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Season 3
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Today is

Ten Chefs Remain - June 18

Last week, the ladies stopped arguing and started winning, and despite Aaron's problems, Eddie paid the price for not getting appetizers right, as he has been sent home.  We're down to 10...

"It's on."

Josh could not believe that Rock nominated him, especially since Aaron seemed to be begging to be sent home, so once everyone returned to the dorms, Josh and Rock talked for a bit.  Rock said that he knows Josh is trying to lead the team, but neither of them are suited to leading.  Josh dismisses that as opinion.  In an aside, Rock feels that Josh can't really be a leader, because he'd look like an idiot trying to do things that he can't do.  But in his own aside, Josh says that he's coming out fighting the next day.  Elsewhere, Julia is glad that the ladies won, because she's not ready to go home.  She knows that she still has a lot to learn, having been a short order cook before arriving here, so she goes to do some studying.  Good idea.

Trumpets blaring for breakfast

At 2:48AM, everyone has settled in to get some sleep.  But a few hours later, it's time for another wake-up call!  At 5:58AM, some soldiers and sailors arrive, and one of them starts playing "Reveille"!  Another one blows a high-pitched whistle, and yells for everyone to get their uniforms on and get downstairs!  Bonnie was in the shower at the time, so she had to rush to the bedroom with just a towel around her!  The slowest of the bunch was, of course, Aaron, who had to be dressed by 2 of the other guys.  He says that was a first for him. 

Eventually, they do get downstairs, where, of course, Ramsay greets them.  He takes them back to the last dinner service, where he says nothing was consistent, and no one was together.  That says to him that they're not ready for dinner, so for the first time, they open for breakfast!  That will be the challenge for the teams; a breakfast service.  And yes, the wake-up call was a hint as to who they're serving, because in come soldiers from the Army and sailors from the Navy!  As Ramsay sends the teams into the kitchens, we find out that the red team will serve the Army, and the blue team will serve the Navy.  The objective is simple enough; the first team to complete the service wins.

In the red kitchen, Mary Ann is expecting Julia to step up and lead, since she is used to cooking breakfast.  Julia assigns the stations, and the ladies are ready to go.  As for the blue team, Aaron says he'll do the omelets.  Scott asks if he can handle 6 or 7 at a time, and Aaron says he can.  But it's not long after Ramsay reads an order to each team, than a fire shows up in one of Aaron's pans!  Oops.  Needless to say, whatever was in there goes in the bin.  Back on the red side, the ladies seem to be showing teamwork, with plenty of communication (and by that, I don't mean arguing) between everyone.  So, with 17 minutes elapsed, the red team has already served 20 plates!  As for the blue team?  Nothing served yet.  Speaking of them, Ramsay is wondering why omelets are being thrown out, and Aaron explains that they were burned.  Ramsay can't believe this.  Fortunately, Aaron knows that he has to switch stations with someone, so Josh accepts the offer to switch.  Soon enough, the blue team is finally getting plates served, in the hopes of catching up to the red team.

But the red team is still moving fast.  Maybe a bit too fast, because one soldier has a complaint about hash browns not being cooked.  Apparently, the hash browns are Joanna's responsibility, so Ramsay yells at her, before asking for that plate to be redone.  But this is causing Joanna to screw up a bit more, as Ramsay is yelling at her again!  Soon enough, another plate is at the pass, and once again, the hash brown is cold!  Ramsay tells the ladies to stop and check it, then says to Joanna to leave him alone, before asking Julia to take control.  Over in the blue kitchen, now it's the guys who have a problem with cold food, and it's Brad who has to take it back for redoing.  Ramsay tells the guys that this is supposed to be about consistency, before telling Brad that he's sinking the Navy!  And what is Aaron doing?  Nothing.  Ramsay tells him to get some bacon and sausages going.  Things are not going well for the guys.

The ladies, on the other hand, have recovered from the hash brown problem, and are on their last order!  Soon enough, they get it done, and Ramsay compliments them on getting their side done!  After a further compliment for Julia, Ramsay then sends the red team over to the blue kitchen to help the guys finish!  And even there, Julia is leading the group!  Eventually, all the plates are served, and once breakfast is done, Ramsay thanks the Army and Navy for coming, before they head out.  Afterwards, Ramsay again compliments the ladies, especially Julia, on a job well done, then expresses his disappointment in the guys for the chaotic mess throughout, and the fact that no one on the blue team has emerged as a leader yet!  With that, the punishment for the guys' loss is KP duty.  That means they'll be peeling onions and potatoes for a whole military base!  As for the ladies, they have a good day ahead of them, so they'd better get changed and ready for a helicopter ride!

Problems with health and leadership

While the ladies are getting ready for their trip, the guys head outside to pick up the onions and potatoes, which they'll have to bring inside.  As they do so, they see the ladies heading out, and one of them tells the guys to have fun.  One of the guys says to shut up.  Um, yeah.  Anyway, once all the food is inside, it's time to start peeling.  Or is it?  Before they can get started, Aaron passes out, hitting his head as he collapses!  Ouch.  The others call for a medic, and they manage to get him up.  But soon enough, Aaron is in an ambulance, being driven to a hospital.  That's never a good sign. 

