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It's not twelve "nobody"s; it's six former NBA players. It's not for a "SportsCenter" anchor position; it's for an NBA analyst position. Put it's still the same old Dream Job and, one by one, America and the judges will whittle them down to one!

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Stuart Scott
Al Jaffee, Stephen A. Smith, Kit Hoover, Woody Paige
Mary-Jane April, Mark Shapiro
Jumbolaya Productions, EOE

Airs: Sunday at 7pm ET on ESPN

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Episode 3 - March 13

What a co-ink-i-dink. The NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets have been announced... and, on Dream Job 3, we're down to the Final Four. Matt Bullard, Dee Williams, J.R. Reid and Dennis Scott have returned to the Dream Job studios in the N-Y-C to take another step towards the one-year on-air contract as an NBA analyst.

But we start with a COLLEGE game: Bracket Breakdown. The players have reviewed the brackets that had just come out. Host Stuart Scott will ask each player a question about said brackets and he can answer first. After that, though, ANYBODY can jump-in.

Dennis, did U. of Washington deserve a #1 seed? He says yes since they won the tourney and 6 out of 7 games. Dee thinks Oklahoma State deserved Washington's spot because of a tougher schedule. Matt and J.R. were weak, just saying that conference champs deserved higher seeds.

J.R., who's your Final Four "dark horse"? He says Gonzaga with their team-oriented play. Matt says Kansas, Dee says U. of Florida and Dennis... I can't hear him.

Matt, which conference will have the best showing in the tourney? He says Big Ten (home-body), the others say it's the ACC... Dee saying because their teams have the easiest road to the Final Four.

And Dee has the easiest question of them all: who's gonna win? Dee decides to be a homebody as well and pick the #1 team in the land, Illinois. Matt says Ohio State, Dennis and J.R. have UNC.

"Cold Pizza"'s Woody Paige says Dee was persuave and funny... and it's a three-way tie for worst. Kit Hoover agrees about Dee, but Dennis is a little weak. "NBA Shootaround"'s Stephen A. Smith says Dee rocked 'n' rolled and Matt & JR were the weakest. And VP of Talent Big Al Jaffe makes it unanimous that Dee was the best... and JR was the worst.

Time for the main task of the night: Give-And-Go. One-by-one, each player will once again sit with ESPN's own Dana Jacobson (who does NBA games as a sideline reporter). They will GIVE analysis of an NBA game from earlier last week, complete with a highlight telestration... and then GO to an interview with a current NBA superstar. They had time to look over the highlight, stats and figures for the two games. They will be judged tonight on knowledge, delivery and interview skills.

First up is Dennis, who talks about a play between the Golden State Warriors and the Philly 76ers. He trips a little, but he gives good stats. Then comes the talk with Jason Richardson of the Warriors. Dennis asks about Jason getting his contract negotiations out of the way, and wants to see Jason back in the Slam Dunk Contest and the All-Star Game and about the Warrior's front office helping him and the team succeed.

Kit liked the report and the stats... but the questions could've been shorter. Stephen A. says he was rough with the analysis and wanted more questioning and less "jiving" with the player. Big Al says he like the personality boost, but the questions weren't new. And Woody thought it was a VAST improvement and LIKED the questions!

Next up is Dee, who looks through the San Antonio Spurs hosted by the Phoenix Suns. He ACES the analysis segments, giving good info for his step-by-step plays and smooth content about the Suns. The interview with Cleveland Cavs' star Scott Williams - where he asks if LeBron James has what it takes to win championships, the importance of home-field advantage and SCOTT's possible chances on "Dream Job" - is fascinating, informative and nearly flawless.

Stephen A. says he did a good job... but harped on a few things that DANA was doing that HE should've done. Big Al says it was good analysis and questions... and that Dee DID slow down but should do a little more. Woody is impressed that Dee didn't use his notes during the interviews and that it was a dramatic improvement. Kit says he "nailed it" and likes that he took a stance.

All right... it's time to take the kid gloves off! Our halftime entertainment this time around is the infamous Al Jaffe Sports Quiz - NBA Style! EVERY potential employee of ESPN must take this quiz and pass it in order to have a good chance of making it into the building. Now the ballerz will have to face Big Al for five questions, increasing in difficulty, by answering them FULLY. They'll only have a minute to get through this and they WILL be scored.

