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Your prizes... Your friends... Even YOU are at risk on this game show that's over the edge!

Recaps by Jason Block, GSNN

Host Chris Jericho
Creator/EP Scott St. John
Ken Warwick
Packager FremantleMedia North America
Origins American Apparel, Los Angeles
Web www.abc.com/downfall 
Airs 9p Tues, ABC

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Nicole Breed/Martin Mullen
June 22

Welcome to "Downfall", the game where if you dont answer the question, you and your stuff can go off the roof of a Los Angeles Building!

Your host is the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, Y2J, the lead singer of Fozzy, contributor to Best Week Ever, and WWE wrestler. He is Chris Jericho!

The rules are this: Prizes will be put on the conveyor belt of doom. If you answer the questions, the prizes wont fall. If you do, over the side they go!

Our first contestant is Nicole Breed from Ferndale, WA! She is in the Navy for 6 years and married to a Navy Pilot.

Nicole and Chris get tethered. And here is the money tree.

Round 1 - $5,000
Round 2 - $10,000
Round 3 - $25,000
Round 4 - $50,000
Round 5 - $100,000
Round 6 - $250,000
Round 7 - $1,000,000

The prizes are Dance Lessons for 2, an Oven and a Telescope, and the $5,000. Here are the rules: You can guess as many times as you want, but if you pass the belt moves faster. If you hit the panic button and stop the belt, you will get a re-do, but it will cost you. Each category has 10 questions. In round 1, you have to answer 4 out of 10.

The categories are:

Music in The Air
Hard to Say Goodbye
Famous Firsts
Children's Books
Parks & Monuments
Vegetable Varieties
Super Spin-Offs
Toy Hall of Fame
Best Picture Winners

She picks: Parks and Monuments. She has to name 4 US National Parks after being given a fact about them.

The Dance Lessons goes bye, bye. So does the stove, And the telescope, And she hits the Panic Button before the money goes.

They reset the belt. Now one more item goes on the belt which is her supporter or "panic partner" or a personal item which she brought. She puts on her dining set which was the first thing her hubby and her bought together.

Her next category is Best Picture Winners. The category is winners with one word in their name. Given the actor and the year, give the winner.

She needs 4 of 10.

She gets it! $5,000 and the table stay!

She goes on! The new prizes are a popcorn cart, a crystal and china set and a poker table and $10,000!

She needs 5 of 10! Category is: Toy Hall of Fame. Since 1998, 44 toys have been in inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame. Given a description, name the toy. Since she has a 7 yr old and 13 month old, this should be easy.

She has one panic button left.

She only loses the popcorn cart! She wins the crystal and china set, a poker table and $10,000!

Now she needs 6 of 10! The next round of $25,000 is a milestone round. If she wins it, she gets to keep it no matter what.

She goes for it! The prizes are a Pizza Oven, A home Theater system, An anti-Gravity simulation and $25,000!

Her category is Children's Books. Given a character and author you will give the book where they first appeared. She needs 6 of 10.

She loses all the prizes and hits the panic button for the 2nd time. Now the panic partner goes on the belt. The supporter that goes on the belt is her husband's boss, Allister McCallister. Her husband is in Japan. The panic partner can shout out the answers, but only her answers are acceptable. And once he drops, he can't help her.

She chooses: Super Spin-Offs. Given a spin-off, she has to name the show it was spun off from a/k/a the parent show. She needs 6 of 10.

She goes 6 for 6 and gets $25,000! No misses!

Next up is $50,000 and a car, as well as a living room! She goes for it!

She needs 7 of 10!

She chooses Vegetable Varieties. Given 2 varieties of a vegetable, name it.

The car is gonzo, living room is gone, and so is the cash! Nicole leaves with $25,000...and Nicole goes down!

Next contestant is Martin Mullen from Boston, MA, an LA Firefighter for 10 years! He is getting married in 2 weeks! Aly and Jackie are hooking up Chris and Martin!

Here are his prizes for round 1: A custom suit, a year's worth of coffee, a refrigerator with beverages and $5,000 in cash!

His categories are:

Let's Eat
Who's Your Daddy?
Now Departing
3 Names
Hot Tracks
The Sexiest Men Alive
Cartoon Characters

He starts with Let's Eat. Given a menu item on a national fast food chain, name the chain. He needs 4 of 10.

Suit and Coffee are gone before he wins the Fridge and the $5,000!

He goes on for round 2.

New prizes - Karaoke Machine, Barbeque Grill, Home Video Camera Kit, and $10,000!

5 of 10 in Cartoon Characters.

Karaoke Machine, Grill, are gone before the Panic Button is hit. He puts on his golf clubs and he picks:

The Sexiest Men Alive. Given a character played by one People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, name the man. He needs 5 of 10.

He saves his clubs just before they fall and gets $10,000!

Decision time...does he go for $25,000...which is a milestone level! He is staying!

$25,000 and these prizes...an Italian/Greek Honeymoon Cruise, an MP3 Jukebox, and an outdoor theater system. He needs 6 of 10.

He picks Who's Your Daddy? Given celebrity offspring, name the famous father.

The cruise goes, the jukebox and the MP3 player...but he gets 5 of 6 before he hits the panic button. His friend Eric will be going on the belt when we return next time!

To see this episode in its entirety or to find out how to be a contestant, go to abc.com/downfall.