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September 2

It's the board games you and your family have played all your life... but never quite like this!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Brian Sapinski, GSNN

Host Todd Newton
Announcer Burton Richardson
Creator Hasbro Studios (based upon the original board game line)
EP Barry Poznick
John Stevens
Charles Steenveld
Packager Zoo Productions (an all3media company) & Hasbro Studios for the Hub
Web www.familygamenight.com
Airs 7p ET Fri, The Hub

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Episode 2.2
September 2

Welcome back if you've been watching the two-hour season opener of FGN. If not, where've you been? You missed a big money moment! Anyway, time to kick things into overdrive with rounds of... Boggle, Green Scream, Cranium, Guesstures, and Yahtzee on Family Game Night!

Let's meet the players...

Michael's Family
Michael's a chemist in the making, sister Sarah plays handball, mom Robin can juggle anything, and dad Howard is a trumpeter
Azia's Family
Azia loves drawing, brother Gyasi loves his dog, mom Kimberly needs fashion advice, while dad Eric is a computer genius

Five games will be played. Each win will give the family a choice of 21 Monopoly Crazy Cash Card (3C's). Each card has a different dollar amount. Tonight's top value: $10,000! Both families keep everything they win, but the team with the most cash at the end of the show will win a family vacation in Orlando!

Cranium Brain Break: Pin the Brain on the Newton

Cranium Brain Breaks will determine which family gets first pick of the Cash Cards, and who will play first in the first game. Each team is guaranteed at least 1 Crazy Cash Card.

In this Brain Break, your team will have to pin the Cranium brain onto the cranium of our brave heroic host. The captains will be blinded by their opponent's moms, and the rest of the family will have to direct.

Michael's the first to pin the brain on the Newton to pick the first 3C... the THIMBLE (C-Note: My favorite). Azia picks the BATTLESHIP.


On a five-by-five Boggle board, you will have 2 minutes to come up with as many words as you can. Each one is worth one point for every letter, and the team with the most letters wins. Remember: all letters must be touching, and all words must be at least three letters long.

The board:

S U R F S 

The Super Secret Boggle Bonus Word for a digital word: SURPRISE.

MAKE (4)              RISE (4)
LIFT (4)              SURFS (5)
SURPRISE** (8)        RISEN (5)
SURF (4)              PANS (4)
RIP (3)               LIFTS (5)
GRIPS (5)             FANS (4)
SLIME (5)             MIRTH (5)
SON (3)               FAKE (4)

And we have a tie game at 36! Azia... SPANS for zero (stepped on the S twice). Michael... SLURPS wins! They get the digital camera AND six VIP passes at Red Roof Inn... AND... a 3C, the SODA.


Two players will roll around the stage and generate a picture via green-screen. The team with the most images out of 10 at the end of 90 seconds will win.

First up, the Yellows get things found in your backyard. A raccoon, a barbecue, a lawnmower, croquet, a soccer ball, a garden hose, a garden gnome, and a rake for 80.

The Reds get things to build other things.... A wrench, forklift, toolbox, chainsaw, tape measure, screws, drill... and that's it. Azia's family wins it, 80-70! They get a three-in-one game table from Hayneedle and more money from the DOG.


Three family members are suspended above the Guesstures "Pit". The fourth has to guess what it is they're acting out. If they get it right, it's 10 points. If they get it wrong, no penalty, and they can keep guessing. If they pass, the family member drops and the next family member has to act the next word. they have two minutes to score as many points as possible.

Michael's family is first, Robin guessing. They get salute, helmet, manicure, piano, soccer, hot, banana, unicorn, tooth, kite, and jacket, passing twice for 120.

That's what Kim has to beat, as Azia's family takes to the sky. They get arm wrestle, lipstick, juggling, glasses, violin, headband, torch, motorcycle, eating, telephone, globe, and flute, passing four times for 120. Remember, ties are broken by fewest amount of passes. Michael's family had two to Azia's family's four to win! They get a Trapeze School New York lesson on Santa Monica Pier AND the IRON 3C.


This game is about patterns on the keyboard. The first player must step on one note, with the next player adding a note to the pattern whilst repeating it. Kids playing are worth 10 points, parents playing two keys at a time for 20.

10 POINTS - 2 3 1 3 5 4 2... Michael wins (Reds up, 10-0)

10 POINTS - 4 3 5 4 2 4 3... Sarah wins (Reds up, 20-0)

20 POINTS - 5 2 3 2 1 2 3 5 4 3 ... Robin wins (Reds win, 40-0)

Michael's family gets their own Casio keyboard AND another card, the HAT.


Make the best possible five-dice combination with three rolls per frame. We play best two out of three frames.

- Michael rolls 5 5 3 3 1. He locks in the two pair. Sarah rolls... a 2. Howard's final roll... 6. They get 5s and 3s.
- Azia rolls 3 3 5 4 1. They lock in the 3s. Gyasi rolls... the third 3 to win the frame.

- Azia rolls... 2 2 2 5 1. She locks the 2s. Gyasi rolls 6 4. Eric rolls with a spin ... and gets 2s full of 6s.
- Michael rolls... 2 2 5 4 1. Lock in the 2s. Sarah rolls..6 4 3. No help. Howard rolls... 4s full of 2s to win!

- Michael rolls.... 4 4 6 5 1 for pair of 4s.
- Gyasi rolls... 6 6 4 4 3 for two pair to win!

Azia's family is going to see Cirque du Soleil's Irish at the Kodak Theatre! They finish it up with the TRAIN 3C. Now that we all have our cards, it's Crazy Cash Time!


The family gets to keep all the cash and prizes they won, but the family with the most cash wins the bonus prize of a 6-night stay at the Hilton Orlando, minutes from shopping and theme parks!

Remember, Michael's family has four cards to Azia's three.

First up, Michael's family has digital camera, the Red Roof Inn passes, trapeze lessons, and the keyboard. They also have four cards...

Soda: $290
Thimble: $635
Iron: $650
Hat: $780
TOTAL: $2355

Azia's family has one less card, but all it takes is one. They have a game table and tickets to Cirque du Soleil.

Battleship: $510
Dog: $685 (they need $1160 to win)
Train: SUPER CASH CARD! It's the $10,000!
TOTAL: $11,195

Azia's family is going shopping in Orlando!

That's Family Game Night! Don't forget to clear up when you're done!

For more information on the games, or to apply to be a contestant on "Family Game Night", visit the official website at www.familygamenight.com