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June 22


Your prizes... Your friends... Even YOU are at risk on this game show that's over the edge!

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN

Host Chris Jericho
Creator/EP Scott St. John
Ken Warwick
Packager FremantleMedia North America
Origins American Apparel, Los Angeles
Web www.abc.com/downfall 
Airs 9p Tues, ABC

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Martin Mullen/Pisha Walden/Eric Persek
June 29

Last time on Downfall, Martin Mullen hit the panic button and his friend Eric Castagna, is about to go on the conveyor belt as his panic partner! Will he win $25,000?
Our host Chris Jericho is back! Remember, Eric can help as long as he is on the belt. But Martin is the only person who can give the answer.
He chooses from:
Now Departing
3 Names
Hot Tracks
He chooses: Hot Tracks
Given a clue about the top 10 Digital Downloads of 2009, give me 6 of 10. (Note: An artist or band can appear more than once.)
Eric is gone. Martin only gets 4 before the money is gone as well....And Martin goes bye!
New Contestant: Pisha Warden from Concord, CA. Her parents were hippies.
They get hooked up.
New set of categories:

Round 1- Aquarium, Dishwasher, Dance Lessons and $5,000
Vive La France
Love Songs
Outta This World
State Nicknames
Bible Characters
Time for A Laugh
What A Dream Team
The Ex Factor

She picks Out of This World.
Given a fact about the Solar System and it's objects, give it to me. She needs 4 of 10 for $5,000 and some prizes.
She gets 4 of 4, but loses the aquarium. But she wins $5,000, the dishwasher and Dance Lessons.
Next she picks Biopics.
Given a biopic, give the subject. She needs 5 of 10.
The prizes Wine refrigerator, day spa package and prime tickets to a L.A. Lakers home game and $10,000.,
She gets 1, loses all the prizes and hits the panic button. She puts her prize guitar on the line for the $10,000.
She picks Love Songs
Given a song with "love" in the title, name the artist.
She nails 5 with only one miss and gets to keep her guitar and the $10,000!
Going now for $25,000. She has a china cabinet, pinball machine, and a trip to New Orleans!
She chooses The Ex Factor.
Give a name of a female celebrity and the year of her divorce, tell us her ex husband. 6 of 10.
China Cabinet goes, but she wins $25,000, the machine, and New Orleans! (Milestone level!)
Next is 7 of 10!
$50,000 and these prizes!-- a 3DTV, a baby Grand Piano. and $50,000!
She picks Time For A Laugh.
Given a character from an Emmy winning comedy sitcom, name the sitcom. 7 of 10.
She hits the Panic button early. She blows the piano, but her panic partner(her BFF Brittney Rentcheler) is on the belt!

She and her bff after a lot of debate choose State Nicknames. 
Given the Nickname, give the state. 7 out of 10 for $50,000.
She gets 4 before the Panic Partner goes over....and the money is gone! She leaves with $25,000 and she goes down!
New contestant is Eric Persek, a first grade teacher from Corona, CA.
The $5,000 level prizes are: a year's worth of bottled water. a stereo, a basketball hoop with balls.
His categories are:
Blinded by Science
The Calendar
Scene Here
Out to the Ballgame
A-List Celebrities
World Leaders
All About the Sea
He picks World Leaders.
Given a leader, past or present, name the country.
He needs 4 of 10.
He loses the water, but wins the stereo, the hoop with balls, and the $5,000!
New prizes at the $10,000 level. Home video camera kit, skis and snowboards, and an electric guitar with amp.
He picks Ingredients.
Given a dish, name its main ingredient...5 out of 10. 
He gets 4 out of 5, and loses all the prizes before hitting the panic button. 
What he does is puts on a clock that his wife's mother's gave him. His wife(and panic partner) is surprised...he didn't tell her.
He chooses The Calendar 
He needs to get 5 of 10 National Holidays and Observances. 
He loses the clock, but wins the $10,000! 
Next prize level $25,000 and... $a $3,000 home renovation gift card, John Deere lawn mower & a wind surfboard!
He chooses Blinded by Science.
Given a breakthrough and the first name of the scientist...give me the last name...6 of 10.
He gets 6 of 10, losing only the home renovation card! He wins $25,000, the mower and the surfboard!
Next level, is $50,000,a pair of electric motorcycles, and an arcade game...but he will decide next week! See you next time!

To see this episode in its entirety or to find out how to be a contestant, go to abc.com/downfall.