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Seems like a regular quiz show, right? Just try and say that when you're being pelted from all sorts of directions with various.. well, distractions.

Recaps by Alex Davis, GSNN

Jimmy Carr
EP: Michael Dugan
Packager: Kickoff Productions, FremantleMedia North America, Comedy Partners
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET on Comedy Central

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Episode 1 - January 18

Imagine Ken Jennings on, say, his hypothetical 76th game. As he buzzes in, he gets hit in the back of the head with a chair. He answers correctly, and his opponent gets hit in the back with a bottle. My friends, welcome to Distraction. Jimmy Carr, who also presides over the UK version, hosts this game show. After a tit joke in the monologue, we meet our victims, er, players, but not in a normal way. Jimmy asks a question to one person or the entire group with a fact about that person.

First was Katie, who fell out of her bathing suit while swimming once. However, she is a cultured girl. She plays the double bass. Next is Rob. Despite Rob being as bald as a penny, he had a perm from 6th grade until graduation. Jimmy says that too much male hormone leads to baldness, so he should stop swallowing. Our third contestant is Christine who was a bit of a showoff as a child. In her 3rd grade show-and-tell day, she stuffed her grandmother's bra and put it on. Finally, we have Matt who resembles Orlando Jones a little. Before the show, he worked for Bohemian Rides, although that changed recently he says. One of his loves, and I quote, is crappy pop music like the song "Milkshake".

Round one is a basic game show foil: buzz in when you know the answer and give Jimmy the answer. If you're right, you get one point. However, the buzzers are attached to your opponent's asses, so you must spank the person to your side in order to lock in. Another common game show foil: lowest score is out of the game. All the questions this round have the word "butt" or "but" in them as a clue and gag. Matt quickly buzzes in to the first question, responding that Beavis's partner is Butthead. Christine spanks away, while giggling, that Amy Fisher dated Joey Buttafuoco. Rob scored two points very quickly when he know the candy bar that Bart Simpson endorses, Butterfinger, and the 70s Clint Eastwood movie "Every Which Way But Loose".

For fun, Jimmy switches the contestant order around so that Katie and Christine stand near each other for some "girl-on-girl action and guy-on-guy love". The next question was the first wrong answer in US Distraction history, as Matt said that the buttfish was the large northern flatfish, which is halibut. Luckily, he made up for it by getting the popular turkey brand Butterball. Rob also clocked in a right answer with Sir Mix-A-Lot's song "I Like Big Butts". Round one comes to a close now with Rob getting 3 points, Matt having 2, Christine having 1, and Katie having nothing. Despite all the spanking fun, Katie must go.

Round two is more of a challenge distraction than the last one. The host will be reading questions, which contestants must fill in the last part of a duo. They just have to buzz in to answer, and the buzzer is on their podium this time. However, for 5 bonus points, they can put as many clothespins as they can on their face. The most at the end of the round gets the points. Matt locks in an early two knowing Starsky & Hutch along with Mork & Mindy. Rob answers back with knowing Tweedle Dee & Dum and also the comedy duo Cheech & Chong. Christine finally rings in despite whimpering for pain with Ren & Stimpy. Rob locks in with Sonny & Cher. Christine locks in a second time, despite stalling from putting the pins on her facial cheeks, getting Will & Grace. Rob gets three more points with questions such as Turner & Hooch and Sodom & Gomorrah. Matt, however, picks up four with Itchy & Scratchy, Batman & Robin, Sanford & Son, and Anthony & Cleopatra. The pain stops for the contestants, though, as time expires. Christine got 2 points and 24 clothespins, Matt had 7 points and 37 clothespins, but Rob won with 12 points, including 5 bonus for getting 38 pins in. Christine's time has come as she has been eliminated.

The final round was more of a dare to buzz in than anything. It only took 5 correct answers to win a brand new Ford Mustang (I'm not kidding). This time, they must know their action movies and action film stars. However, when you buzz in, you get hit in the back or head with some blunt object. If you are right, your opponent also gets hit. If you are wrong, you get hit in the head with something as well. It kicks off with Rob knowing I'll be Back came from The Terminator. After acknowledging the pain, Matt clocks in three answers with knowing who plays Peter Parker in Spiderman, Toby McGuire; who played Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford; and the three actresses in the current Charley's Angels, which are Barrymore, Liu, and Diaz. Jimmy calls for the stunt people to bring out the chairs to hit Rob and Matt with him. Rob gets another one with knowing Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and another knowing The Rock's real name, Dwayne Johnson. However, Matt gets his 4th with Angelina Jolie starring in "Tomb Raider". Rob ties it up knowing the Keanu Reeves trilogy "The Matrix". However, the game came to a close when Matt knew Vin Diesel starred in the movie XXX. Matt just won a brand new Ford Mustang, sort of, and Rob goes home.

The bonus round shows off Matt's new Mustang. However, it's not all his yet. As he stands on the staircase with Jimmy, the eliminated players come out with implements of car torture. Jimmy has four questions. Each one right keeps a part of the car safe; each wrong damages a part of the car. Matt has the choice of two topics: lunchmeat or science. Despite Jimmy's efforts, he chose science. The questions have something science involved, but are just general knowledge. The first question, which was to save the headlights, was answered correctly by Matt knowing what car company makes the Neon, which is Dodge. Next is to save the roof. Matt, who appears to be nearly in tears at the sight, misses the question, not knowing what Gene played in the band KISS, which is Simmons. Katie and Christine dump paint all over the roof of the car. The third question, which could break the windshield, was answered incorrectly, with Matt not knowing who sang the song "She Blinded Me With Science". The correct answer is Thomas Dolby. Rob, very gleefully, kicks the crap out of the windshield with the business end of a sledgehammer, leaving it through the glass as a souvenir. The final question, to keep the doors on the car, was answered correctly, though, by Matt knowing Schulz made the comic strip Peanuts. So, by the end of the game, Matt wins a brand new Ford Mustang….. with yellow and pink paint on the top, a smashed windshield, and a pretty nice repair bill along with taxes for the car!

Opinion of game- All in all, it's a very nice little game show. If you are a game show purist, you will probably not like it, but if you evolve with the game show of today, it should strike you as fun. Despite the distractions, this game is a straight up quizzer, although a bit too easy. The difficulty switch between the questions on Win Ben Stein's Money and Distraction is astounding. The distractions do what they are meant to do also, especially evident in round 2 and three. Christine almost missed her questions because she couldn't get over the pain. You also saw contestants Rob and Matt not wanting to buzz in on occasion so the stunt people wouldn't hit them with the chairs. One of the big selling to this game, though, is Jimmy. He knows exactly when to be a host and when to be a comedian. When it's time to cheer the contestant on and read questions, he gets to it seamlessly. He also is an excellent comedian knowing exactly the right times when to come in. The set is decent enough, with a living room looking set. This is one of the few newer game shows that does not use too much evident dynamic veri-light technology. One of the more annoying parts of the game was the forced enthusiasm by the contestants at points, which was clearly evident at the beginning. The expression of Matt winning the new car was expected, but it got overboard in the opening. This is one of the better shows to come out this year, definitely as good or better than 80% of what GSN has showed so far, which isn't saying much. Hopefully this show will have a nice long run and receive a renewal.

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