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Today is

"Family Feud" - June 29

"Ready for Action..."

Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached the 26th mile in this experiment we call "Game Show Marathon." We're down to two players...

KATHY NAJIMY; winner of "Press Your Luck", playing for Girl's Best Friend
BRANDE RODERICK; winner of "The Price is Right, playing for City of Hope

Only one of these two women will walk off Stage 46 as the Game Show Marathon Grand Champion. Whoever does will win $100,000 for their charity and a big, shiny trophy. Following a quick review of Kathy's and Brande's past "Feud" experiences (Kathy with Dawson in 1981, and Brande with Anderson in 2002), and our nightly History Class (which wasn't much different than the numerous game show clip specials), we open the TV one last time...

It's time for the Family Feud, featuring...
Kathy, Dan, Alexandra, Tom, and Mona...ready for action...

Brande, Debbie, Walter, Jason, and Betty...on your marks...

Let's start...THE FAMILY FEUD!!

Before we get to the game, Todd's got a stop to make...the home of Amanda Mayer in Austin, TX with a check for $50,000; thanks to Kathy's "Match Game" Super Match win. Now, onto the first Face-Off!

100 people surveyed, top 6 answers on the board..."Name a dessert you put whipped cream on."
Kathy jumps this one with Jell-O...#1 for 36, and they play first.

T-MAC NOTE: Like the "Card Sharks" recap, there's a certain way to read my interpretations of the surveys and the given answers. It's pretty self-explanatory, but this is a warning.

Kathy: Jell-O #1-36 36 Play
Dan: Pie #2-26 62
Alexandra: Fruit #4-9 71
Tom: Ice Cream #3-16 87
Mona: Pudding #6-3 90
Kathy: Cheesecake [X]
Dan: Cake [X][X]
Alexandra: Cookies [X][X][X]

Roderick Steal: Banana Split [X]
KN-90 BR-0
#5 = Strawberry Shortcake [5]

Kathy takes an early lead, so we go to Question #2; Dan vs. Debbie.
100 people surveyed, top 7 answers on the board..."Name someone an actor thanks in his acceptance speech."
Dan jumps in first with Partner. Spouse/Mate is at #2 for 17, but Debbie comes up with Mother, #1 for 29.

Dan: Partner #2-17 17
Debbie: Mother #1-29 46 Play
Walter: Director #5-10 56
Jason: Fans #6-8 64
Betty: Producer #3-16 80
Brande: Agent/Manager #7-4 84
Debbie: Writer [X]
Walter: Fellow Actors [X][X]
Jason: God #4-11 95

KN-90 BR-95

Nice comeback, Rodericks. Keep the streak alive during Question #3; Alexandra vs. Walter.
100 people surveyed, top 5 answers on the board..."Name something women have that might be fake."
Alexandra jumps in with breasts, and takes control with #1 at 45. Najimys play.

Alexandra: Breasts #1-45 45 Play
Tom: Lips [X]
Mona: Nails #4-9 54
Kathy: Hair #3-14 68
Dan: Jewelry #2-20 88
Alexandra: Teeth [X][X]
Tom: Eyelashes #5-7 95

KN-185 BR-95

This next Question is Double. Kathy may win. Tom vs. Jason.
100 people surveyed, top 5 answers on the board..."Name something that a person might cheat on."
Tom jumps first with taxes; #3 for 26. Jason goes for test; #1 for 52 and they play. The bank is at 130. If the Rodericks don't run the board, Kathy may win.

Tom: Taxes #3-13 26
Jason: Test #1-52 130 Play
Betty: Spouse #2-22 174
Brande: Their Age [X]
Debbie: Game #5-4 182
Walter: Sports [X][X]
Jason: (no ans.) [X][X][X]

Najimy Steal: Diet #4-8 182


Before we get to $50,000 Fast Money, we have to remember the best(?) of Brande and Kathy over the course of the Marathon.

Who's going to play Fast Money? Kathy and Dan. Kathy waits in the booth, while Dan goes first. Anderson/Karn/O'Hurley timing is in effect (20/25).

Fast Money Questions:
Name a sport you need a ball to play.
Name an occasion where you send someone flowers.
Name something people rent.
Name an office supply that employees often steal.
Name a place where you have to be quiet.

Dan's Answers (with 7 seconds remaining):
Football 13
Birthday 33 (46)
Movies 30 (76)
Paper 8 (84)
Church 39
TOTAL - 123

Kathy's Answers (with three Try Agains):
Basketball 25 (148)
Anniversary 10 (158)
Apartment 44 (202) $50,000!!
Paper Clips []
Library []

As the confetti drops, Rich hands the trophy to Kathy as she is declared the "first-ever winner of Game Show Marathon." Ricki signs off with "We'll see you next time on Game Show Marathon."

THE END.....................?

STATS: 4 front game questions, $100,000 for Charity, $50,000 for home viewer

If the Marathon were an actual race, here's how everyone finished:
1st = Kathy Najimy
2nd = Brande Roderick
3rd = Lance Bass & Paige Davis (tie)
5th = Tim Meadows
6th = Leslie Nielsen, thanks to the Whammy.

No tie between Leslie and Tim because Leslie was eliminated before the game was over.

T-MAC NOTE: My full "Game Show Marathon" Report Card will be available early next week.


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