Matt is first up. He knows Kevin Garnett leads the NBA in rebounds per game, doesn't know Antawn Jamison was "Sixth Man" award winner last season, guessed only one of the two teams with the worst record at the time (Atlanta Hawks was right, New Orleans Hornets was not; it was Charlotte Bobcats), fumbled when trying to name all four teams Chris Webber played for (missed Golden State) and thought Allen Iverson, not Ray Allen, scored the most points in the 2005 All-Star Game. A big, fat 1 for the "White Shadow".

Next victim is J.R., who knows Hubie Brown was Coach of the Year last season. knows A.I. (Iverson) leads the league in points per game, that the Miami Heat have won eight in a row, knows two of the three traded for Chris Webber by the 76ers... and makes it a sweep by naming all four teams the Detroit Pistons beat last season en route to the NBA Championship. A perfect 5 for the Tarheel!

Dennis takes to the podium next. He got that Dwight Howard was the #1 pick in the last NBA Draft and that Mike Montgomery is the Warriors' head coach... but trips on names of the teams Jalen Rose has played for. He doesn't know Larry Hughes leads the league in steals per game nor that Kobi Bryant is one of three players with four or more "triple-doubles" this season (that's double-digits in points, assists and rebounds). Time runs out and Dennis leaves with a 2.

Best that Dee can do is tie. He gets that the Spurs have the best record at home and that Kevin Pritchard coaches the Portland Trailblazers. He knows four of the six teams Dikembe Mutombo has played for and that Ben Wallace was traded to the Pistons from Orlando. For the tie, he's asked what team averages the most turnovers per game... and he guesses Atlanta. But it's Chicago. An impressive 4, but it wasn't enough. J.R. wins the Sports Quiz!

To start the third quarter of Give-And-Go is Matt. The Minnesota Timberwolves had the unfortunate task of facing the Miami Heat... and ESPN is there! Matt's analysis of the plays was margainal, though he trips a little near the end. His talk about the T'Wolves was functional, as was his talk with T'Wolves Wally . Matt asks him about whether the team is taking a step backwards, how it feels to play for Kevin McHale and that the playbook has the "4-5-2 Twist" removed. He, himself, ends the interview (unlike Dee and Dennis, who let Dana end it).

Big Al thinks it was a good job, giving analysis and tough questions... but wanted info on the "4-5-2". Woody agrees, but wants questions to be longer. Kit like the reporte but, again, asks him to lengthen the questions a little. Stephen A says, "Ya did good." He liked the personality and the stats... just not the first question about "taking a step back".

With the clock winding down, J.R. steps up. The "Wendy's Wild Card Winner" this week is Amy George of Westland, Michigan. If J.R.'s not cut, Amy will be flown to NYC and Bristol for the "Ultimate SportsCenter Experience". L.A. Lakers and Dallas Mavericks are the teams in the highlight, and J.R. does a decent job with the analysis... though his voice isn't exactly exciting. He talks about Dallas' chances for the Playoffs before going to Milwaukee Bucks' forward Joe Smith. J.R. plugs that they're from the same region then gets to questions: what do the Bucks' coaches need to do to keep them focused, how Joe stays in shape as a veteran and if the Florida lifestyle suits him. Softball questions, to say the least.

And the judges know this. Woody says the highlight was more highlighting and not enough analysis and the questions were bad. Kit says he didn't give new info and he could've ended stronger. Stephen A... lets him HAVE IT! The highlight was bad... the questions were bad... and he just didn't care for it! And Big Al says, "This is ESPN, not Channel 3 in Norfolk!"

OK, it's time once again for The Cut. Time for loggers to vote on the worst. The majority gets one vote, as do each of the judges. Three votes and you foul out.

America cuts... Matt Bullard.

Woody Paige thinks Dee slam-dunked it... and Matt and J.R. were the worst. J.R. saved himself with the 5-for-5 in the Quiz. He cuts... Matt. That's two for him.

Kit Hoover said Dee aced everything... and Dennis and J.R. had a rough night. But, THOUGH J.R. got 5/5, Dennis did a little better with Give-And-Go. Therefore, she cuts... J.R.

Stephen A. Smith says Dennis is gone next if he doesn't improve. Dee and Matt stepped it up. But J.R. struggled with the inteview... and he cuts him.

Al Jaffe will make the deciding vote. If it's Dennis or Dee, America's Vote will break the tie and Matt will be history. otherwise, it's whoever Al goes for. Dee did well everywhere, Matt was strong with analysis and the Quiz. It's J.R. that he's "surprised and disappointed" with. He cuts... J.R. Reid.

Who shot down J.R.? We know THAT answer. Himself, that's who. He admits to having troubles with the interview... but has no regrets.

Three remain... who will be sent to the showers NEXT?!

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