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Today is

Ready... Aim... Manure - January 19

Day 4: 7a, 12 days until the rodeo. Rich says that he's main competition is bobby. They compete in everything, right down to workout schedules.

Oh, and in case we haven't brought it up before... Behold the Cowboy U Code...

A cowboy must have
- guts.
- skills.
- determination.

10a. Steer Wrestling. It's as simple as pull the left horn, turn the head and trip. It is all technique. Sarah doesn't want to go through with it. She's eventually talked into it by the others. Rich is first, though. He takes it down in 11.17. Candace is next... lost. Cosmo gets it in 23.91. Malcolm gets it done in 19.42. Katie misses. No time. Sarah... wants out of the cage. No time for her either. And I think she's having a panic attack. Bobby's the last one out. He's done in... 5.93! Bobby wins.

Day 5: 7a. Some had the easy chores like raking manure. Others had... to wrangle Pokey, the Cowboy U foal. Not an easy job to grab someone who has to get a vitamin every day. I wonder if anyone ever got him.

9a: mechanical bull riding. To make things interesting... we're spreading the love around. Cosmo seems to have the idea down until... Judd starts turning the machine. Woops.

Did we mention that something's messing with his groin? The media says take two of these and don't call him ever.

12:30p. Next up... guns! And horses! Demonstrating is Rocco's cousin Randy. They head to nearby Haymen, CO for the cowboy shooting contest. Malcolm does good on the running part. 1:02 is his time (57 plus a penalty).

Sarah: 2:11
Candace: 2:15
Katie: 2:04
Cosmo: 1:04
Rich: :44
Bobby: ... :41. Rich is a bridesmaid again.

"But history is proven at Cowboy U that it's never the most obvious people who win this thing."

4:30p: Lunge line lesson. Left turn, right turn, dismount. Cosmo is still going on about his groin. Rich is a quick study. Sarah... is still a little horse-shy.

Campfire and reward... Tonight, it's Rich. It's not about contests, but about the fight within. So he's getting a hot bubble bath.

Sarah is talking herself out of $25,000, meanwhile. She has more talent and more heart than she realizes.

But will she Cowboy Up? Find out next time.


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