Meanwhile, the ladies are now in a helicopter with Ramsay, enjoying the sights.  Soon enough, they end up at the U.S.S. Midway, the longest serving aircraft carrier in the Navy!  Looks like the ladies are getting a tour of the carrier!  Of course, they head down to the kitchen, where Ramsay says one of the cooks looks like Josh!  Speaking of whom, back at Hell's Kitchen, Josh suggests taking the ends off the onions, and that he and Vinnie will do that.  Rock still doesn't think Josh knows enough to be a leader, and Brad made a suggestion that they focus on potatoes for a bit.  Just goes to show the continuing problems the team is having leadership-wise.  As for the ladies, they also get another meal with Ramsay!  Among the things that he tells them is that consistency is key to a successful restaurant, not being flashy or showing off.  Makes sense to me.

Once everyone is back in the dorms, a couple of the ladies go into the hot tub, while the guys decide to have a meeting to see who should lead the team.  They all express interest in leading at first, but then, Josh changes his mind and elects Brad to lead!  Apparently, this was a strategic move on Josh's part to avoid further confrontation, while at the same time making sure Rock doesn't lead.  Yep, Josh still remembers being nominated by Rock, so it looks like we have a bit of a rivalry going here!  It remains to be seen if this will affect the dinner service...

Some bad news 

The next day, the guys begin prep, confident that with Brad leading, they'll win this time.  In the red kitchen, Mary Ann makes sure the ladies are focused, then asks Julia if she had ever done a crème brûlée before, and she says no.  Unfortunately, Julia doesn't know what it is.  Looks like she may have some more studying to do if she makes it through this.  Meanwhile, Aaron is still in the hospital.  And unfortunately, Ramsay has to deliver the bad news to him via phone call; though he appreciates the fact that Aaron wanted to be there, he won't be able to.  It seems that Aaron has a serious illness, and as per doctor's orders, he cannot continue.  Ramsay wishes him well, then hangs up the phone.

Moments before the doors open, Ramsay has the teams gathered, and tells them that Aaron won't be returning to Hell's Kitchen.  He asks if the guys can go without him, and they say yes.  He then asks if anyone is going to lead, and they say it's Brad.  Ramsay then informs the blue team of another part of the punishment for losing the breakfast challenge; the dining room is low on water, so they'll have to bring the water in once the delivery is there.  With that, the teams get back into their kitchens, ready to go.

Gross incompetence

The doors open at 7PM, and quickly enough, the blue team gets their first order.  And just as quickly, Ramsay gets on Rock's case for treating a risotto like an omelet!  Then, Rock gets some sweat in his eye, forcing him to close it for a moment.  This gets a reaction from Ramsay as well, making a big deal about it.  Oh, boy.  Soon enough, Ramsay heads over to the red kitchen to read out their first order.  Joanna is on appetizers, and she says that this could be her chance to show what she's made of.  But her first risotto doesn't help any, because according to Ramsay, it's too salty.  Oops.  Over in the blue kitchen, they have their first appetizers ready, and Rock is responsible for their risotto.  Ramsay checks it, and says it's very nice.  In an aside, Rock says that he should be the leader, and he wants to prove it.  Just then, JP informs Ramsay that they need water.  So, specifically, it falls on Josh to get the water.  Outside, JP points Josh towards the truck, and he goes to get the water.  On the way back, Josh stumbles on the stairs.  Ouch.  Thankfully, it didn't seem to damage the package.

At 7:47PM, as Josh is returning inside, the ladies are trying to get appetizers out again.  But the scallops that Bonnie provided were raw!  And she's the one that asked if they're raw!  Oh, geez.  Meanwhile, with Josh back in the blue kitchen, Rock is now trying to do some leading of his own.  Ramsay sees what's happening, and though he notes that they're now cooking like a team, it's just 2 orders done so far.  Back in the red kitchen, Joanna has another set of appetizers ready, but the crab in the spaghetti gets Ramsay's attention.  He then notices a smell, and heads over to a container with some crab.  Ramsay smells it, and is disgusted.  He gets the same reaction from Mary Ann, and starts yelling at Joanna about it, since she has been preparing the spaghetti.  Ramsay says the crab is rancid!  Joanna says she didn't smell it!  Wow.  Thank goodness they didn't manage to serve any of that spaghetti, or that could have been disastrous, especially for a customer or two!  The other ladies were understandably in disbelief that Joanna had been using the rancid crab.  As a result, Ramsay takes Joanna off the section, and puts Julia in.

1 hour in, and the customers at the red tables are getting impatient, since nothing has left the red kitchen yet.  Over on the blue side, over half of the customers at the blue tables are enjoying appetizers.  This is pretty much a complete reversal of what we saw from the breakfast service.  But as the blue team tries to keep it going, they're stalled by a late scallop from Vinnie.  Once it's at the hot plate, though, Ramsay calls the team over, noting that the egg on the scallop is raw.  He then shoves it into Vinnie's chest!  Vinnie then looked like he was going to butt heads with Ramsay, and this worried Rock.  But thankfully, Vinnie backed off.  He says it's hard to bite his tongue, but he had to.

