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It's not twelve "nobody"s; it's six former NBA players. It's not for a "SportsCenter" anchor position; it's for an NBA analyst position. Put it's still the same old Dream Job and, one by one, America and the judges will whittle them down to one!

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Stuart Scott
Al Jaffee, Stephen A. Smith, Kit Hoover, Woody Paige
Mary-Jane April, Mark Shapiro
Jumbolaya Productions, EOE

Airs: Sunday at 7pm ET on ESPN

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Episode 2 - March 1

We're back with Dream Job 3, the search NOT for the next "SportsCenter" anchor but for the next NBA analyst for ESPN. Five men remain for the position, all first-round picks. But one of them will, by night's end, be sent packing.

Tonight's first challenge is The Fifth Quarter. ESPN is showing this right after showing the Miami Heat destroy the Cleveland Cavaliers... and the five analyst-wannabes are gonna discuss it. Host Stuart Scott will ask each player a question and he can answer first. After that, though, ANYBODY can jump-in.

Matt Bullard, since this was the Cavs sixth straight loss, what's their problem? Matt says it's "unispired basketball", Dennis says LeBron's youth is a factor, Daryl says their gaurds are terrible and J.R. says that said gaurds DID come alive once Shaq was put on the bench.

Speaking of which,... Dee Williams, why didn't the Cavs take advantage when the Heat's Shaqille O'Neil got into "foul trouble" (in the NBA, six personal fouls and your ejected from the game; being in "trouble" means having four or five)? Dee says the Heat's role-players kicked into gear. Matt said Shaq was on fire when he returned and Dennis says the perimeter guys rocked. Daryl and J.R. got SOME words in... but I couldn't hear them over each other.

Daryl Dawkins, what kind of help does sophomore Cav sensation LeBron James need on the team? Daryl says another scorer and a brave center. Dennis says he doesn't really NEED a shooter... just someone to give him the ball. J.R. agrees about the center and Matt slips in that bench talent is needed.

J.R. Reid, do the Cavs have a chance to win the Central Division? Nope, says J.R., since they've been slipping. Dee FINALLY breaks in and says that the Detroit Pistons are kicking it up a notch. Daryl agree that the Pistons could win the division.

And, Dennis Scott, are the Heat the best team in the Eastern Conference (as well as having the best RECORD there)? No, says Dennis, saying Detroit's the best. Dee disagrees, saying that the inclusion of one of their charter players, Alonzo Mourning, makes the Heat the best. An argument breaks out until Stuart shushes them.

To the judges to see who did best and worst. "Cold Pizza"'s Woody Paige says Daryl came strong... and Matt was too soft. Kit Hoover says Matt was slow and Dee and Daryl got in good points (especially Dee, when the little man COULD). NBA analyst extra-loud-ianaire Stephen A. Smith says Matt started strong but dropped off and was the worse and Dennis was the opposite: started weak, finished strong. And Veep of Talent "Big" Al Jaffe says Dee's arguments were best and Matt was too general.

Time for the main task of the night: Double Dribble. Normally, that's a BAD thing in an NBA game. But, here, it could save their dream. One-by-one, each player will sit with ESPN's own Dana Jacobson (who does NBA games as a sideline reporter) and will break down two NBA games from earlier last week, complete with a highlight telestration. They had time to look over the highlight, stats and figures for the two games. They will be judged tonight on knowledge, clarity, improvisation and teamwork.

First up is J.R., who breaks down Seattle Supersonics vs. the Cavs a few days prior. He stumbles through the set up, but the highlight goes smoothly, showing us he knows what he's speaking of. He talks about the Cavs' woes before going to the Pistons and the Pheonix Suns. He slips through THAT highlight, but says that the Suns, with the win, got the point across that they can win.

Woody likes how much he improved, impressed about the "big man problem"" in Seattle. Kit liked the chemistry but a little too much stats. Stephen A. says he started out strong... but he rails on J.R. for missing the hamstring injury on Steve Nash of the Suns. And Big Al wonders, "Who shot J.R.... full of information?" He thinks he should've talked about the Cavs' poor defense a little more but was, overall, good.

Next up is Dennis, who starts with Indiana Pacers vs. Denver Nuggets. His analysis of the highlight play is fine... but he stumbles a fair bit while trying to be cute. After talking about the Pacers and their Playoff chances, they go to the L.A. Clippers hosting the Dallas Mavericks. He's late with his analysis of the highlight but finishes as best he can. He claims that the Clippers aren't the better time in Los Angeles... but they have an outside chance for the Playoffs.

