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It's the board games you and your family have played all your life... but never quite like this!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Brian Sapinski, GSNN

Host Todd Newton
Announcer Burton Richardson
Creator Hasbro Studios (based upon the original board game line)
EP Barry Poznick
John Stevens
Charles Steenveld
Packager Zoo Productions (an all3media company) & Hasbro Studios for the Hub
Web www.familygamenight.com
Airs 7p ET Fri, The Hub

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Episode 2.4
September 16

Time to get the family together and the games out of the box. Tonight, it's Operation, Simon, Spelling Bee, Guesstures, and Twister on Family Game Night!

Let's meet the players...

Sable's Family
Sable's a tumbler, sister Madison's a violinist, mom Kim whistles, and dad Charles is a regular gearhead
Josiah's Family
JoJo freestyles, brother Mekai starts thinking about his next birthday the day after his last one, mom Stacie can make a clock nervous, and dad Will is a coach

Five games will be played. Each win will give the family a choice of 21 Monopoly Crazy Cash Card (3C's). Each card has a different dollar amount. Tonight's top value: $8000! Both families keep everything they win, but the team with the most cash at the end of the show will win a family vacation in Hawaii!

Cranium Brain Break: Assembly Required

Cranium Brain Breaks will determine which family gets first pick of the Cash Cards, and who will play first in the first game. Each team is guaranteed at least 1 Crazy Cash Card.

All you have to do is put together a puzzle of someone we all know as respect around here... Don't want to point any elbows but the initials spell out Todd Newton.

Both of the families are really moving... but Sable's family is first to win the Brain Break and the first pick of the 3Cs. First for Sable... SKATEBOARD! JoJo picks... the WHEELBARROW.


Roll a skeeball up a ramp and into one of Cavity Sam's funatomy cavities. Each one is worth points, and the team with the most points after eight rounds wins.

Sable: BUZZ!
Mekai: Phone finger (200)
Madison: BUZZ!
Stacie: BUZZ!
Kim: Burp bubbles (150)
Will: BUZZ!
Charles: Phone finger (200)

Reds lead, 350-200. The Double Score Bell is now in play for Sam's Ringing in the Ears

JoJo: Toxic gas (250)
Sable: BUZZ!
Mekai: BUZZ!
Madison: BUZZ!
Stacie: BUZZ!
Kim: BUZZ!
Will: BUZZ!
Charles: BUZZ!

Josiah's family wins it, 450-350! They're going to Sea World San Diego, but first, they're going to the Crazy Cash Corner. JoJo picks the HAT.


Match the sequence by arranging yourselves in the order of the sequence and then touching cubes, but be careful, because every time you do so, your cube will change color. The first family to five wins.

Red/Yellow/Green/Blue: JoJo!
Green/Blue/Red/Yellow: Sable!
Yellow/Green/Blue/Red: JoJo!
Blue/Yellow/Red/Green: JoJo!
Red/Green/Yellow/Blue: Sable!
Yellow/Blue/Green/Red: Sable!
Green/Red/Blue/Yellow: JoJo!
Blue/Green/Red/Yellow: Sable!

For the game...

Red/Yellow/Blue/Green: JOJO! Yellows didn't knock each other over, and they win a Body Glove package AND another card, the CAR!


Mom is the Queen Bee, and she'll have to do all the spelling with her stinger. If you think you know what the word is, shout it out. You get 100 for each word. Most points in 90 seconds wins.

First is Sable's family. They get SLUG, BLIMP, and POTATO for 300.

JoJo's family is next. They need four words to win. They get LINT, WHEEL, BAGEL, and TONGUE for the win! They get a Peavey guitar with amp & bridge... AND another card.... the IRON!


Three family members are suspended above the Guesstures "Pit". The fourth has to guess what it is they're acting out. If they get it right, it's 10 points. If they get it wrong, no penalty, and they can keep guessing. If they pass, the family member drops and the next family member has to act the next word. they have two minutes to score as many points as possible.

Sable's family is first, Charles guessing. Charles gets chewing, sword, harp, video game, corn, Statue of Liberty, headphones, pitcher, scribble, and pancake, passing five times for 100 points.

That's what Big Will has to beat. Here comes JoJo's family! Will gets collar, swing, conductor, goal, heartbeat, and purse, passing eight times for only 60. Sable's family gets on the board with a tent and a membership to California's State Parks. Sable also picks up the DOG!


In the classic game of Twister, you're going to have to put a body part on a colored dot. But in this game, you're going to have to do it before your dot disappears. If you don't, it's lights out. Also, like in regular Twister, if you don't put a hand or foot on a designated color OR if any part of your body hits the ground other than your hand or foot, you're out. We play kids first, then adults.

GAME 1: JoJo's dot disappears, as does Madison's and Mekai's. Sable wins!

GAME 2: Kim puts the wrong hand on the blue dot. Will's dot disappears.... and Stacie trips. Sable's family wins the final card, PLANE, and a Mega Movie Prize Package from Fandango!

We've got our cards, we've played our games... It's Crazy Cash Time!


The family gets to keep all the cash and prizes they won, but the family with the most cash wins the bonus prize of a beach vacation in the Kauai Marriott Resort on Kalapaki Beach!

JoJo's family has four cards to Sable's three.

First, Sable has three cards, as well as the movies and the camping package.

Plane: $370
Skateboard: $665
Dog: $1000!
TOTAL: $2035

JoJo's family has a waterboarding package, a trip to San Diego, and a guitar. They also have four cards. They need to beat $2035.

Wheelbarrow: $250
Car: $585
Iron: $2000! (That's game!)

But how much is in that hat?

Hat: ... SUPER CASH CARD! It's $8000
TOTAL: $10,835

They're going to Hawaii with a monster bonus! Congratulations to JoJo's Family!

That's another amazing Family Game Night! Don't forget to clear up when you're done!

For more information on the games, or to apply to be a contestant on "Family Game Night", visit the official website at www.familygamenight.com