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Today is

Barrel Run - February 9

Day 10: 8a, six days until the rodeo. Malcolm had a nightmare that he was hit by a bull. Cosmo's philosophy has been trying to be his best, but never let them see you coming. But the group consensus is that his attitude has been down.

12:30p: barrel racing. Champ Fallon Taylor demonstrates. It's all about speed, precision, and timing. Katie's first... and her horse is having some issues. Time: 44.86. Malcolm... 40.28. Candace: 23.64. Rich... 22.24. He's a competitor. Bobby... 25.88. Rocco notes that it wasn't really up to expectation.

Cosmo... is really struggling. He didn't have a good time. He's got a lot of excuses. Time: 34.66. Rich wins.

Next.. let's eat! Seasoned beef all around. Actually, it's Rocky Mountain oysters... a/k/a bull testicles. So who eats the most wins. It's Malcolm, Candace & Cosmo vs. Bobby, Katie & Rich.

Round 1: Candace's Team leads, 9-8.

Round 2: Katie's team takes the lead, 15-14.

Round 3: Katie overcomes her vegetarian leanings... Final score.. 21-20. Looked the bull in the junk and ate it.

Next day, 11:30a, Cosmo can't do anything with his left arm. It's a bad case of tendonitis. He's going to see how it goes from here on...

Day 11, 2:30p, wild cow riding. Good training for bull riding. It's two teams of three. Katie picks Bobby and Malcolm. Candace, Rich & Cosmo will ride second. Katie's the anchor. Bobby's the mugger. Malcolm rides... for a second. No time. Team Candace... Candace anchors. Cosmo mugs. Rich rides it out for the win.

Katie doesn't know where she stands as far as elimination. We'll find out soon enough.

7:30p. Reward and elimination. Someone is going home. First, the reward. Tonight, it goes to... Candace. She gets a long comfortable massage.

Now for the bad news. One of the other five is going home. Candace.. Rich... Bobby... Malcolm... Katie... Cosmo... Cosmo is going home. Rocco thinks that he's mentally shot. Cosmo thanks the crew before making his departure. Remember, everyone leaves a winner.

That leaves one more person that has to leave before the rodeo, and it will not get any easier from there.


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