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The world's ultimate talent search comes to Canada, as the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country. And with a lucrative recording contract on the line for one lucky Canadian poised to become the next Idol, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Ryan Vickers, GSNN

Host: Ben Mulroney
Judges: Farley Flex, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Zack Werner
Creator: Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
EP: Barb Browlby, John Brunton
Packager: Canadian Television, FremantleMedia North America, Insight Production Company, 19 Entertainment
Airs: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm ET on CTV

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Group One - June 15-16

Now, the power is out of the judges' hands. The Canadian public will vote, and two of these will advance to the top 10. There's also a possibility of getting into the wild card episode as well.

Unlike previous years, all competitors will sit on stage in darkness (or energy saving flood lights) when the singer is singing.

First up, to kick it off, is Matt Humphreys of Timmins, ON. He's picked songs that reflect his personality. Our friend Debra Byrd is back to help as well. He also says that he has to have the mental capabilities. His song choice is "Chariot". He seems a bit stiff in his movement but otherwise his voice is decent.

As in previous years, two of four judges comments will be passed along.

Jake: You know, you did a really good job, but I wish I'd have known what it was.
Farley: The command you had for it really helped your performance.

Matt wanted to pick something that was new so that he could be individual.

Jenn Beaupre is from Drumheller, AB. She calls herself pop folk jazz rock as her musical style. I can't tell what song she's done, but she's got spunk!

Farley: That was an awesome performance.
Zack: I think everyone across Canada is going "What the <BLANK> was that?"

Melody Bonicel gets up and belts up a ballad. Let's get some of her comments:

Sass: What you lack in you what you sang was made up in your emotion.
Zack: I think you were a bit flatter on the edges. but I love the tone of your voice.

I should note at this time that Mélody doesn't speak very much English so we do employ the translation skills that Ben possesses.

Daryl Brunt is 16 and from Sudbury ON. His first song that he sung was from "The Lion King" and he still loves it to this day. He sings "When you believe".

Jake: It sounded so shaky in the beginning but you won the audience over.
Farley: You look so fragile!

Dianelys Hernandez is from Saint John, NB and is originally is from Cuba, and she defected in 2000. She says that she's laid back and the way she sings she says is different. She takes on "Summertime" and does it very naturally.

Jake: You did a song that so many people did before. you put your own spin on it.
Sass: That was really an exciting performance.

Stéphane Aubin is from Edmonton AB. He says you need to transform yourself in order to go far in the competition. He's chosen "Georgia". He starts off very soulful and continues to do that throughout the song.

Farley: You like to perform those types of songs, but you're a good performer.
Zack: We've got some really good folk - they'll either dig it or they wont.

Ashley Leitao of Burnaby BC has waited awhile tonight but now she's up. Her love of music comes from her Portuguese background. She chose "Colors of the Wind" for her song. Will she be Disney-riffic? It's a rough start as she goes a bit out of her range, but she quickly gets back to the sweet spot that got her here.

Zack: I think you're money in the bank.
Jake: Tonight, I don't think you showed it as much as you could.

Our final player tonight is Cher Maendel from Winnipeg MB. She's now made it to the top 32 after making top 48 last year. She says this is all she's ever wanted to do. Her choice is Bohemian Rhapsody - the truncated version that is. Although she sings well, will her choice hurt her?

Farley: You have stepped up and done what Canada needs to love you.
Sass: It's a riot to watch you and I had a great time.


Who will be the first duo to go on? Let's find out.

But not before the obligatory Jon Dore sketch. He tells us that you can send letters to the Idols in hopes that they will pick yours to be a winning entry.

He starts reading one.

"I love the judges. Even the bully judge. (cut to shot of Zack almost spitting out his water). Bullies are people that felt invalidated in high school and now they have to project their own feelings of insecurities on others. But I digress."

Ben asks Jon if he would like to stay and tell us about the letters. but Jon says he has letters to deliver and leaves with a "Seacrest. out". HA HA HA!!

Okay, now the real results. our top three are. Ashley, Daryl and Stéphane.

Going on are... Ashley and Daryl.

Group 2 is next.

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