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Two players have until 3pm to get a pink slip on the only game show where whoever gets the sack gets the jack!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Dave Holmes
Creator: Hugh Rycroft (based upon "The Sack Race")
EP: Eric Schotz, Bill Paolantonio, Colin Jarvis, Robin Meltzer
Packager: BBC, LMNO Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on CBS

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"How Do You Make a Wonder Woman?" - June 28

I turned on the show last week, and saw that we had the AFI movie awards instead. I rejoiced - and then hoped that the show was going to be fired. No such luck. We're back again with more people who are trying to win $25,000 by acting like morons. The first set of morons are...

John Grange (Waiter, Seattle, WA) - He's a tall, glass-wearing guy who will be working at 'Big Apple Smoothie'.

Brandon Gibson (Bartender, Memphis, TN) - He's balding on top, and while as 'George's Woof and Poof', is hoping to make all of his co-workers lose their hair as well.

Brandon's boss is Hector, while his co-worker is Natalie. Hector loves high-energy, but he hates smokers and he hates to repeat himself. Brandon's already trying him on that last part, as he makes Hector repeat everything he says as he shows Brandon around. He continues to test his patience by wrapping a dog that he's working on up in a towel and making him look like a dog burrito. When asked to dry off the dog, Brandon starts to play with the toys instead.

The person who is training John is Edgar, and his co-worker is Gustavo, but Ozzie is the boss. Ozzie hates goof offs who are sloppy and despises bad customer service. Edgar is doing a good job in training, but when he starts describing the process as 'boom boom', John starts creating his own dance track. John celebrates when making his first smoothie, but when Edgar tells him that it's going to get busy, John just yawns. Ozzie is looking on, and is not happy with what he sees.

Back to Brandon, who is staring at the dogs, but who feels that it's much more fun to play with the toys and lick the dog bones instead. Can dogs get germs from humans? His continuation f the toy playing annoys Natalie's dog, French, and Natalie tells him to cut it out.

John is getting tested on how to make a 'Wonder Woman'. John keeps guessing wrong answers. At this point, Edgar is starting to sense that something is not quite right here. 'I know your memory's not that burnt.' Is he realizing that his company is getting burnt?

Brandon has another dog to groom. While he's grooming him, Hector is questioning his Brandon and saying that he's not going to get anything done if Brandon sticks around. While he's saying that, Brandon calls Hector over to ask him on how to clean the dog. Hector tells him as they are eating breakfast. It's 11 am and Brandon is already on the verge of getting canned.

It's 11:06 am and John is getting tested on how to greet a customer. Edgar is the customer and Ozzie wants service. John greets Edgar like he's trying to pick him up at a sleazy gay bar on 42nd street. instead of annoying them, though, they both crack up laughing and assume that he is fooling around. He isn't, however, and does that exact same approach to the first female customer that walked in the store. She isn't taking it nearly as well as she is grimacing at him. He finishes it off with 'tipping makes you sexier'.

Watching this melee from the back is Ozzie and Edgar, who both like him and like the fact that he is a joker. They do want him to tone it down, though, or else they may have to fire him. Toning it down does not include taking a cell phone call in the middle of work and yelling at the person - while in the store. That gets him yelled at by Edgar, and I wonder if we will see both people canned before noon.

NOON - Well, neither person gets canned, but Brandon takes off for lunch. Hector wonders if he's from space, adding that he's not taking care of the dogs quick enough. He's going to send Brandon home when he comes back from lunch. The good news is that he would indeed get fired before 3 pm - but possibly way too much before, as it gives John plenty of room to get canned and win the $25,000.

12:09 pm - Speaking of John, he has to go outside and clean. He wipes the windows while on his cell phone. Edgar and Ozzie notice it and they think he's funny. They send Gustavo to spy on him, which he does, and notices that John is still on the phone - but now sitting on the outside patio instead of cleaning it, while talking to Wendy and telling her that the job sucks. Oops.

Brandon takes an extended lunch, and winds up sleeping at the lunch table at 1pm. At that same time, a customer at John's smoothie shop wants a Hercules. John does the wham bam percussion noises and makes a little drum serenade while making the drink...until he forgets how to complete the smoothie. Ozzie calls Edgar over and tells him that they don't need John anymore and to get rid of him.

1:25 pm and Brandon is still working on a cute little black dog. At 2:02 pm, he is also still working - on the same cute little black dog while Natalie has cleaned 4 of them.

2:03 pm - John asks the customer what she's doing tonight. A stunned customer yelps and that gets Ozzie's attention. Won't be long now...

2:07 pm - Brandon is told that he's done - but Hector didn't fire him. That may change when Brandon is caught smoking in the back.

2:10 pm - Ozzie tells John to go home and come back tomorrow, citing that things are slow. Edgar reads John a list of everything that he's done wrong and emphasizes the phone calls. That's no good for John - he needs to get fired today before 3pm, because Brandon is certainly going to be.

