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Season 3
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Today is

Seven Chefs Remain - July 2

Last week, things fell apart for both teams, especially in their respective meat stations, and it was Vinnie who had to hand over his chef's jacket.  7 aspiring chefs are still in the running, and they'd better improve fast.


After returning to the dorms, Rock talks to Josh about why he nominated him that night.  Rock feels that Josh has maxed out his potential, but Josh feels that he's still there for a reason.  But Brad feels that the "excess weight" is gone now, and they can be a better team this time.  Meanwhile, Bonnie feels like she was being ignored by her team after what she just went through.  She feels that she could have used some team support on the way back to the dorm, but Melissa says that this is a competition.  In the end, Bonnie is still down on herself, thinking that she may not have what it takes...

Shopping for a special occasion

The next morning, the teams are trying to relax as much as they can before things start to heat up again.  But soon enough, the phone rings.  When Rock answers, Scott says for them to get outside and into the SUVs.  Josh is relieved to finally get out of Hell's Kitchen for a bit.  Soon enough, though, the teams meet Chef Ramsay at Bristol Farms, a supermarket.  There, he explains that a special event is about to happen; they will be cooking for a wedding reception!  Ramsay then explains the challenge; each team will come up with an appetizer, a fish entrée, and a meat entrée.  For the first part, they'll have 30 minutes to find what they need in the supermarket, and each team has $100 to spend.  With that, the teams are off!  As they shop, the guys consider going with duck, but they drop the idea after figuring that they won't have time to cook it.  The ladies, on the other hand, do decide to go with duck, after Melissa insists on it because it's cheap.  Hmm.  Eventually, the teams do arrive at the check-out in time.  The women end up spending $97.50, but the men's total, at first, is $137.28.  They have to lose some important items that they would have needed, but they manage to get their total down to $99.59.

Once they return to Hell's Kitchen, the teams have 60 minutes to cook their dishes.  In the red kitchen, Melissa is trying to take control of the team, telling them to ask her if they have any questions.  In the blue kitchen, the guys are trying to make sure they don't waste anything, since they don't have as much stuff as they wanted.  Back in the red kitchen, Bonnie is trying to help Julia with something, but Melissa butts in, telling Julia to ask her instead of Bonnie.  Needless to say, Bonnie was offended by this.  Back in the blue kitchen, the men are showing better teamwork, keeping things simple, yet flavourful.  And they don't have to deal with Melissa's constant talking, which the other women are dealing with.  Meanwhile, in the back, Rock seems to be looking for something that the guys need, and he's hearing all the talking in the red kitchen.  He apparently sees this as a good sign for his team, because it sounds to him like they've reverted to being "Hell's B****es" (a term that was coined by Ramsay during the first episode of this season).  As the blue team continues to make the most of their limited resources, a problem has arisen in with the red team; the duck is overcooked.  Melissa says that Julia is to blame because it's her station, but Julia counters, saying that she took it out in time, but Melissa put it back in.  Oops.

Soon enough, time runs out, and the dishes are plated.  Ramsay says that this menu is crucial and critical.  He asks if they used their time wisely, but the red team says "no".  Bonnie explains that there was too much arguing going on, and Julia adds that one person wanted to run around and do everything.  Melissa speaks up, saying she was in charge, but she needed some help.  Ramsay reiterates that teamwork is supposed to be key here, before saying that he won't be judging the dishes; the bride and groom will!  With that, in comes the couple, Carlota and Cyrus!  They seem really nice.  They have a seat at the table, but then, Melissa raises her hand, saying that maybe the red team shouldn't serve them their food.  Wha?  Ramsay says that it's less than 24 hours before their big day, and she's not spoiling this.  With that, it's time to present the food.

1. Appetizers

Brad presents a crab with thyme and grapefruit aioli.  Melissa presents a puff pastry with melted brie cheese in the middle and fresh strawberry on top.  Carlota tries the crab, and Cyrus tries the pastry.  Carlota says the flavour in the crab is fantastic, and everyone would love it.  Cyrus says the pastry is very good, but dessert-like.  So, the bride and groom choose the crab for the first dish.

2. Fish Entrée

Julia presents sea bass with collard greens cured in bacon.  Josh presents a fresh herb-crusted Corvina Sea Bass with a vegetable broth butter foam sauce.  Carlota felt the foam was strange, while Cyrus thought the ladies' dish was excellent.  So, they choose the one with collard greens.

It's 1-1 now, meaning the next dish will decide the winning team.  It's time for the meat entrées, but Melissa says to her team that they shouldn't serve it.  Rock is stepping forward with his dish, and he's looking back to see if Jen is coming.  But Melissa is telling her not to.  I'm really curious to see why she has been so reluctant about this.  Ramsay says he's getting ticked, and says one more time to bring it forward.

