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Seems like a regular quiz show, right? Just try and say that when you're being pelted from all sorts of directions with various.. well, distractions.

Recaps by Alex Davis, GSNN

Jimmy Carr
EP: Michael Dugan
Packager: Kickoff Productions, FremantleMedia North America, Comedy Partners
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET on Comedy Central

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Episode 2 - January 25

After what seemed like a TV eternity, Distraction finally has its second episode. The first of the four contestants tonight is Bert, who loves sushi and martial arts. Jimmy is sure to point out the irony of that since he is Asian also. Next is Flynn. She actually had an accident in her pants as she was playing football, and somehow she still scored. Next up is Amanda, who worked for Madonna. Finally, we have Mark who, as traveling in all 50 states, had sex in each of them.

Round one was another buzzer round, but not the same as the last one. This time, to buzz in, the players had to have a shot of hot sauce, down it, and slam the cup on the table. Bert quickly wracks up two points with knowing the band containing Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and what team Shaquille O'Neal plays on, the Miami Heat. However, Matt answers back with a Tennessee Williams play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, he knew who sang the song "Hot Hot Hot", which happens to be Buster Poindexter, and who sang the song Hot Stuff, Donna Summer. Bert locks in another quick one with knowing the lowest point in the western hemisphere, Death Valley. Amanda finally gets in by knowing Hot Lips Houlihan is in the sitcom M*A*S*H, but Matt picks up the last two, including knowing the mini-Mattel cars, Hot Wheels. Sadly, Flynn has the least amount of points and is eliminated from the game.

Round two this time does not contain the bonus 5 points for doing something. It's just a normal one player timed quiz, one player going at a time. But this is Distraction! Something has to happen! That's right, pro wrestlers will toss the contestants around as they answer. Bert is first up. Bert doesn't stall on answering the movie R2D2 is in, Star Wars; and how many feet are in 60 inches. However, he stumbles on naming a state the Mississippi River touches, besides Mississippi. He incorrectly answers Colorado. He finally gets his last 3 right knowing the country Beijing is the capital for, China; What else forms with hydrogen to make water, Oxygen; and how many sides are on an octagon, eight. Matt ends his short time with 5 right answers.

Amanda is next up, with a different wrestler distracting her. She, however, does not do as well as Bert. She misses the first one quickly, not knowing how many are in a baker's dozen, 13. She answers 6. She at least got one right with naming two living members of the Beatles. However, she missed two of the great lakes, the city where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located, and what is six hours after 10AM.

Finally, Mark came up. Jimmy proclaims that the two wrestlers are a little tired, so they will tag team him. However, that did not faze him at all. He got all 7 of his right. He quickly got how many weeks are in a year, who does Shrek's voice, the person who painted Mona Lisa, Scrooge's first name, one half of 1/2, and the smallest state in the United States. This meant that Amanda was out of the game, leaving Bert and Mark going for the big money.

This round intrigued every male audience member and home viewer. Contestants just buzzed in when they knew it, however, Jimmy proclaims to "bring out the scantily clad women!" That's right, every right answer gets one barely clothed lady in bed with them. As soon as I adjusted myself in excitement, as well as the contestants and host, the round began. Mark quickly got the first one, knowing what movie Demi Moore bares all her clothes in, Striptease. However, Bert answers back knowing who directed Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick. Mark then got a second knowing the Dawson's Creek star who took off her clothes in The Gift. Then, Bert locked in with two right answers like for knowing the movie that Paltrow received the Best Actress Oscar for. Bert did answer another one as he answered that Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger were married, but Jimmy makes something interesting here. He says one of the wrestlers is lonely, so out comes a huge, and also scantily clad, man jumping right on Bert's rib cage. At this point, Bert had 4. Mark did get one more by knowing who skinny dipped in the movie "Vacation", but Bert locked the round by knowing the Sex & The City star who was in the teen movie Porky's. Bert had 5 right and won the game.

This time, the bonus round was not for a car, but a wide variety of prizes that totaled to over $10,000. Inside a glass container were a Vespa, an Electric Chariot, an Apple iBook, a big digital camera package, and a week's supply of peas. Easy round, each right protects a prize. Each wrong answer, however, makes you push down one of the TNT levers. However, Jimmy can't remember which one goes to which, so it's all total luck. Bert did well answering the first three, the Al Pacino bank robber movie, Dog Day Afternoon; The hit for the 80s band Bow Wow Wow, I Want Candy; and the capital of Germany, Berlin. However, he failed on the three-headed dog that stands at the gates of Hades (he answered Cerebus; the correct answer is Cerberus). He pushed down one of the levers, and blew up the Apple iBook. One final question remained. He had to know what sitcom the Regal Beagle was in, and he answered correctly with Three's Company. So, Bert leaves with a Vespa, an Electric Chariot, a digital camera package, and a week of peas! And we leave with wanting next week's episode of Distraction.

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