward to nighttime, and it looks like Rock and Bonnie be spending a nice, quiet evening with Ramsay.  He leads them to a door outside, and when they go through, it's another surprise!  They walk onto a stage above a small pool, with a crowd surrounding it!

Ramsay introduces Bonnie and Rock to the crowd, and before getting to why they're there; the signature dish challenge!  They'll each cook their signature dishes, which will then be judged by some of Vegas' best chefs!  With that, they get changed, and they have 30 minutes to cook.  As they cook, the crowd is watching them on big screens, and some are chanting Rock's name.  Rock is making Fried Chicken & Crab Cakes, a surf & turf dish.  Bonnie is making Shrimp & Lobster Pasta.  And now, people are chanting Bonnie's name!

With the dishes done, it's time to bring them out for tasting.  There are 7 chefs who will each pick their favorite, so it'll be the first to 4 winning this challenge.  Let's see what happens...

1. Sean Griffin - Executive Chef at Caesar's Palace

Finding it very tasty and perfectly cooked, he goes with the pasta.  [1-0 Bonnie]

2. Gerald Chin - Executive Chef at the MGM Grand

Bonnie tried to charm him as he tasted, but it doesn't work.  Gerald goes with Rock's dish.  [1-1]

3. Anthony Carron - Executive Chef at the Michael Mina Group

People are shouting Rock's name at this time, but Anthony chooses the pasta.  [2-1 Bonnie]

4. Robin Leach - Host of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"

He has been to 1,700 restaurants around the world, so he knows his food.  As for these dishes, he feels that it's a tough choice, but he ends up going with the lady.  [3-1 Bonnie]

At this point, Bonnie is in the driver's seat, so to speak.  She just needs 1 more to win, while Rock needs the last 3.  Moving on...

5. Michael Wray - Hell's Kitchen Season 1 Winner

Of course, they had to bring in someone that has been through the grueling process before!  Anyway, Rock does mention to Michael that he's down 3-1.  I'm not sure if that had anything to do with this, but Michael does go with the chicken.  [3-2 Bonnie]

6. Heather West - Hell's Kitchen Season 2 Winner

Her second appearance this season!  Heather says that both dishes are fabulous, but she has to go with Rock.  [3-3]

So, with the votes of both previous winners, Rock has tied it up.  That means that it all comes down to the final vote...

7. Chris Fearnow & Bob Finch - Executive Chef & General Manager at the Green Valley Ranch resort

Who better to cast the deciding vote than 2 people that this season's winner will be working for?  There seems to be a split at first, though; Bob, the General Manager, likes the pasta, but Chris, the Executive Chef, likes the chicken.  They need to come to a consensus, though, so after a few words, the deciding vote goes to... Bonnie!

So, Bonnie, who felt like an underdog going into this, wins the challenge.  Rock isn't worried, though; he'd rather win the service.  Ramsay tells them that he'll explain the reward later, but now, it's time for some quiet time for real.  For this, they head up to the top of a building, overlooking the city that one of them will soon be calling home.  There, Ramsay gives them yet another surprise; an invitation for them to dine at the chef's table at his restaurant, The London, in New York City!  I bet that'll be a really nice experience for them!

The return of former opponents

Later that night, the finalists return to Hell's Kitchen, and with construction still going at 10:02PM, Rock and Bonnie are ready to enjoy one last meal together.  They talk about how hard this whole competition has been.  But Rock may be playing a bit of a mind game, by telling Bonnie that sometimes, one can doubt his/her self, and though she has that killer instinct in her, she doesn't "know how to finish".  Bonnie says that this is the "last supper", and has one question: "Who's Jesus and who's Judas?"  Good question...

The next day, Rock and Bonnie are in the dorm, each minding their own business and likely mentally preparing for the big dinner service.  Then, in comes the last 6 chefs that were eliminated!  That's right; Jen, Julia, Josh, Brad, Melissa, and Vinnie are back, and that could only mean one thing, which we'll get to later.  Rock was happy to see them, despite the possibility of some animosity that could have occurred.  In an aside, Brad was surprised that Rock and Bonnie are in the final 2, but he does want Rock to win it.  On the other hand, Jen and Bonnie have been buddies, and Jen wants Bonnie to win.  But as they check out the gift basket that the 6 brought with them, Julia seems sad about something.  Rock has a feeling that it's because she's seeing how close she was, and she's just disappointed in herself.  Julia heads to the bathroom, crying.  In an aside, Julia explains that she just wanted to win.

As she gathers herself, the phone rings, and Bonnie answers it.  It's Ramsay, asking for all 8 of them to head to the kitchen right away.  Once they're there, with the finalists lined up on one side and the other 6 on the other side, Ramsay welcomes the 6 back.  As he notes that it's a big day, Julia starts crying again.  Ramsay asks what is going on, and she says she's okay.  When asked about high points and low points in this competition, Julia says the whole thing was a high point, but this is the low point.  Ramsay then greets the others, as we see flashbacks of each of them at various moments.  He then says that since Bonnie won the signature dish challenge, she gets the first pick, as they choose teams for the final dinner service.  Here's who the finalists choose, in the order chosen...

Bonnie's team: Jen, Melissa, Julia

Rock's team: Brad, Vinnie, Josh

Looks like we have 1 more battle of the sexes on our hands.  Bonnie picked Melissa before Julia because she thought Julia's emotions were going to be a problem for her.  But it turns out that on a personal level, Julia says in an aside that she's rooting for Rock.  Rock feels that Julia would be better than Josh, but again, with Julia's emotions being clear, he didn't want to have that to deal with.  Anyway, with the teams now set, Ramsay tells Rock and Bonnie to take their teams back to the dorm and get them up to speed with their menus.

Next time, it's all down to the final dinner service.  Bonnie will face the return of "Hell's B****es", but Rock will face his own problems, especially with Josh.  They're saying that this is going to be the closest finish ever.  Who will win, and become the head chef at the Green Valley Ranch resort?  We will find out next week!


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