3. Meat Entrée

Jen presents... a duck breast.  A single piece of duck breast.  I guess that would explain Melissa's reluctance.  Ramsay says he's embarrassed, and so does Jen, though she says in an aside that she had nothing to do with that dish.  Rock presents a dry aged rib eye, pan seared and served with wild mushroom cream sauce.  They go through with the tasting, but I think it's obvious which way this is going.  Carlota says the rib eye is delicious.  Enough said.

With that, the men have finally won a challenge!  Ramsay apologizes to the bride and groom about the duck, and assures them that the next day will indeed be special for them.  Once Carlota and Cyrus have left, Ramsay further expresses his embarrassment, saying the women should be ashamed.  He says they'll have a lot of work to do today, before sending them out of the room.  Once the red team is gone, Ramsay congratulates the blue team, then explains their reward; a day of pampering at the Exhale Spa!  Sounds like a really nice reward, especially for a team's first challenge win!

In the backyard, the ladies (minus Melissa) are talking about how Melissa caused the duck to be overcooked.  Bonnie is expressing her frustration over it, but as soon as Melissa arrives, she shuts up.  Back in the dining room, Brad says that he has never had a massage.  This should be an interesting experience for him, then.  Scott then hands the 3 of them luxurious robes for them to put on before heading off to the spa.  They head up to the dorms and get changed, and as they do so, Josh mentions how things are looking up for them, as not only are they looking better, but the women are falling apart.  Speaking of whom, with Melissa now there, Julia says to her about how she did more talking than cooking.  Bonnie then goes and expresses her anger over Melissa's bossiness, while mentioning how she said something like, "Don't ask Bonnie, ask me"!  But Melissa counters, asking if any of them could do a better job leading!  Man, this is getting tense.

3 who get to relax; 1 who needs to shut up

The men head out of Hell's Kitchen once again, this time for their trip to the spa!  Once there, the massages begin.  During this, the ladies return to the dining room to begin their punishment; decorating the place for the reception.  JP introduces them to the wedding planner, Francisco, and he goes into excruciating detail about what they'll have to do.  Once he's done, they get going with the decorating.  Later on, Melissa is now asking Julia if she needs help with the glasses.  And even though Julia says she doesn't, Melissa keeps asking and asking and asking if she can help the others as the day goes by.  Man, that sounds annoying.  Again, at least the men don't have to put up with that, though Rock is getting acupuncture for the first time.  And as Brad is getting his first massage, he thought it felt weird at first, but he enjoyed it soon enough.  And it's good to see Rock and Josh getting along, as they obviously agree that it's good to win.

Back in the dining room, the decorating continues, and Melissa is once again trying to run things, thinking that there's problems that need fixing.  Apparently, she doesn't realize that right now, her constant talking is the problem.  Bonnie wants to strangle her.  I can't blame her for it.  At the spa, the guys toast to the 3 of them coming together and beating the women at the next dinner service.  Brad says that they're so ticked, they'll be at each other's throats.  Right now, as we see what's still happening at the dining room, it's more like Bonnie, Jen, and Julia wanting to get at Melissa's throat.

Trouble with potatoes 

The next day, it's time to prep for the wedding reception, which will count as the dinner service this time.  The dishes that were chosen by the bride and groom in the challenge will be a part of the menus.  And it looks like the men won't be spared from Melissa's mouth this time, as she heads over to the blue kitchen to ask how a potato dish is done.  Rock explains how it's supposed to be done, but for some reason, Melissa is suspicious about what he said.  Um, okay.  Melissa decides to keep asking about it as she brings Rock over to the red kitchen, but soon enough, Rock tells her to just stop asking him, before heading back.  During this time, the wedding between Carlota and Cyrus is going smoothly. 

1 hour before the restaurant opens, Ramsay decides to see how things are going.  But he sees a potato dish that doesn't look right.  He calls Rock and Melissa over, and Rock says that doesn't look too similar to his, so he brings his over.  Ramsay then asks Melissa what is going on, and she claims that she did it the way Rock told her to do it.  But Ramsay explains what she did wrong; the potato slices were left out of the water, which was why they went oxidized.  He tells her to start it again, as the wedding is successfully completed, and the couple is on their way.  Melissa tries again with the dish, and after doing them the same way, she screws it up again.  Ramsay yells at her again, as the guests begin to file in.  He tells her that the black potatoes could poison someone, and she needs to move it.

The reception in Hell

But now, it's time for the bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Cavari, to arrive.  Yep, it's 7PM.  After everyone, including the competitors, applaud the newly married couple (though Ramsay had to get Melissa to applaud), Ramsay gets Jen and Melissa to switch stations.  Jen sees this as a chance to put Melissa in her place.  Meanwhile, there's some added pressure on the blue team, because they'll be serving the most important table of the night; Carlota and Cyrus' table.  After another order is read to the red team, Ramsay asks Scott to check Josh's risotto, as he continues with it.  It's not ready yet.  Ramsay asks Brad to help with the risotto, and this is stalling things on both sides.  Bonnie has some dishes ready for a table, but they can't be served until the bride and groom get theirs.