At 8:41PM, customers at blue tables are now waiting for entrées, while customers at red tables are finally getting appetizers!  And they have Julia and Jen to thank for those dishes getting to them.  Speaking of whom, Jen notices that Julia has enough spaghetti for 2 orders, and thinking that only one was needed, Jen dumps out the excess batch.  But then, when Ramsay calls out the order for more spaghetti, Jen realizes her mistake.  That's when she considers pulling what would be about as stupid of a move as using rancid crab; pulling the spaghetti she threw out back out of the garbage bin, cleaning it up, and using it!  Ewww!  Thankfully, Julia, upon being told where the batch that just showed up in the pot came from, has it thrown out again, and gets a new batch going.  It should also be noted that Ramsay didn't notice this happening.  That's good for Jen, because if he were to find out...  In the blue kitchen, Josh and Brad are busy with entrées, but when Brad is ready with a pair of Wellingtons, Josh says he's not ready with what he has.  This causes Ramsay to accuse Josh of sabotaging the team.  Josh denies this.  He also says in an aside that he wasn't trying to sabotage anyone.  Either way, though, they gotta restart that order.

At 9:04PM, the red team has finally served all their appetizers.  They're now trying to keep things together as they go to entrées.  Over with the blue team, as they're still trying to get main courses out, Brad has burned the bottom of a Wellington!  He's trying to scrape the black stuff off the bottom with a knife, but Ramsay catches this, and is getting really angry about how they can't seem to get any entrées together.  He then goes back to see how the red team is doing, but it turns out that the Wellingtons that Jen was preparing are all overcooked!  As Ramsay is on Jen's case about it, customers from both sides are starting to leave!  JP informs Ramsay of this, and he calls both teams over to let them know.  He then sends them all out of the kitchen!  Looks like this dinner service is over early.

Mistakes all around

Afterwards, the teams are gathered in the red kitchen, and Ramsay says he's exhausted.  He mentions that the guys still haven't finished a service yet, and Brad wasn't too good of a leader, while Rock had his best night so far.  Ramsay then says that 95% of the ladies' customers didn't get an entrée, and tells Joanna that she needs to respond when he's talking to him, instead of acting like she doesn't care.  He also says he won't trust Bonnie again, after the raw scallop bit earlier.  With that, there are no winners, but Ramsay says the red team loses tonight.  He says they all made mistakes, so they'll have to decide, as a team, which 2 will be nominated.  As they leave, Ramsay notes that he can still smell the bad crab.

Back in the dorms, the blue team celebrates the fact that the 4 of them are safe, while the red team is gathered to discuss who to nominate.  Joanna starts by saying it's between her and Jen.  Bonnie agrees that Joanna should be up there.  Julia brings up the spaghetti issue to Jen, and Jen explains to those on the team who weren't aware of it what happened.  Needless to say, the others were disgusted; even Joanna said that's unacceptable.  Bonnie then brings up the fact that Julia doesn't know as much as the others when it comes to prep, and she feels that that's a problem.  Melissa agrees.  Soon enough, they do come to an agreement, and despite Jen's mistake, they go with Joanna and Julia.  But Jen doesn't seem to be comfortable with this...

Paying the price for disgusting things

Gathered in the dining room, with the blue team sitting nearby, the red team is ready for the elimination.  Ramsay asks Joanna if they have made their decision, and she says they have.  Joanna says that she has been nominated, and the team also nominated Julia.  But suddenly, Jen says she's the next nominee!  Whoa.  When asked why Julia was considered, Joanna explains that the other 3 decided based on her current knowledge of running a fine dining restaurant.  Ramsay then asks Jen why she nominated herself, and she explains what happened with the spaghetti issue!  Well, at least she came clean about it...

With that, Joanna, Julia, and Jen are asked to step forward.  Julia says that she's not out of her league like the others seem to think, and she could surprise people.  Ramsay agrees, and sends her back in line, safe.  So now, it's down to Joanna and Jen.  When asked why they should stay, Jen says that she loves her job, and she's taking charge of situations, while Joanna says that while her performance was weak, she would never serve trash.  And yet, Jen did consider serving trash, and Joanna tried serving spaghetti with rancid crab.  Ramsay says that maybe both should go, but after flashbacks of their disgusting moments, he decides that the one going home is...  Joanna.  Yep, the horrible crab did her in.  After she takes off her jacket and leaves, Ramsay tells the remaining 8 that he hopes everyone has learned from this.  As he sends them back to the dorms, he tells Jen to stay away from garbage bins.

Next week, the teams go through the blind taste test, someone loses their lunch, Vinnie could end up sinking the blue team at the dinner service, tempers flare on the red team, Ramsay hits his breaking point, and during nominations, he overrules someone.


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