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Today is

Ribbons and Pigs - February 2

Day 8: 8a, eight days until the rodeo. We've already eliminated two women. Now two guys will have to hang up their stirrups. Are Rich & Bobby actually neck-and-neck, as Candace says?

High noon: steer ribbon tying. Judd and Jason demonstrate. Wrangle, tie, and then cross the line.

Candace & Bobby are first... and Bobby wrestles his meat to the ground. They get it done in 18.44.

Rich & Malcolm are next... and they have a hard time controlling their cow. No time.

Katie & Cosmo ... and Katie can't tie a tie to save her life. They end up with 28.75. Ten seconds slow. Notice, Katie was the only one wearing gloves.

That night, Rocco asks the crew to pick their weakest link. We have a vote for Cosmo... We have another vote for Cosmo. He hopped out of the ring yesterday when faced with a bull. So Cosmo it is. He's going to take on Rocco's next chore... caging chickens and emptying a trailer, all to make sure it's fit for horses.

Cosmo thinks that the entire crew is "jumping on the Bobby bandwagon."

Next day, noon, buckboard wagon shooting. This will be an event in the rodeo. Eight balloons, five points a balloon. Most points wins.

First, Rich & Malcolm. Malcolm's the fastest with a peace. Their score: 65.

Next, Katie & Candace. Candace is a dead eye, as Katie... misses all of them. Score: 25.

Finally, Bobby & Cosmo. Cosmo makes good on his word and makes Bobby take notice. Score: 55. Rich & Malcolm win this one.

Day 9, 12:30p. Kindergarten is over now. Time to raise their game. It's not two men and two women anymore. Four people of the six will earn a spot in the rodeo regardless of sex. It's a definite turn, especially for the ladies, as they thought they were assured. Nothing is a sure thing this go-round.

Next up, a pig-chase. Get two pigs inside a tub.

Malcolm and Bobby are first. Bobby's got him. Malcolm's got the other 'im. Time: :57.

Candace and Cosmo are next... Cosmo has the first pig in. Candace is still trying to keep her pork. Got it. Time: 1:43.

Katie and Rich are last. Final time... 1:09. Malcolm & Bobby are champs AGAIN.

6p. Malcolm thinks that the reward will go to Bobby, while the girls go with Malcolm. Cosmo says that Bobby has not been humble, while Bobby thinks that Cosmo should be the next to go.

7:30p. Reward and elimination. Reward goes to... Malcolm! He's going to town for a gourmet dinner.

Now the hard part. ... gets easier. Rocco will not eliminate anyone tonight. Everyone stands on their merits for the time being, but still, two people need to go home before the rodeo.

Bobby would rather get the show on the road.


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