2:15 pm - Meanwhile, Brandon wants Hector to fire him but Hector isn't saying the magic words. Apparently, to win, the boss has to say 'You're Fired'. Hector does so at 2:21 after a drawn out debate on the job qualifications. Brandon is smirking to himself after he leaves, but...

John is almost already out the door, and another cell phone call should just about do it. Edgar finds him upstairs on that cell phone and confronts him, where he takes another phone call, but he's getting frustrated because they don't want to fire him that early. At 2:48, Edgar brings him over to Ozzie and they hold a little tribunal, after the hearing, Ozzie cans John, but did the meeting take too long? The final time for John...3:13, and it did take too long. Brandon wins the money, while a crest-fallen John still doesn't know what the ingredients of a wonder woman is.

And now, game #2 -

Angela Kinsey (Office Manager, Archer City, TX) - She's a fluffy blonde who will be working at 'Scrap Book Central'.

Meryl Chambers (Waitress, Miami, FL) - She s a brunette who will be working at a clothing store.

We start with Meryl, who's boss is Christy. The boss loves her name, hates lazy people, and is a neat freak. Sure enough, Christy starts her day by sweeping the floor, and sure enough, Meryl starts her day sitting down and reading some magazines and other periodicals.

As for Angela, her boss is Ginger, who hates complainers, cheerleaders and know-it-alls. Angela's co-workers are Tina and Shannon, and as she is introduced, she says that she can't do any heavy weight moving. She then says that she doesn't like scrapbooks. Off to a flying start, that Angela is.

10:05 am - Meryl gets tired of her shoes, so she takes them off, much to Christy's consternation.

10:15 am - Angela starts singing as she is making transactions. Her co-workers have already started to use the phone in the back and complain to her higher-ups.

10:25 am - Meryl needs to use the bathroom. Once in there, she makes vomit noises as the rest of the customers in the store - and Christy - listen in.

10:47 am - Angela asks to help out. When no one needs her help, she goes through the scrap books quite loudly. Her co-workers are making faces behind her back.

11:00 am - Christy tells Meryl that when things are slow, she should clean and find something to do. Something to do for Meryl is to remain sitting down.

11:05 am - Angela finds a flying pig doll in the office and starts playing with it. Her boss promises her co-workers that she will get fired today, which is good for all of them, but they want it sooner rather than later.

11:15 am - Meryl meets Kristina, a co-worker. When Christy and Kristina are in the back, they talk about what to do with Meryl and Christy suggests to Meryl to go home for the day. Meryl says that she's ok and pledges to work.

Noon - The co-workers do some dancing to a giant boom box that the store purchased. Angela immediately switches radio stations to classical music, then to the Adult Contemporary stations, then back to classical, then back to their first station. The co-workers dance some more, which may be the only thing that's stopping Angela from getting canned.

Meryl is organizing the clothing by putting them in heaps. Christy is cleaning up for Meryl. Meanwhile, Angela talks on the phone and tells her friend that she's not into scrapbooks and she is a little hung over from the night before. Ginger has had enough of that and pulls Angela into her office. After hashing it out with Angela putting down scrapbooks, and explaining that the place needs a lighter mood, Ginger gives her one more opportunity to get her act together.

1:05 pm - Meryl has come back from lunch. Apparently, lunch made her quite drowsy, because she falls asleep on a mattress in the back. Christy hears her snoring, but ignores it...for now...

Angela says that she was a cheerleader, and Ginger immediately stifles it. Meryl can't stifle her vomit noises. Angela can't stifle the cheerleading.

1:45 pm - Angela is complaining that there's too much light, adding that it gives her headaches. Meryl is finally up and awake and is using her cell phone, calling up to complain about her boss - who happens to be listening in.

2:05 pm - Angela shows off the flying pig to a customer as Ginger stares right at her. Meanwhile, Meryl takes her shoes off again.

2:15 pm - Angela takes out her phone call again and calls her boss crazy.

2:30 pm - Meryl uses the cell phone, complaining that she's bored. Christy, who is listening in, says that she can leave whenever she wants. Christy then tells her that she's fired at the 2:41 pm mark. That's a pretty good mark, and Meryl has her work cut out for her.

At the 2:41 pm mark, Angela calls Ginger over. Angela says that she thinks that she can be more useful. They chat for awhile, and Ginger says that this is the requirements, and if she doesn't like it, she can leave. They argue a little more and Ginger tells Angela to not tell her how to do her job. After some more arguing, Angela gets canned...but what time? As we know, Meryl got fired at 2:41 pm. Angels got fired at...3:11 pm. Meryl wins the money. Angela did get a craft cheer in there, so it's not all bad for her.

We end the show with the usual 'let's see the look on the bosses faces when they find out they are on TV' look. John gets hugs, while Brandon gets called a brat. As for the women's side, Meryl gets a hug from Christy while all Angela's co-workers could do was keep their mouth agape.

That does it for this week. Join us in 7 days as we see more co-workers' mouths agape.

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