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Ballroom dancing gets a fierce forum as six of the medium's best meet up with six celebrities... and YOU'RE the ultimate judge!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN


Tom Bergeron & Lisa Canning
Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli

Eric Morley (based upon "Strictly Come Dancing")
Conrad Green, Richard Hopkins
Packager: BBC Worldwide
Airs: Wednesdays at 9pm ET on ABC

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"The Jive/Tango Takedown" - June 15

This is week 3 of "Dancing With The Stars," and Pierre Kelly's back to give you this week's battle as the couples will dance to either a Jive or a Tango. When their performances are over, the judges will rate each couple from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest for an individual judge, and 30 being the maximum for all 3 judges. Whoever has the lowest public votes at the end of the show will be yanked out of the ballroom for good. Last week, despite being in last place, Kelly & Alec saved themselves from elimination, sending Trista & Louis packing. Will Kelly & Alec be saved once again? Will Evander & Edyta get knocked out in the elimination round? and will John & Charlotte's 1st place hopes be kept alive? Let's party!

Our first couple this week: Evander & Edyta. Last week, their QS stepped onto last place. Will they step into first place? During the practice portion of the program, Edyta took Evander to a jive club, and it really did pay off. How will that go on live TV? They'll be doing a Jive to "Reet Petite." During portions, they got quite a few kicks in them, and at the break, they did a little swim gesture, but by the chorus, they did some turns and at the last verse, Edyta did a little leg split. The song ended, however, when Edyta slid through Evander's legs. Will they sink or swim with the judges' opinions? Let's find out: Len said it was like a bowl of custard, Carrie Ann said it loved the audience more, but needs to be very heavy on their feet, and Bruno said they need to be sharp, and dance in parallel with each other. Will they make a big 1st place splash? Let's swim on over to the scores:

LEN: 4 CARRIE ANN: 5 BRUNO: 4 Total: 13
Not a good way to start the show, but there's plenty of it left.

Going 2nd is Rachel & Johnathan. Last week, their Rumba electrified 2nd place, but got a short circuit when she & Trista became the bottom two at elimination. However, it recharged when Rachel survived the cut. Will their dance batteries go dead again at elimination time? They'll do a tango to Britney Spears' "Toxic." Rachel did a leg left while her partner carried her down the stairs at the start of the verse. By the song's hook and the chorus, Rachel did some foot spins of her own with her partner. By the end, Rachel did a pratfall, but how did that go? On to the judges' sayings: Len said it had passion and beautiful choreography, Carrie Ann said it had great posture, amazing feet, but got lost in the middle there, and Bruno said it was sexy, wonderful, and excellent in every dance. Will their excellence exceed 1st place? On to the scoreboard:

LEN: 9 CARRIE ANN: 8 BRUNO: 9 Total: 26
And this week, they take a big lead.

3rd, Kelly & Alec, and when you think of going 3rd this week, will 3rd be a charm for a high score this time? Last week, Kelly & Alec's rumba disapproved the judges, but kept them safe. Will they keep them safe again this week? They'll do a Jive to Kenny Loggins' "Footloose." To start off the song, Alec put his hat on Kelly, but reversed it quickly. Getting near the chorus, they did a little spin around, and seconds before the chorus, Kelly took the hat from Alec, and tossed it off the floor. By the 1st chorus, they did some kicks, and by the 2nd chorus, Kelly took a few dips. Getting near the end of the song, Alec did a between the legs slide, and by the end, Kelly took a back & forth between the legs slide. Will they climb up the ladder to 1st, or slide down the chute to last place? Let's go to the judges: Len said it had a fabulous compaction with the legs, Carrie Ann said it was the best routine ever,! and Bruno said it was their best week ever with sharp footwork. Will this be their best week ever for them? Only the scores tell the tale:

LEN: 7 CARRIE ANN: 6 BRUNO: 8 Total: 21
3rd time may be a charm, but it's enough for 2nd place.

John & Charlotte are next, and last week, their improvised acting and their great quickstep earned them 1st place. Will they do it again this week? They'll take a tango to a perfect tango song, Debelah Morgan's "Dance With Me." Before the chorus, John did a little eyebrow lift, and at the break, they did some slow kicks. By the end, John splits up and Charlotte did a halfway between the legs split. Will this be another 1st place performance? We go to the judges: Len said it was like a panther stalking its prey, Carrie Ann said they're still the couple to beat and Bruno said it was a cross between Rudolph Valentino & Ricky Ricardo. Will they shoot down Rachel & Johnathan's spot and earn them 1st place? Let's track down the scores:

LEN: 8 CARRIE ANN: 9 BRUNO: 7 Total: 24
That didn't work, but it's good enough for 2nd place, putting Kelly & Alec into 3rd.

Rounding out this week is Joey & Ashly. Last week, they took a quickstep into 3rd place. How will they do this week? They'll do a jive to Elton John's "I'm Still Standing." And by the looks of Joey's WW2 costume, they did jive like crazy. During a portion of the song, Joey did a floor slide and jumped over Ashly. By the end, they both went to the band area and Ashly did a little leg lift. Will they stand into 1st or sit onto last place? We got to the judges to find out: Len said it was a pure rock & roll performance, Carrie Ann said it had a little sloppiness, and Bruno said it was at a better rate. How did the judges rate in numbers? Let's take a look, one last time:

LEN: 7 CARRIE ANN: 7 BRUNO: 8 Total: 22
That's good for 3rd place for the 2nd week in a row.

So far, we recap the scoreboard: Rachel & Johnathan have 26 (5 ranking points), John & Charlotte are 2nd with 24 (4 ranking points), 3rd place belongs to Joey & Ashly with 22 (3 ranking points), next to them are Kelly & Alec with 21 (2 ranking points), and bringing up the rear is Evender & Edyta with 13 (1 ranking point). Who'll take 2 to tango out of this dance floor? TO THE ELIMINATION ROUND!

In random order...Rounding 1st...John & Charlotte!...heading for 2nd...Kelly & Alec!...rounding 3rd...Rachel & Jonathan! It all comes down to Evander & Joey. Who'll cross home plate 1st, and who's out at the plate? The next dancing victim tagged out is....Evander & Edyta! Joey & Ashly remain safe this week. As we end this week's show, Evander & Edyta dance one last time to "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late." Will that title mean anything to another ousted dance couple next week? To save them from elimination, go to and vote on your favorite couple (must have an account). Until next week, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, i'm out.

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