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Your prizes... Your friends... Even YOU are at risk on this game show that's over the edge!

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN

Host Chris Jericho
Creator/EP Scott St. John
Ken Warwick
Packager FremantleMedia North America
Origins American Apparel, Los Angeles
Web www.abc.com/downfall 
Airs 9p Tues, ABC

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Eric Persek/Yolanda Allen/Bridget Praytor
July 6

Its time to back to the rooftop as Eric Persak is going for $50,000...or is he? Let's find as we are back with episode 3 of Downfall!

Chris Jericho and Eric are there. Remember we have a pair of electric motorcycles and an arcade game as well!
He says...that is he GOING for it!
The categories left are:

Scene Here
Out to The Ballgame
A List Celebrities
All About the Sea
He picks Out to The Ballgame.
He has to name the team that plays at the ballpark named. 7 out of 10.
Bikes go, Arcade goes, and he gets 3 before he hits the panic button, and his wife is on the belt for this category.
A-List Celebrities.
7 of 10 - Given a description of a Top 20 Celebrity on the Forbes 100 power list, name them.
They miss two, and as she just goes over the edge they get the 7th. But she has to go down the hardway for safety reasons...but he has the $50,000!
Now, if he wants the $100,000...he has to get 8 of 10! His wife would kill him if he went for it....$50,000 and all his previous prizes including a stereo, basketball hoop, lawnmower and windsurf board.
Next on the belt is Yolanda "Auntie Yo-Yo" Allen from Los Angeles, CA.
Here are the prizes in the $5,000 round: a night at the symphony, a ping-pong table, and a dishwasher.
She needs 4 out of 10 from one of these categories:

Best Selling Music
Popular Companies
Movie Heroes
Fill In the Names
I Feel Pretty
Cheese, Cheese, Cheese
Foreign Language
Fictional Characters
Car Models
She chooses: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese
Give me the country of the origin of the named cheese. 4 out of 10.
Symphony package goes, Ping Pong goes, Dishwasher goes, but she does win $5,000!
For the $10,000 round, we add this to the belt....a waterbed, an espresso machine, and a tool chest!
She needs 5 of 10 from I Feel Pretty.
Name 5 things related to beauty products, treatments or celebrity.
Bed goes over, Espresso Machine goes over, Tool chest goes over, and she hits 3 of 5 before the panic button.
She puts her pegasus statues on the belt.
She gets a second shot with Fictional Characters.
Give the creator given the character...5 of 10.
Statues go over, And she gets only one before she panics again. Her panic partner, is her daughter Jackie Allen.
No panics left...and she needs 5 of 10 from Car Models.
Given the name of a models, name the production line it comes from.
They nail it with 3 passes. $10,000 is hers! And the crowd goes wild.
Now she needs 6 of 10 and the $25,000 milestone will be hers along with ...a washer dryer, a dining room set and a trip to Vegas.
She says...she is going for it with Fill In the Names.
This has to do with people with three names. Given the occupation and the partial name, give the missing name. 6 of 10.
Washer/Dryer goes over, Dining Room goes over, Vegas goes over and....5 of 6 are gotten before the money goes over....and she goes over! Bye Yo-Yo!
Next on the belt is Bridget Praytor from Colorado Springs, CO who is a SAHM of a 4, 3 and 1 yr old!

Her $5,000 prize round includes a years worth of soda, a computer with scanner, small kitchen appliances.
The categories are:
Sports Glossary
These United States
You're My Hero
TV Theme Songs
Super Supermodels
Stock Symbols
Pop Music
Character Creators 
World Capitals
She chooses These United States
4 of 10...given a fact about the US.
Only the Soda goes, but she wins the computer, small kitchen appliances and the $5,000. She only passed twice.
$10,000 round includes a treadmill, karaoke machine, and a sno-cone machine.
She chooses Super Supermodels.
5 of 10 given facts about supermodels.
She only misses one, but the treadmill goes. She gets the $10,000, the karaoke machine and the sno-cone machine.
She chooses to go on for $25,000, but we are out of time! See you next week on Downfall!  

To see this episode in its entirety or to find out how to be a contestant, go to abc.com/downfall.