And it turns out that for a moment, Brad switched his attention to meat, even though he's supposed to be helping with the appetizers.  Ramsay gets him back to where he should be, and at 7:31PM, the couple finally get their appetizers.  Now, the red team can get their appetizers out.  As they do so, Ramsay notices that Julia has been tasting what she's cooking more often than before, and compliments her on that.  At one point, Francisco notices that the bride's parents haven't been fed yet, and asks JP about it.  JP tells him to go see Ramsay about it.  So, Francisco tries to ask him about it, but Ramsay just tells him to get out of the way.  Francisco heads back, and tells JP that it'll be sped up.  Um, yeah.

At 8:03PM, all of the appetizers have been served.  And for the entrées, the men are rolling along smoothly.  As for the women, they're trying to get their timing right, but Melissa apparently needs a bit more time for something to braise.  Ramsay asks how long for 4 rib eyes and 2 chicken, and Melissa says 4 minutes.  But suddenly, she says she's ready.  She then asks if they need the time, and they said they've been waiting for her.  Now, Ramsay is ticked, and he pulls Melissa away to find out what's going on with her.  After a bit, he sends her back, and now, it's Jen taking some control of things.  And this time, things are moving along better.  In the blue kitchen, Josh brings up sauce for the sea bass, but it seems that he brought it up too quickly, as Ramsay tells him that it's cold.  Josh just needs to heat it up, and he does after some more yelling.

It's now 8:47PM, and entrées are at a standstill.  Fortunately, everyone in the dining room is now listening to some jokes from the bride's sister.  Heh.  Back in the red kitchen, some sauvignon is needed for entrées, but Melissa discovers that she made a mistake with it; it was in a water bath, and she accidentally spilled the thing, mixing the sauvignon with the water!  Oops.  So, she needs more, and what does she do?  Melissa goes to the blue kitchen and asks Brad for some.  He says he needs it all, but Melissa asks again.  Soon enough, Ramsay catches her in the blue kitchen, and tells her to get out!  He's really yelling at her now, telling her that if she did borrow from them, they'd run out, and calling her a "little sabotage"!  In an aside, she says she didn't mean to sabotage anyone.  Of course, that doesn't mean she wouldn't have if she borrowed the men's sauvignon.  But despite this trouble, the red team does recover, and soon enough, everyone has been served!

Afterwards, Ramsay has the teams lined up at the hot plate, as Carlota and Cyrus head up there.  Ramsay wishes the couple well, then surprises them with a gift; a honeymoon at the Green Valley Ranch resort in Las Vegas!  Considering they took the risk of having their wedding reception at Hell's Kitchen, I'd say they definitely deserve it!

1 tough decision

With the bride and groom off to their honeymoon, and the guests having left, Ramsay has the teams lined up in the red kitchen.  Ramsay remarks that they had a slow start, but things picked up quickly enough.  He then says that the losing team is the red team.  The blue team finished 3 minutes in front, and Ramsay congratulates them for it.  As for the best of the worst... it's Jen.  It's up to her to nominate 2 of her teammates for elimination.

Heading back to the dorms, the guys are happy again, but Jen sees a difficult decision ahead of her.  She talks to Melissa, and she says that she feels she's not getting back what she gives.  Jen explains that it's how she's talking to people, and that she needs to calm down.  Then, Julia talks to Jen, and she says it would hurt the team if she goes up.  Jen tells Julia that she's sure Melissa will go home if she is nominated.  In an aside, Jen says that nominating Melissa is the easy part; it's which of the other 2 to nominate that's difficult.  Then, Jen talks to Bonnie, and Bonnie says that she feels the only difference between her and Julia is that she knows more.  Bonnie also says that she is unsure if Ramsay would send Melissa home.

Seems a bit obvious...  Right?

With the blue team sitting nearby, the red team is lined up and ready to see which of them will be sent packing.  After confirming that Jen has her nominations, Ramsay asks for the first one.  Jen chooses Melissa, because she feels she needs to recognize her own mistakes instead of blaming others for them.  Rock seems happy with that reason.  For the second nominee, Jen chooses... Bonnie, simply because of past performances.

So, Melissa and Bonnie step forward, and have to plead their case.  Melissa says that she felt she needed to carry her team.  Bonnie says that the chef inside of her is starting to emerge.  It doesn't seem like a difficult decision, though, as Ramsay then asks Melissa to take off her jacket.  But wait!  Instead of asking her to leave, Ramsay says she's switching over to the blue team!  Wow.  He gives Melissa a new jacket with the blue colour, then tells her that she'd better start shining in a new environment.  With that, Melissa joins the guys at the table.  As for Bonnie... she gets to return to the other ladies.  Looks like this is a non-elimination week!  After Ramsay tells Melissa that this is her last chance, he sends them back to the dorms.

Next time, the claws come out as the teams deal with lobsters, the pressure seems to finally be getting to Julia, Melissa attempts to redeem herself, Bonnie has to deal with a fire in the red kitchen, and it looks like the elimination could prove to be very interesting!


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