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Two players have until 3pm to get a pink slip on the only game show where whoever gets the sack gets the jack!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Dave Holmes
Creator: Hugh Rycroft (based upon "The Sack Race")
EP: Eric Schotz, Bill Paolantonio, Colin Jarvis, Robin Meltzer
Packager: BBC, LMNO Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on CBS

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"Episode 1" - June 7

You just started a new job. Now imagine that you need to get yourself FIRED from that job. Should you do that, then you'll pick up $25,000. By the way, did I mention that you will have to be fired as close to 3pm as possible because you will be competing against someone else who also needs to be fired? Let me also add that if you get fired after 3pm, that you win NOTHING!

This show is either going to be funny or it's going to be a mess. We'll see which one it is as we meet...

Contestant #1 - Kurt Basa, a teacher from Dallas, TX. He gets to work out at a coffee house and tries to scald his way out of a company.

Contestant #2 - Katie Wise, a yoga instructor from Los Angeles, CA. She gets to work at a clothing store and doesn't want to make the final cut.

The shop owners know that this is a ruse. No one else in the store does. Dave Holmes is the host who says that it pays to get fired. Let's see if it pays to be watching this show. Dave explains that the contestants can do anything except...

1. Break the law
2. Ask to be fired
3. Tell anyone that they are on a hidden TV show or say anything about the show.

We start with Kurt going into the Awakenings Coffee Store. His co-workers are Molly, John and Grant, and the boss is Janice, who doesn't like unmotivated, lazy, know-it-alls. He starts it off by acting like a football player and spiking his uniform. Janice gives him a W4 form, and he says that he's done these before, which gets a nervous smile from Janice. Kurt talks to the patrons and tells them to call him different names, as Janice already says that she can't deal with him. Off to a flying start...

Katie, meanwhile, starts at the store with Sally and Esther as her co-workers and Katherine (who hates messy, slow people who don't get it) as her boss. Katie is introduced to the clothes, and she gets herself acquainted with it by fondling, sniffing and playing with the Velcro straps. She fondles them and makes meow noises while showing them off to patrons.

Back to Kurt, who is causing strife by asking if everyone gets started off at $14 an hour. he then tells Janice that he knows what he's doing - and mangles the hot water heater. Janice is trying to help him out, but even she is going nuts.

Kate is asked to clean the top of the closet showcase - which she does by climbing up 4 feet to the top of it. She then lies down on the top of the showcase, which pretty much takes the point out of cleaning it.

Kurt is making lots of noise in both yelling out the orders and doing play-by-play on his coffee making.

Katie has cold hands, so she makes them warm by feeling up Katherine. She then runs past Kelly - with her hands still in Katherine's armpits. As Dave says, we've got ourselves a game.

We're at 11:05 am. Kurt talks to Grant, who plays in a band. He calls the music a sign of the devil and then insists to Molly's boyfriend to call her 'Pistol' from now on.

Katie still needs to feel more things. She washes a mirror, buts globs of cleaners on the window and then sings the window cleaning song. She puts a flower on her head and knocks over a wardrobe rack.

Grant is playing cup baseball, using stacked coffee cups and wrinkled up newspaper.

Katie likes her coffee...slurped real loudly in front of her co-workers.

Kurt meets Maggie the patron, who tells her that he is studying in ambidextrous science. As he tells her that his father taped his arm to his body, Janice is watching on.

Katherine has had enough and has complained to her boss, who agrees as they set up the Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo game as to who should fire Katie. That's good for Katie - but at the 12:40 pm mark, that's also way too early. Katie comes back from lunch and Katherine tells her that there are too many people and she is not needed. Katie realizes that she needs to cool it. and offers to work in the back.

1:15 pm - Kurt sings another song while Katie works in the back and does yoga on a chair. Kurt talks about singing on the phone and talks about drinking too much coffee.

1:30 pm - Katie is called to call her ride to pick her up. It turns out that someone was spying on her - and sees that she did no such thing. Katherine is trying to get her to leave...

...and Kurt is getting to that point as he gets into an argument with Janice on the cash register.

Katie is doing cartwheels on the floor. Grace is looking on, shaking her head.

Kurt is giving the kid extra scoops as Janice watches him also start yelling at the customers.

Katie is opening up bags and throwing the paper tissue all over the place. Grace is now on her case. Katherine has had enough, calls her on the lying issue and says that she is on a different planet from everyone else. She gets a hug and gets fired at 2:56 pm.

