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Today is

"Beat the Clock" - June 7

Hickory Dickory Dock...

Episode 3 brings another recap, this time more fully detailed, and another audience entrance by Ricki. She tells us that during tonight's show, a home viewer could walk away with over $68,000 in prizes! After touching base with Finalists' Row, we go to tonight's history lesson about tonight's show, "BEAT THE CLOCK." This history class even includes the popular "Bobo thru the trenchcoat" stunt.

Now, let's turn back time to the 1950's, split the TV, and get this old school party started!

Here's a new wrinkle for tonight. Tonight's contestants have brought friends or family members for team members, since a lot of the Bud Collyer stunts used married couples. Also, all the contestants are kept sequestered backstage so they don't know what stunt they will play until they play it. How do WE know what stunts will be performed? Clips of classic BTC, of course!

Stunt #1 from 1952...
The team has to get into a playpen and, without getting out of the pen or touching the floor, propel themselves across stage and collect two baby bottles and put them in their mouths.

The Teams:
Tim Meadows & friend Callie Riles
Paige Davis & friend Kevin Cordova

Tim and Callie go first and have 60 seconds to complete the stunt. The sweep second hand lights up 60 little lights to show that the clock is set...and away we GO GO GO!! Hopping the crib across stage, Tim snags his bottle first, then hops across stage to get Callie's. Both bottles are in mouth with 31 seconds left!

Paige and Kevin have 29 seconds to complete the stunt, as Tim and Callie completed the stunt in 29 seconds. Not only do they have to Beat The Clock, but they have to Beat The Other Team's Clock. Slow sweep lights up 29, and here they GO! In quick fashion, they snag Paige's bottle first, then hop over to Kevin's, putting them in the crib first, THEN putting them in their mouths...with NINE seconds on the clock! Now, for the winning team, we have prize packages for home viewers. Paige and Kevin snag the "Ultimate Entertainment Package"; a Dell 42" plasma TV, a Dell surround sound home theater system, and a Connelly Coronado billiards table...a prize package worth $7993!

Now, some of you may be wondering, "Just who at home is winning these fabulous prizes?" Well, we have an answer, thanks to the "Game Show Marathon Prize Delivery Team," headed up by Todd Newton! Brande Roderick's "Price is Right" take goes to Hugh Caldwell in Eugene, OR. Congratulations, Hugh!

For our diligence in watching "Game Show Marathon" for these past two episodes, we get a treat in the form of an abundance of classic clips! The first clip: Jackie Gleason takes part in a stunt where the couple has to tie a rope around Jackie's waist. Following the stunt, Jackie admits to Bud Collyer that he's always wanted to be on the show.

On to stunt #2 from 1956:
There are 8 milk bottles on a table with some dry ice in the bottom of each one. Using only one hand, the player must cap 5 to stop the clock. The trick? Water is added to the dry ice, creating fog and a lot of pressure!

The Teams:
Leslie Nielsen & friend Sandy Bresler
Kathy Najimy & husband Dan Finnerty

The partner's job in this stunt is to hold the bowl of milk caps and to hand off one at a time to the capper.

Leslie and Sandy take to the table first and have a heck of a lot of problems. Only being able to cap up to four at one time (only lasting for a second or two), Leslie and Sandy weren't able to beat the clock. Early in the stunt, Leslie took a bottle cap to the goggles when it popped right under his face. The instant replay showed it in great detail...slightly creepier than Joe Theismann's instant replay.

With the clock unbeaten for this stunt, Kathy and Dan get the full 60 seconds to complete the stunt. Kathy moved a little quicker than Leslie, keeping as many as 3 capped at any one time. With 9 seconds left, and her hand just coming off the fifth bottle, they stopped the clock and one cap popped. The instant replay showed that five bottles WERE CAPPED, even if for a split second! Kathy and Dan snag the "Body Rejuvenation" package; a Hoist home gym and a QCA Deluxe Ruby spa...a prize package worth $8625!

Paige & Kevin and Kathy & Dan now get to go head-to-head in one stunt to determine who claims the third seat in Finalists' Row. But first, another clip and an info byte.

The clip: the husband of a couple has to put a girdle on over his head and slip it down over his feet, while his wife has to put on another girdle at his feet and bring it up over the top!

Also, "Did you know that, before he was a movie star, James Dean was a stunt tester for Beat The Clock in the 1950's."

The Head-to-Head Stunt from 1956:
There are a number of balloon "men" on strings taped to the floor. While one partner snips the string, the other partner has to use a butterfly net to guide one balloon into a tube across stage. The twist? Ricki rips out the netting before handing over the hoop and handle to the team.

Kathy and Dan take to the stage first for this one, and only losing one balloon to the ceiling, manage to beat the clock in 48 seconds. Now, with only that much time to work with, Paige and Kevin take to the stage. Kevin started by wildly swinging the hoop, causing Paige to duck for cover almost under the curtain behind her. But, with 12 seconds left, Kevin tubes the balloon, sending Paige to Finalists' Row! They pick up a "Prize Package tailor-made for the traveler"; a 6-night trip to Hong Kong, a Samsung digital camera, and an American Tourister 5-piece luggage set...a prize package worth $8230! Still holding the scissors, she walked to camera, clipping the scissors saying, "I cut the competition!"

Info byte: "Did you know playwright Neil Simon was a stunt creator for Beat The Clock in its early years!"

Clip #3: A man is placed in a box with his head sticking out of the top, with several ping-pong balls on top. The stunt? He has to blow all the balls off the box while a boxing glove pendulum swings across his head hole!

Now, before Paige takes her spot in Finalists' Row, two things have to happen. 1) she has to play a Super Bonus Stunt, and 2) she has to move Kathy from that seat in the Row.

The Super Bonus Stunt from 1956:
There is a top hat attached to a string connected thru a pulley system to a belt that Paige must wear. In 60 seconds she has to put the hat on her head without touching it. Her Super Bonus Prize: a Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 Roadster convertible worth $51,380! Nervous about the stunt in the beginning, it takes her 44 seconds to complete the stunt and win the car for a home viewer! She rushes over to Finalists' Row, where Kathy won't budge. No problem...Paige just sits on her lap!

Leslie, Tim, and Kathy take on the Whammy tomorrow night!

STATS: 6 completed stunts out of 7 attempts; $76,228 (Home Viewer take: $67,603)


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