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It's the board games you and your family have played all your life... but never quite like this!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Brian Sapinski, GSNN

Host Todd Newton
Announcer Burton Richardson
Creator Hasbro Studios (based upon the original board game line)
EP Barry Poznick
John Stevens
Charles Steenveld
Packager Zoo Productions & Hasbro Studios for the Hub
Web www.familygamenight.com
Airs 7p ET Fri, The Hub

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Episode 2.1
September 2

We hope you like your board games big and loud, because Game Night is BACK ON! Tonight, it's Green Scream, Operation, Simon, Ratuki, and Cranium on Family Game night!

Let's meet the players...

Ryan's Family
Ryan likes to sleep, brother Justin thinks he's better looking, mom Lynn makes health shakes, and Richard is a golf-swinging dad
Geordon's Family
Geordon's a math whiz, brother Grant can balance stuff, mom Danielle can sing the alphabet backwards, and dad George can whip the whole family into shape

Five games will be played. Each win will give the family a choice of 21 Monopoly Crazy Cash Card (3C's). Each card has a different dollar amount. Tonight's top value: $20,000! Both families keep everything they win, but the team with the most cash at the end of the show will win a family Caribbean cruise!

Cranium Brain Break: Throw in the Dark

Cranium Brain Breaks will determine which family gets first pick of the Cash Cards, and who will play first in the first game. Each team is guaranteed at least 1 Crazy Cash Card.

In this Brain Break, your team will throw glow-hoops onto your family's pawn. First family to ring two will pick first.

The Reds win, 2-0 easy. Ryan picks the ROLLERBLADE, Geordon's got the PLANE, and we're off and running.


New this season, two players will roll around the stage and generate a picture via green-screen. The team with the most images at the end of 90 seconds will win.

First up, the Yellows with things found in an office. They find a water bottle, briefcase, paper clips, telephone, highlighter, waste basket, laptop, scissors, and lamp for 90 points with 22 seconds on the clock.

The Reds get transportation... tricycle, sailboat, motorcycle, helicopter, bus, golf cart, hot air balloon, submarine, scooter, and space shuttle for the win, 100-90!

Their first Monopoly Party Prize... a Hayneedle foosball table! Ryan also claims the BOOT 3C.


Roll a skeeball up a ramp and into one of Cavity Sam's funatomy cavities. Each one is worth points, and the team with the most points after eight rounds wins.

Geordon: BUZZ!
Ryan: Toxic gas (250)
Grant: Toxic gas (250)
Justin: BUZZ!
Danielle: BUZZ!
Lynn: BUZZ!
George: BUZZ!
Richard: The giggles (300)

Reds lead, 550-250. The Double Score Bell is now in play.

Geordon: BUZZ!
Ryan: Toxic gas (250)
Grant: BUZZ!... and a broken light bulb.
Justin: BUZZ!
Danielle: BUZZ!
Lynn: BUZZ!
George: BUZZ!... and another light bulb

Ryan's family wins it, 800-250. They win a four-pack of Universal Studios Hollywood tickets and another 3C! Ryan picks off.... the TRAIN.


Also new this season, you have to match the sequence. You do that by arranging yourselves in the order of the sequence and then touching cubes, but be careful, because every time you do so, your cube will change color. The first family to five wins.

Yellow/Red/Green/Blue: Ryan!
Red/Yellow/Blue/Green: Ryan!
Green/Red/Yellow/Blue: Ryan!
Blue/Yellow/Green/Red: Ryan!
Yellow/Blue/Red/Green: SWEEP!

Ryan's family gets a pair of Whiplash scooters and another 3C... the CANNON!


Just like the card game, it's the first to five. Play a card that is either one higher or one lower than the one shown. For example, if you have a 3 up, you can play a 2 or a 4, but not a 1 or a 5. If you play the wrong card, you have to freeze for 10 seconds. Once the entire deck has been played, you get to play the final 5 card. First family to do that wins.

After the yellows have taken the lead... the reds come back to take the lead. Geordon's brother wants to play the 5... BUT he can't! That's a 10-second penalty... and that's game for the Reds! They take a Samick electric guitar and another card, the SODA.


We'll ask four questions. One team will answer with a number, while the other will guess whether the actual answer is higher or lower than the guess. Team with the most points wins.

10 POINTS: How many times does Justin Bieber say the word "baby" in the song "Baby"?
- Yellows say 90. Reds say less... 55! (Reds lead, 10-0)

20 POINTS: How many feet tall is each letter of the Hollywood sign?
- Reds say 33, Yellows say more... 45! (Yellows lead, 20-10)

30 POINTS: How many gold, silver, and bronze medals has Michael Phelps won?
- Yellows say 10, Reds go more... 16! (Reds lead, 40-20)

40 POINTS: How many feet of bubble wrap are in the roll at Todd's feet?
- Reds SCREAM 447. Yellows go more... 1050 (Yellows lead, 60-40)

Now for the parents, and the values are doubled.

20 POINTS: How many total bubbles are on that bubble wrap?
- Yellows say 85,000. Reds say more... 139,650! (tied at 60)

40 POINTS: How many total top 10 hits did Michael Jackson have on the Billboard Hot 100?
- Reds say 31, Yellows say more... 28! (Reds lead, 100-60)

60 POINTS: How many inches tall was Abraham Lincoln?
- Yellows say 76... RIGHT! (Yellows lead, 120-100)

40 POINTS: Using any combination of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, how many ways are there to make change for a dollar?
- Reds say 200. Yellows go more... for the win... 292! (Yellows win, 200-100)

They're going to Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier! But before that, they get another trip to the Crazy Cash Corner where they take... the DOG!


The family gets to keep all the cash and prizes they won, but the family with the most cash wins the bonus prize of a 7-day Caribbean cruise aboard the Norwegian Epic!

Remember, Ryan's family has five cards to Geordon's two. It's Crazy Cash Time!

First up, Geordon's family has tickets to Pacific Park and two cards.

Dog: $710
Airplane: $7000!
TOTAL: $7710

It's going to take all of those five cards for Ryan's family to beat that. Remember, they have a foosball table, and electric guitar, tickets to Universal Studios, and a pair of scooters. They need to beat $7710 to win the cruise, though.

Soda: $690
Train: $350
Cannon: $835
Rollerblade: $920 (more than $4915 needed to win)
Boot: $5000!
TOTAL: $7795

That's the game for Ryan's family! They're going cruising by $85!

The big Crazy Cash Card... The Wheelbarrow. But we're not done yet...


For more information on the games, or to apply to be a contestant on "Family Game Night", visit the official website at www.familygamenight.com