2:56 is a very good time, Can Kurt beat that? Grant is warning him that Janice is going to call the cops on him, as he's being loud and abusive. Kurt is yelling at them and says that he's not going to be calm. Sure enough, the cops show up and Kurt says that they will not be fired. Janice then fires him, as he runs over to Janice, gives her a hug and kiss, and then runs out the door.

We're done with the activity. Kurt gets fired at... 2:58. She gets a congratulatory hug by Katie as Kurt walks off with the money.

So that ends game #1. Yay. You mean there's another one? Boo....

Game 2 -

Contestant #1 - Cherise Bangs, a saleswoman from Walnut Creek, CA. She's a long haired blonde-brunette who is now working at a hat store.

Contestant #2 - Rachel Stolte, a makeup artist from Los Angeles, CA - but she's going to be at a boutique in Long Island. Her hair is cropped and reddish.

Cherise gets to work at Jeannie's Dream. Her co-worker is Danny and her boss is Nancy, who doesn't like people who question her authority, dress improperly or dress using store merchandise. Cherise is already on the wrong foot when Nancy doesn't like her shoes - or her body odor. We get a laugh track on this episode - the first episode didn't have a laugh track.

Rachel gets the boutique called 'Girlfriends'. Lori and Jodi are the co-workers, while Karen (who hates people who redo the displays, don't follow instructions or are annoying) is the boss. Karen tells Rachel that the important thing is too listen, but apparently, she isn't doing that, as she immediately goes after the make-up and starts trying it out.

Cherise does a Miss America impersonation - with a store-owned tiara. She does the impersonations for the next hour, which doesn't make the boss thrilled. The first comment - 'She's freaking weird', which gets weirder as she takes her stilettos off and walks around in her high-heels.

It's 11am, and Rachel is going through the plastic balls and making crunchy noises.

Cherise is wearing more hats, prompting Nancy to warn her to not start with her. It goes unheeded, as Cherise tries out more hats.

Rachel whistles while she works, which drives everyone else nuts. They tell her to stop, but she keeps going and she even whistles some sort of melody line.

11:56 am - Cherise is doing a Miss America skit with a vogue hat and a stick, which she is twirling. Even the customers are staring at her now.

Rachel, being tired or working, decides to take a walk around the place while her co-workers talk about how uncomfortable she is making them. This should make them even more uncomfortable - she's trying on bras and talking on her cell phone.

Nancy asks Cherise how long she's supposed to stay here. She says 5:30. Nancy says that it's not going to happen. They get into an argument about time. Cherise better watch it, or she may be going home much earlier than expected.

Rachel could be as well, as she is playing with a very creaky gate. She asks for WD40 and it looks like she may get it - in her ears.

Nancy tells Cherise that she has to dust. Cherise wants to complain about it, but Nancy isn't going to hear any of it. At 1:30 pm, she is trying on more clothes, then takes it with her to the bathroom.

While Cherise is having a bathroom impulsion, Rachel is having a walking impulsion as she walks around the room again.

2pm - Cherise asks about random drug testing. Nancy is less that thrilled as Cherise walks away and holds her hand up to her. Nancy - 'There's going to be a war'.

Rachel is setting up a display. A manager wants to know what's going on and Rachel says to wait until she's done. The manager, amazingly enough says ok. Oh boy...

Cherise gets on her knees with a skirt and the twirly stick to help out a boy, bare feet and all.

2:30 pm - Rachel continues to walk, whistle, and organizes displays. Lori calls her to the back and ask if she's agitated. She says yes, because everyone thinks that she's a freak. Karen tells her that it's a well-run store, while Rachel turns around and says that it's just a store that sells everything overpriced. Well, that does it for Karen, and she fires Rachel at 2:48 pm.

Can Cherise get fired at a later time than 2:48 - but before 3? She goes on her knees to Nancy, who asks when she's coming back. She tells her to call Jeannie in the morning. She goes to the back to complain, and at 2:56 pm, Nancy pays her. Cherise asks to call her now to find out, and after a squabble of going back and forth, Nancy fires her. I think it took longer than 4 minutes after the 2:56 though...

It's time for the moment of truth. Cherise got fired at...3:07. Because it's after 3pm, it's Rachel who gets the money - and a hug from Dave. Cherise's downfall? Nancy, who didn't want to fire her, and wanted Jeannie to fire them.

We get the reactions from the employees, and for the most part, they were laughing - though Janice still wanted to kick Kurt's ass. My take? I want to kick the producer's ass. I'm sorry, but I don't find this funny. Maybe someone will, but I won't.

I find it even less funny that I have to cover this show, but I'll go on and do it anyways. Join us in 7 days as we award $25,000 to two more people.

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