Kit says Dennis had fun but needed more infliction with his voice. Stephen A. says he goofed about Indy coach Rick Carlisle "sweating bullets", didn't give stats and was slow... though the info was all right. Big Al thinks he could be more assertive and was too cliched. Woody knows Dennis is opinionated but didn't show it... and he came out "tighter than Joan Rivers' face".

Darryl is next at the bench. His first game is Lakers vs. Boston Celtics. He gives good info without a stumble as they go into the highlight. He starts it well enough, showing the poor Celtics defense (and tossing in a "Three Stooges" reference) but he slipped near the end. He makes a few pauses talking about how the Celtics are doing and leads us into the New Jersey Nets vs. the Phily 76ers. His highlight... ick. Slow, pausing, UGLY. But a smooth finish about Chris Webber of the Nets ends it.

Stephen A. lets him have it. Darryl started strong... but the highlights were poor. He gives an average grade. Big Al didn't see "Chocolate Thunder" in his Doppler radar like last week. Woody, however, felt he did a GREAT job... and had him laughing, too. And Kit likes Darryl standing up for his opinion.

Fourth to the line is Li'l Dee Brown. First game is the Heat ANDA KNICKS! Dee talks about how Mourning will push Shaq into further greatness before we hit the highlight. He does well thorugh the analysis... until the end when he puts his tounge over his eye teeth so he couldn't see what he was saying. After talking more about Shaq, we go to Houston Rockets at Washington Wizards. He ACED the highlight and the break-down afterwards, much to Dana's delight.

Big Al thinks Dee needs to slow down and needed more specifics about Mourning's help to the Heat... but it was good overall. Woody wants Dee to watch his own performance and correct his speech... but was great with info. Kit agees: great info but slow down. Stephen A wonders "how could you say Zo... he's gonna give Shaq trouble in practice?!" Dee was a bit unsure and needs to be aggressive (B-E AGGRESSIVE)!

Finally is EPSN's "White Shadow", Matt. And Matt is playing for the "Wendy's Wild Card Winner". If he's not cut, a lucky viewer (sorry, missed the name) will be flown to NYC for the "Ultimate SportsCenter Experience". First he talks about Barron Davis and the Golden State Warriors before the highlight vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves. He feels comfy talking about his friend and former teammate Davis' "million dollar smile" and his dekeing of the defense out of their Reeboks. He "uhs" through talking about GM Kevin McHale's handling of the T-Wolves before going to the Orlando Magic hosting the Sacremento Kings. He "highlights" the highlight instead of analyzes it and then talks about some of the Magic players to polish off the task.

To the judges. Woody says Matt was uneven, nailing the first play and not telling about the play. Kit says he nailed it, giving stats and good info and having a good time. Stephen A. says he was "passive" and "playing favorites"... though the info was all well-liked. And Big Al says he gave too many generalities but had good recognition.

OK, it's time for The Cut. Time for loggers to vote on the worst of the worst. The majority gets one vote, as do each of the judges. Three votes and you foul out.

Woody Paige thijnks it's a difficult decision. Matt survived despite the Fifth Quarter and Darryl survived BECAUSE of it. But one didn't clarity, comannd of the subject and communication. He cuts... Dee.

Kit Hoover is glad everyone improved. Dee should get slower, Darryl should get rid of cliches. The one she cuts didn't live up to potential. She cuts... Dennis.

Stephen A. Smith says EVERYONE improved. Matt was terrible with the Fifth Quarter... but Double Dribble made up for that. Dennis wasn't assertive enough and Daryl was so-so. But Dennis was better with the Fifth Quarter. Stephen A. cuts Darryl. That's one each for the three "D"s.

Al Jaffe wants Dee to slow down, says Dennis didn't give opinions and Matt wouldn't criticize a friend. He cuts... Dennis.

Since no player has the prerequisite three votes, it comes down to America's vote. And it's the tie-breaker. So if Dennis, J.R. or Matt gets it, Dennis is gone. If either Darryl or Dee gets it, either of them are eliminated.



Darryl Dawkins.

Darryl, with two votes and the tie-breaker, is benched. He had a bad day, he says, and hopes he makes a better coach.

Four remain... who will be ejected NEXT?!

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