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Ballroom dancing gets a fierce forum as six of the medium's best meet up with six celebrities... and YOU'RE the ultimate judge!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN


Tom Bergeron & Lisa Canning
Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli

Eric Morley (based upon "Strictly Come Dancing")
Conrad Green, Richard Hopkins
Packager: BBC Worldwide
Airs: Wednesdays at 9pm ET on ABC

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"The Cha-Cha/Waltz Warm-up" - June 1

Sure, you danced along to hits like Ciara & Usher, you danced along to trance and dance mixes in clubs, you even took some lessons by playing Dance Dance Revolution, but have you ever tried Ballroom Dancing? Well, that seems to be the case for ABC as we bring you this internationally-known show we call: DANCING WITH THE STARS!!

Hello everyone, I'm Pierre Kelly, your roving backstage reporter for Dancing with the Stars, as we begin week 1 of this live grueling competition. This week, our teams will be doing the Cha-Cha for the men and Waltz for the ladies. Your hosts are Tom Bergeron & Lisa Canning. Now let's meet the stars and the dance pros...

-Evander Holyfield (boxing champ)
-Joey McIntyre (New Kids on the Block)
-John O'Hurley (Seinfeld)
-Kelly Monaco (General Hospital)
-Rachel Hunter (The Real Gilligan's Island)
-Trista Rehn-Sutter (The Bachelorette)

-Alec Mazo (Emerald Ball Latin American champion; Kelly's partner)
-Ashly DelGrosso (Holiday Rising star champion; Joey Mac's Partner)
-Charlotte Jorgenson (US Open Ballroom champion; John's partner)
-Edyta Sliwinska (Latin amateur champion; Evander's partner)
-Johnathan Roberts (Rising Star champion; Rachel's partner)
-Louis Van Amstel (US Pro Latin American champion; Trista's partner)

Now, the rules: the 6 teams each week will perform a routine in front of a live audience and when that's over, our judges (Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba & Bruno Tonioli) will give a score of 1 to 10 with 10 the highest score for a single judge and 30 being the maximum. But that doesn't stop there. By the end of the show, the at-home audience will vote for your favorite dance couple. Whoever's in last place next week is gone, and since this is the 1st week, there'll be no elimination, so let's be like MC Hammer and get it started.

Leading off this week is the team of Joey & Ashly. Joey's dancing was mostly Hip-hop, but will ballroom dancing become his cup of tea? They'll be dancing to Beyonce & Jay-Z's "Crazy in Love," and they did dance crazy just like a great couple. Let's go to the judges and see what they think. Len said it was terrific, Carrie Ann said it needs to work sharper and Bruno said it needs to have a little more Latin style. Now, let's get our first look at the scoreboard:

LEN: 7 CARRIE ANN: 7 BRUNO: 6 Total: 20
What a way to start off the show!

Next up, Rachel & Johnathan. Rachel's problem throughout her practice was her focus ability, but will her focus become clearer to the title? They'll be waltzing to a Commodores slow jam entitled "Three Times a Lady." Rachel got the crowd into a frenzy when she raised her leg in the air, and during the song, they took some turns & whirls around the floor, but will they turn it into a 1st place finish? On to the judges: Len said it wasn't a cup of tea, Carrie Ann said it was going well and Bruno said it was like a turqoise dream. Will last place become a nightmare for Rachel & Johnathan? Let's look at the scores:

LEN: 6 CARRIE ANN: 7 BRUNO: 7 Total: 20
What do ya know, we're all even!

Evander & Edyta's next to break the deadlock, and by far, Evander did succeed in boxing, but can he succeed in ballroom dancing? They will be as they cha-cha to "Respect," and by far, they really got the soul going. Will they keep it up? Let's hear it from the judges:
Len said it was terrific, Carrie Ann said Evander made Edyta a great strong partner, but need to watch the feet a little bit more, and Bruno said they got respect by the truckload, but will it be more respect for the judges? To the scores:

LEN: 7 CARRIE ANN: 5 BRUNO: 6 Total: 18
That didn't succeed for Evander, but a good 2nd place finish.

Up next, Kelly & Alec. Kelly crept through the door in her first practice while Alec practiced, but will they creep up on 1st place? They'll be waltzing to Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," and as they almost got to the chorus, they did a little spinning around, and by the end, Kelly's head was on the floor. How did the judges do? Len said they need to work on their rountines like a garden, Carrie Ann said it looked stiff & defiant and Bruno said the waltz needs a little romance. Will it have a 1st place happy ending? Looking at the scores:

LEN: 4 CARRIE ANN: 5 BRUNO: 5 Total: 13
No dice, and there's still a 2-way tie for 1st.

Up 5th is John & Charlotte, who needs to act like leaders, not students, will be doing a cha-cha to EWF's "September." By the chorus part, John put Charlotte in a spin and when the song ended, they both spin. Now let's spin on over to the judges: Len said it was a hole-in-one, Carrie Ann said it was fantastic, and Bruno said they look forward to keep up every week.
Can 21 points keep their performance up? To the scores we go:

LEN: 7 CARRIE ANN: 7 BRUNO: 6 Total: 20
Holy cow, it's a 3-way tie!

Batting cleanup is Trista & Louis doing a waltz to Norah Jones' "Come away with me," and as you can tell by that pink dress, it really got the crowd going, but the song ended with an arm-in-arm walk. Will it be a last-place deathwalk? One last time, let's go the judges:
Len said it was very basic dancing, Carrie Ann said the dance was like a fairytale, but needs to work on their strength, and Bruno said they're showing great potential. Now, one last time, the scorecards:

LEN: 6 CARRIE ANN: 6 BRUNO: 6 Total: 18
No 1st, but a 2-way tie for 2nd place.

So to recap, the teams of John, Joey & Rachel get 1st place with 20, 2nd place goes to Trista & Evander with 18 and dead last goes to Kelly with 13. Well, that's about all the time we have for this show. To vote for your favorites, call 1-866-613-000# (position based on tonight's show) or to vote for your favorite couples. (must have an account) Until next week, this is Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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